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Top 5 Search Engine Optimisation Trends That Will Dominate In 2022

Best SEO Trends That Should Be Implemented

By Adaan GCC Digital SolutionsPublished about a year ago 3 min read
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Search engine optimization is essential for any business online. It’s the best way to get your website to the top of the search results and get a steady stream of traffic with long-term results for your consistent efforts. However, SEO keeps changing and evolving to accommodate new ranking factors that improve user experience.

Whether it is through high-quality content, faster loading websites or stunning visuals combined with easy navigation, website owners are always trying to catch up with the changes. It makes search engine optimization overwhelming, which is why many clients turn to our SEO company in Bahrain to aid in their optimization efforts. Let us take a look at the top trends you can expect in 2022.

Core Web Vitals Concept

Google recently updated its algorithm to accommodate user experience. Since its launch, website rankings are also affected by aspects such as loading time and layout shift. Important factors such as stability and visual appeal that influence the interaction of a user with the website are measured using specific metrics.

You can avail of search engine optimization services in Bahrain to ensure your website complies with the latest update so you can get ahead of competitors who haven’t made the changes yet.

Original, Long-Form Content

The internet is a vast space, so it is no surprise that you can find multiple versions of the same topic on different websites in search results. But now, users are actively looking for original information in unique content and creatively written articles that stand out among the sea of duplicates.

The same information can be conveyed authentically and highlight the writer’s style and presentation, attracting visitors to websites. Users also prefer long-form content that keeps readers engaged. They are more likely to read lengthy yet engaging articles divided into more readable chunks over short ones.

Voice Search

More and more users have opted to choose voice search over typing out their search queries in search engines. It is easy, convenient and efficient. Often the results are conveyed back to you through audio, which makes it easier for users to receive relevant information without having to comb through the search results on the page.

So, while preparing the content for your page, include phrases that naturally occur in conversations and incorporate words that are commonly used in dialogues. Search engines will sort through the results and feature them at the top of the results. You can explore SEO packages in Bahrain from agencies that specialize in voice search.

E-A-T Principle

Google has repeatedly mentioned high-quality content as a ranking factor. The EAT principle makes it more clear as to what qualifies as quality content. EAT stands for 'expertise', 'authoritativeness' and 'trustworthiness'. All three are considered to gauge content quality for SEO purposes.

Whenever you are creating content, it is important to understand your audience by developing buyer personas. Back up facts with statistics and add links to reputable sources to fulfil the EAT criteria.

Include Videos

An effective SEO strategy needs to include videos since they are much more engaging, and users retain more information in that form. Online video platforms have proved that users prefer stunning visuals and can recall better when information is conveyed through video content.

You can optimize video content by adding keywords in the description that summaries what the video/channel is about. When you avail of SEO services in Bahrain, they include a few relevant keywords and hashtags that can direct your videos to the relevant audience.

Search engine optimization will always play a critical role in rankings. It is necessary to keep up and stay updated on the latest trends that are expected to make an impact. If you want to get your website up to Google’s standards, get in touch with us at Adaan GCC, an SEO agency in Bahrain.


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