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Top 10 NFT Trading Platforms

In this post we tell you which are the top 10 NFTs market platforms in the crypto industry by total sales volume.

By RagunathPublished about a year ago 5 min read

open sea :

Opensea is the largest dedicated NFT marketplace in the blockchain industry. It is a platform that allows users to search, create, buy, sell and auction exclusive digital items such as NFT tokens. Opensea is a multi-chain, non-fungible token marketplace, supporting a wide number of digital collections based on the Ethereum, Polygon Network, Avalanche and Solana networks. This marketplace platform has just added support for Binance's BNB Chain collectibles.

According to DappRadar data, Opensea is the world's largest Web3 marketplace for NFT tokens by trading volume. To date, he has processed more than $33.040 million with his sales. Within this market there are different NFT collections dedicated to art, music, video games, sports, trading cards, metaverses, photography and more.

magic eden:

Magic Eden is the main non-fungible token exchange in the Solana blockchain ecosystem. This marketplace platform makes it easy for users to buy, sell, mint, and launch new collections of NFT tokens. At Magic Eden, users do not pay commission fees for listing new NFT development service ; while the commission fees per transaction is 2%. On the other hand, although Magic Eden was built on the Solana blockchain, it recently announced plans to become a multi-chain platform, integrating support for the Polygon Network. Polygon integration opens the doors to a wide number of game developers, creators and brands to power their projects on Web3. In August, Magic Eden also added support for NFT crypto collections on the Ethereum network.

According to DappRadar, Magic Eden ranks second as the top NFT marketplace in the industry by trading volume. To date, this market has processed transactions totaling $4.26 billion. Magic Eden has more than 2.17 million active merchants.


LooksRare is an NFT marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain to natively reward user community participation. Its main objective is to reward, empower and give back to the users and creators of the platform. Like other marketplaces, LooksRare allows its users to trade, mint, and drop NFT tokens.

Within this non-fungible token marketplace platform, creators receive royalties from the sale of their NFT collections. Users who buy and sell NFTs on LooksRare are rewarded for their activity with LOOKS tokens. Likewise, users who stake with LOOKS tokens receive the trading fees of the platform. At LooksRare, users can bid on their favorite NFT tokens or collections, as well as select crypto collectibles with specific characteristics or different levels of rarity.

To date, the volume of transactions operated on LooksRare is $1.64 billion, ranking as the third largest NFT market in the crypto industry.

NBA Top Shot:

NBA Top Shot , based on the Flow blockchain by Dapper Labs, is the official NFT marketplace of the NBA. This platform was created to give basketball fans the opportunity to own officially licensed NBA non-fungible tokens of their favorite players. Through NBA Top Shot, users can own, collect, trade and sell unique video moments of the best plays or games in the professional league. These NFT video moments can be purchased as packs, similar to traditional trading card envelopes, or individually on the marketplace.

NBA Top Shot NFT holders have the ability to participate in challenges, host expos, gain exclusive access to league events, and much more. In September, the NBA partnered with the Sorare platform to launch the first fantasy basketball game.


X2Y2 is a decentralized NFT marketplace platform developed for traders. This project was built on the Ethereum blockchain and has so far generated a trading volume of $939.7 million, according to data from DappRadar. X2Y2 is currently the fifth largest NFT marketplace in the crypto industry.

This marketplace platform includes several of the features available on other NFT platforms. Such as the purchase and sale and listing of new non-fungible tokens. However, one of its most attractive features is the possibility of accessing decentralized loans using NFTs as collateral. X2Y2 has a feature called “NFT Loan” that allows NFT holders to unlock the value of their digital assets by borrowing ETH for liquidity. To date, X2Y2 users have taken over 4,940 ether in NFT loans (about $6.2 million). Some of the collectibles that can be used in X2Y2 to access liquidity are Otherdeed, The Sandbox, Renga, among others.

solanart :

Solanart was the first NFT marketplace built on the Solana blockchain. So far this non-fungible token market has operated a total sales volume of $665.7 million, according to data from DappRadar.

Through its platform, Solanart allows users to buy, sell, and trade NFT development solution commission-free; meaning that traders can save 100% of their fees when trading NFTs in this market. Likewise, Solanart has tools for launching and promoting new NFT collections, as well as an online chat that facilitates communication between buyers and sellers.


BloctoBay is an open NFT marketplace platform built on the Flow blockchain, to trade non-fungible token collections created on this blockchain. BloctoBay has implemented support for the digital assets of other blockchain networks. Like Ethereum, Polygon Network, Solana and BNB Chain, through cross chain bridges.

This NFT marketplace platform was created to compete against Opensea. In fact, it shows a design and aesthetics quite similar to that of the largest NFT market in the crypto industry. Sales volume generated through BloctoBay currently stands at $462 million.


Built on the WAX ​​blockchain, AtomicMarketis an NFT marketplace smart contract where users can easily create their own NFT marketplaces. AtomicMarket is used by multiple websites to provide users with the best possible experience within this blockchain ecosystem. Developers can make use of AtomicMarket to build new NFT markets using the AtomicAssets NFT standard. This tool allows developers to create their own platforms without the need to use a smart contract or have knowledge of blockchain. On the other hand, NFT liquidity on AtomicMarket is shared across all NFT markets, so users can post, trade, buy and sell non-fungible tokens on their favorite market platforms.

Immutable X Marketplace:

Immutable X Marketplace is a platform for buying and selling non-fungible tokens without gas costs developed on the Immutable X solution; which is the second layer of Ethereum created exclusively for NFT development tokens. Users of this marketplace platform can buy and sell NFTs.

To date, the transaction volume traded on the Immutable X Marketplace is $360 million, ranking as the ninth largest NFT marketplace in the crypto industry.


Rarible is an NFT marketplace platform built on Ethereum and implemented on the Tezos blockchain that enables the trading of non-fungible tokens. It is an open source platform that has generated a total volume of $301.1 million in sales to date. Today, Rarible has evolved into a multi-chain NFT marketplace that makes it easy for users to access different non-fungible collections through the same platform. Rarible Lists A Series Of NFT Collections Of Metaverses, Art, Avatars, Games And More; that are traded using ether (ETH).

Other popular NFT trading platforms that exist in the blockchain industry are SuperRare, Foundation, and NFTrade.

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