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Customer service is the most important part of a dine-in experience at any restaurant. Restaurants have started using the waiter app to personalize their services. Yet, the importance of customer service cannot be ignored. Read below to know some common mistakes that should avoid them at all costs.

The server is the face of your restaurant. You can use a waiter app to digitalize your restaurant. Yet, it cannot be denied that there is no digital tool that can take place of a waiter at your restaurant. A waiter is the first point of interaction when a customer enters any restaurant. You can use a waiter app to reduce the workload on your waiter staff. But, you should not stop paying attention to customer service. It is the only area that can degrade the image of your restaurant. A waiter app is a key to the success of any restaurant.

Check the list of common service mistakes to be avoided:

Hands-on the top of the glass

Hands-on the top of the glass is the most common service mistake. It is considered unhygienic. It can act as a source of infection transmission. Guests can get infected while drinking water or any other drink from the glass.

Over or under familiarity

Some waiters are very friendly with the customers while others seem to be aloof. In both scenarios, it is unacceptable behavior. Waiters must understand it is their workplace. They're expected to be courteous towards the guests. Avoid being too forward or distant. You can use a waiter app to avoid such situations.

No eye contact

It is quite rude when a waiter does not engage in eye contact with the customers. They must understand eye contact is the best way to ensure they're paying attention to the guests.

Inappropriate language

Using phrases like ‘Just one?’ or ‘No problem’ must be avoided. Instead, they can use ‘Will you be dining alone?’ or ‘My pleasure’. Such phrases make communication look more elegant.

Lacking knowledge about waiter app

If your restaurant supports online ordering, each staff member must be aware of how the app works so that there is no chaos or confusion. There must be no pending orders left unseen.

No recommendations

The customers do not have any idea what they would like to order prior to visiting your venue. When they ask for recommendations, let them know what your restaurant’s USPs are. A general answer or no knowledge of the same will create a bad impression.

Removing drinks from the table

Refill the drinks when 3/4th of it is over. It is very important. Avoid removing the glass from the table for this purpose. It is not encouraged as it disrupts the flow of the dine-in. Your staff must fill the glasses kept on the table only.

Gossiping during work

No workplace encourages such activities. Your staff must stay away from it as much as possible. Even though nobody can keep an eye on them all the time. Gossiping near your customer’s table is a big NO and you must penalize the staff.

Overuse of perfume

Your guests must be able to smell the aroma of the food that is being cooked and served at your restaurant. When your staff wears strong perfume, it interferes with their smell and taste.

Improper farewells

Bidding farewell to your customers is as important as welcoming them. Do not ignore them once they have dined and greet them courteously when they stand up for leaving.

Whether you use a waiter app to take orders, these are a few mistakes you must avoid. Train your waiter staff. Let them understand the importance of five-star customer service.

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