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Top & Best White Label eCommerce Software Partner Programs in 2022

by Rajneesh Kumar 5 days ago in business

White Label Partnership Programs

With the help of white label software partnership programs, software development companies are quickly expanding their services and stepping into a highly competitive state. Businesses that want to compete without a white label partner also cannot deny the various opportunities that joining a partnership program brings to reselling partners. Along with product offering expansion, a white label program brings benefits like dedicated development teams, faster project delivery, crisis management and many more.

However, a few major concerns that software development companies still have while selecting a white label partnership program are the available support and quality of white label solutions. Encompassing all such concerns, we have listed down the most reliable white label software partner programs of 2022 and also analyzed their value proposition.

Below, we have listed down some popular white label partner programs and mentioned the reason why they belong in this list.

FATbit Technologies

FATbit Technologies is a leading software development company known for its decade long contributions in the eCommerce industry. To help business owners launch new businesses or go online with their existing business venture, FATbit offers a wide range of industry-specific business solutions that can be used to launch businesses like online marketplaces, rental marketplaces, gigs marketplaces, online tutoring, cab booking, food delivery, grocery delivery and more.

Why Join FATbit White Label Partnership Program?

  • 20+ software solutions
  • One year of free technical support
  • Full pricing control
  • Separate commission for successful referrals
  • Awards and recognition in Clutch, Software Suggest, The Entrepreneur, Business Insider Inc. and more

Suitable for Whom:

FATbit Technologies has gained a reputation for assisting entrepreneurs in launching eCommerce startups. It has also successfully delivered thousands of projects across multiple eCommerce domains. This verifies FATbit’s expertise in the eCommerce industry, making its white label partnership program suitable for software development companies targeting eCommerce businesses and entrepreneurs who want to go digital.

Established in: 2004


The BuildFire white label program offers expertly developed mobile apps and SaaS based software to its reseller partners. The idea behind BuildFire’s program is to help software development companies increase their value to customers by successfully delivering large projects. The white label partnership program is further split into three tiers, which are enterprise, business and growth.

Why Join BuildFire White Label Partnership Program?

  • Native integrations support

Suitable for Whom:

BuildFire as a software development company expertises in developing mobile app solutions. In its white label software partner program, the company also provides dedicated business strategists, who can consult a business owner on how to accept projects and conduct business in a white label program. This makes its white label program suitable for IT startups wanting to deliver mobile development projects.

Start year: 2014


Instead of a ready-made white label solution, the partnership program of AppInstitute includes a SaaS drag and drop application builder that software development businesses can use to create various types of white label applications. Along with the builder, AppInstitute also provides 1-on-1 training to its partners and offers sales support collateral.

Why Join AppInstitute White Label Partnership Program?

  • Complete app builder application
  • 1-on-1 training
  • Readymade sales and marketing collaterals
  • Same day setup
  • Online chat support

Suitable for Whom:

Being a white label mobile app builder, the partnership program of AppInstitute is suitable for those businesses who prefer one-time investment instead of regularly purchasing white label software to fulfill client requirements. While the partner program of AppInstitute only involves one-time payment, it leaves the actual development work with the software development company itself.

Start year: 2011


Vendasta offers a white label partnership program that includes business and marketing management solutions. With Vendasta, software development companies can sell a wide range of software to its clients, including eCommerce software, reputation management software, social media management, advertising, customer communications and many more.

Why Join Vendasta White Label Partnership Program?

  • Products with SaaS pricing
  • Digital agency services
  • 14 days free trial
  • Readymade marketing collaterals

Suitable for Whom:

Vendasta’s white label program is majorly focused towards a wide range of digital marketing solutions. It is highly suitable for the companies who want to gain scale as a marketing and advertising solutions provider. Apart from this, companies looking for SaaS solutions can also join Vendasta’s partnership program but they will have to stay dependent on Vendasta for server maintenance and support.

Start year: 2008


Supermetrics has developed a wide range of data tracking solutions that can be used for both marketing and analysis. Like Vendata’s partnership program, Supermetrics partnership program also includes SaaS solutions that software development companies can sell forward to their clients and earn via a commission fee of 20% from monthly fee. Supermetrics also allows its partners to sell all its white label products as a comprehensive suite, separate bundles or independent software at independent seller contract terms.

Why Join Supermetrics White Label Partnership Program?

  • Choice between monthly recurring commission and separate contract
  • Marketing and promotions collaterals
  • Software tutorial and implementation support
  • Partnership dashboard

Suitable for Whom

The white label partner program of Supermetrics is beneficial for entrepreneurs looking to step into the digital marketing software creation niche. The program also includes support at various levels, such as product tutorials and implementation. This further reduces the burden on the reseller partner

Start year: 2013

We have also compared the above-mentioned white label partnership programs on the basis of the following criteria:

Software type: Whether the program includes cloud software, computer software or mobile applications

Software category: The particular niche in which these software help businesses

Hosting type: Whether the software are SaaS or Self-hosted

TPI support: If the software support functionality extensions via third party integrations

Multi-currency and Multi-lingual: Both these aspects influence the market size and target region of the reselling partner and thus are important in a white label partnership program

Referral Commission: If there’s some commission involved for affiliates for every successful referral


These were the most reliable white label reseller partner programs of 2022. After joining a program, the reselling partners can focus on marketing to bring more clients and leads. Also, it is beneficial to maintain a lasting partnership with the developer partner, who can prioritize your projects over those of other reseller partners and give more control over profit margins. Bringing quality leads to your developer partner with a thorough screening and requirements evaluation can also help you develop better business relations in a reseller program.

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