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Top 10 Tips for Hiring Remote Shopify Developers

by johntie about a year ago in advice

If you want to hire remote shopify developers, then these are the 10 tips for hiring developers that you need to keep in mind.

Is running a shopify store taking you more than 30 minutes per day? If yes, it's time to hire your first virtual employee, a remote shopify developer who is going to help you manage, build and expand your e-commerce store.

Before that, let’s take a step back and think about why you started an online business in the first place?

A lot of us want to grow our business, or we want to have multiple businesses and income streams. These two goals can lead to a conflict, where the more your lifestyle business grows, the more work it produces. Things can quite quickly go from working an hour or two a day to finding yourself with enough work to cover the job you were originally trying to escape from. Wouldn't it be lovely if you could clone yourself and let the duplicate you take care of all that maintenance, so you can focus on your business growth without having to stress about it. Sounds crazy? Well, it's not! That is exactly what a remote shopify developer or a virtual employee is for.

If you want to hire remote shopify developers, then these are the 10 tips for hiring developers that you need to keep in mind:

1. Master of many skills

You have probably heard the phrase that 'you don't want to be working in your business, you want to be working on your business.' Having a remote shopify developer, it will help your business receive constant traffic from multiple social networks, work on Google Analytics, researching keywords, e-mail marketing, and most importantly, the SEO of the website. A virtual employee will take care of all the arts.

2. Assess the abilities and relevant experience

In order to hire a remote shopify developer in India, you need to evaluate that they have relevant experience and records of their proven abilities, particularly on shopify e-commerce websites single-handedly. From Core PHP to API integration, they should know it all.

3. Assess the subtleties of the cycle and the work system

All of us have our different hours of the day that we want to commit to our business. Hire a shopify developer who knows how to build an e-commerce platform right from the scratch with the most user-friendly integration. Focus on the details of making the customer experience, unforgettable.

4. Exceptional communication skills

Having a free-flow environment between the team is of utmost importance. The team should be able to communicate with each other easily, without any hesitation, to grow and build the platform together. They should understand the requirements and hence, work upon them, accordingly.

5. Be aware of past projects

The theme of your website matters the most. So, make sure to examine and go through all the previous projects and work portfolio of the remote shopify developer to be aware of their exceptional skills that might also help your business to flourish.

6. Barrier-free agreement policies

Be sure of who you are putting your time and efforts into. A formal agreement mentioning all the necessary details is of utmost importance to remove any sort of communication barriers in the future.

7. Monitoring is the key

It’s important to keep the communication documented so that they or the future employees have it for reference. Make sure you are monitoring what they are doing in order to maintain a healthy business environment.

8. Incentivizing based on gross revenue

We understand that money shouldn't be the only motivation, but it definitely does help. Do not discuss your potential commissions with your virtual employees just as they begin working, or do not decide their incentives there and then. Work for a month or two and then take decisions.

9. Find one, but the best one!

You do not want to be cycling through people, right? Find some great people that are your remote shopify developers and become a part of your company for the long haul.

10. Dedication is non-negotiable

Each of your shopify developer should have the dedication and the zeal to work on multiple projects simultaneously, and also provide results before the deadlines.


So, these are some of the tips for hiring developers. If you are looking to hire remote shopify developers, then there is nothing better than looking under your own bandwidth. Hire remote shopify developer in India so it becomes even more easy for you to communicate with them and build more reliability.



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