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Top 5 Grey Hat SEO Techniques

by Ahmad Salim Marouf 6 months ago in advice
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Grey Hat SEO

We all know there are two types of SEO in the digital industry. One’s white hat and the other’s black hat. While the white hat seo follows the rules of the search engines, the black hat seo doesn’t. Though black hat seo techniques can make your site rank up much faster than white hat seo techniques, the risk is much higher.

In my opinion, climbing the ladder steadily and solidifying yourself is much better than climbing high with an unstable foundation, and falling hard is much worse. That’s the exact consequence you will face if you use black hat seo techniques. As they go against the policies of the search engines, if caught using them then there is a possibility that you would not only lose your ranking but also be blacklisted by the search engines and be banned from participation in the rankings in the future as well.

But what if you were told that there are techniques that are similar to black hat seo techniques but are not considered illegal entirely. These types of techniques are known as grey has seo. As they are technically white hat seo that exploits the search engine guideline and utilize the loopholes to rank up your site. Some of which might even break the rules a little. Thus there’s definitely some risk using them. But the consequences aren’t as severe as the black hat seo techniques. If you are careful and apply them tactfully then it’s possible to improve your site’s ranking at a breathtaking pace. Not let me tell you about the top five which I find the most helpful in ranking up your site. Besides learning this technique can also enable you to earn from home online by helping out others who also want to rank their business quickly. In other words, you would also be able to generate a stable income funnel through them.

Buying up expired domains

You would be amazed how many domains are orphaned on the digital platform on a daily basis. So why not take advantage of this. As some of them might already have a high DA from when they were active. Now you might be thing what’s the risk in this? Well, if you don’t check out the domains properly then you might end up buying one that is already blacklisted by the search engine. We don’t want that do we? So, research the domain name completely before buying it.


PBN or a private blog network is also a risky but effective method. We all know how blogging can help generate helpful backlinks for your site. So why not open up a few blogging sites and provide links to your main website through them. This goes against the search engine privacy policies but if done well you would be able to generate a high number of backlinks for your site quite easily.

Spinning content

This is in line with the duplicate content matter but a little smarter. Here you would initial copy the content that you prefer but change the words systematically so that the meaning stays intact. This can be a big help when preparing quality content for your site.

Keyword stuffing - the smart way

Yeah, keyword stuffing is one of the worst things you can do to your site. But you can’t deny that it’s one of the best ways to increase your site’s keyword ranking. So is it possible? Well, it is, if we increase the word count of the contents and systematically the keywords in a way that it’s not considered as stuffing then we can easily get away with it.

Paying for reviews

Yeah, not links but reviews. It’s also illegal but it’s safer than buying links that can be traced by the search engine. Why is it so useful? Well, it’s human nature to be attracted and trust sites or brands that have a huge number of positive reviews about their products and services. So utilizing it can help you to gain a boost in traffic.


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