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Top 10 Most Expensive Books In The World - Most Expensive Books Ever Sold

The Most Expensive Books In The Wold

By Kunal RavanPublished 7 months ago 8 min read
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The relationship between books and mankind is very old. In the history of the world, writing books started from the Vedas of Sanatan Dharma and till date, people have written trillions of books. Because only with the help of these books, do we get to know about the rise and fall of the civilizations of that time and can easily reach the knowledge of one age group to the other age group.

But out of these trillions of books, some books were written in such a way that people started yearning to get and read them. Because of this, the price of those books has become so high that you will find it difficult to believe. So in today's article, we will talk about the top 10 most expensive books in the world. Who wrote this book? When was it written? For what price was it purchased And who bought it?

Friends, all of you have read books, but the importance of books can only be known by the person who has written and read thousands of books. There are very few people like us who stand in line to buy a book before its release.

You will be surprised to know that there are some books in the world whose price touches the sky and whose fans are spread everywhere in the world. So today we are going to tell you about 10 such books whose value you will also be surprised to know.

10. Gutenberg Bible Book - $4.9 Million

Image of The Gutenberg Bible Book is in New York Public Library | The Most Expensive Book In The World

The book was written by Pierre-Joseph Redouté, but the Gutenberg Bible was the first Bible in the world to be printed with a modern printing machine. It was published on August 23, 1456, by the German scientist Johannes Gutenberg, who built the world's first modern printing machine in the city of Mainz, Germany. He made this machine in the year 1439 and it was the first book printed in the West.

It was only after this that printed books began to be published and from this book, the "Gutenberg Revolution" was born. Gutenberg printed this Bible in black letters on white paper from a Latin translation centuries ago. This book is also known as 'the 42-line Bible', 'the Mazarin Bible' or 'the B42'.

300 copies of it were printed and sent to different cities including Paris in Europe, and in the year 1847, a copy of it reached America with American James Lenau, which is kept in the Public Library of New York. If we talk about its price, today its price is $4.9 million US dollars.

9. Mr William Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories & Tragedies Book - $6.1 Million

Mr William Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies By William Shakespeares | The Most Expensive Books In The World

Mr William Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories & Tragedies Book comes on Number (9) from our list of top 10 most expensive books in the world.

This book is also very old, about 400 years ago, this Mr William Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories and Tragedies book was written. Collected by William Shakespeare's colleagues Henry Kendall and John Heminges, including about 36 plays, this book is the living testimony of 20 written plays.

It was published in the year 1623 and was written in modern English. In 2001, the book was bought by Paul Allen, the founder of Bill Gates' Microsoft company. Paul Allen bought this book for $6.1 Million.

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8. The Canterbury Tales Book - $7.5 Million

Image of The Canterbury Tales Book by Geoffrey Chaucer | The Most Expensive Books In The World

The Canterbury Tales Book is the last and best work of the famous English poet 'Geoffrey Chaser'. He wrote this book in the year 1478 in the English language. There are many stories in this book as travellers from thirty different strata of British society had come to the inn in London at that time and during this, it was decided that each traveller will tell two stories each while leaving and returning.

The traveller who has the best stories will be given a nice feast at the same inn by all the other travellers on their return together. According to this plan, there should have been a total of 120 stories, but they are few in the available collection and today some of these stories are incomplete.

After 500 years of writing the book, that is, in the year 1998, this book was sold. The book was purchased by London-based book dealer Max Brothers for US$7.5 million. But today there are only a few dozen stories left in that book.

But in this book stories about all the societies of Europe have been written so well that Canterbury Tales is considered one of the best books not only of English literature but of European literature.

7. The Birds of America Book - $11.5 Million

The Birds of America: Amazing Painting of Bird from the Most Famous Bird Book in the World Book by John James Audubon

This book has been written by the famous American artist and nature scientist 'John James Audubon' between the years 1827 to 1838 about the information about the birds of America. This book is also written in the English language and the pictures and paintings mentioned in this book are so beautiful that you will keep looking.

Maybe that's why people are ready to pay millions of dollars to buy this book. In 2000, Sheikh Saud Al Thani of Qatar bought a copy of The Birds of America at Christie's auction for US$8.8 million. In 2010, the book was bought by Michael Talmac in London's South Bay for US$11.5 million, which was Michael Talmac's final bid.

6. Gospels of Henry The Lion Book - $11.7 Million

Image of Gospels of Henry The Lion Book By Order of Saint Benedict | The Most Expensive Books In The World

This book is a bit old. In the year 1175, this book was written by the "Order of Saint Benedict" who was a German. He wrote this book in the Latin language. It is said that this book was written in the 12th century for the Duke of Saxony from the court of Virgin Mary in Brunswick Cathedral. Its name was included in the best books of the Roman Empire in the 12th century.

This book had 266 pages. In which the painting has been done in four Gospels and 50 pages and it was auctioned in London on 6 December 1983. Which was bought by the German government for US$ 11.7 million for the protection of the national treasure. Which remained the world's most expensive book till the year 1994, but then Bill Gates bought this book, which we will talk about later.

5. Rothschild Prayer Book - $13.6 Million

Amazing Image of Rothschild Prayer Book | The Most Expensive Books In The World

This book is known by both the names Rothschild Prayer Book and Rothschild Hours. There is no estimate of when it was written but it is estimated that this book was written between the year 1500 to 1520 and who wrote it? No one knows this either. It is said that this book was written and painted by 20 different artists.

Look at some of the images in this book, it's amazing. The book is Flemish famous handwriting that was purchased by Australian businessman Kerry Stokes for US$13.6 Million in 2014 and is on display at the National Library of Australia.

4. Bay Psalm Book - $14.2 Million

Image of Bay Psalm Book | The Most Expensive Books In The World

This book was written in the period when the British ruled North America, that is, around the year 1640, this book was written in the English language. But no one knows who wrote this book, but it is the first printed book in the history of America.

At that time the book was published by "Stephen Day" publication. Today 11 copies of this book are available, out of which only five copies are complete, the rest are incomplete. Yet today it is worth US$14.2 million.

3. St Cuthbert Gospel Book - $14.3 Million

Image of St Cuthbert Gospel Book By "Bede" | The Most Expensive Books In The World

St Cuthbert Gospel Book comes on Number (3) from our list of the top 10 most expensive books in the world.

I don't know in which corner of the world the people who wrote such books must have been. This book was written in Latin by the historian "Bede" and is estimated to have been written in the eighth century.

This book is a short Anglo-Saxon manuscript. The book was bought by the UK library in 2012 for US$14.3 million.

2. Magna Carta (Exemplar) Book - $21.3 Million

Image of Magna Carta (Exemplar) Book By King of England | The Most Expensive Books In The World

The Book of Magna Carta is a legal circular from England first written in the year 1215 and issued in 1216. This book was written in the Latin language. This book was written by "King John" who was the King of England at that time and "Stephen Langton".

In this, King John of England gave some rights to the feudal lords, promised to follow some legal procedures and accepted that his will would be bound by the law i.e. in this book. Today, a copy of the Magna Carta book was purchased by David Rubenstein of New York in December 2007 for US$ 21.3 million.

1. Codex Leicester Book - $38.02 Million

Codex Leicester Book is a collection of Scientific Writing By Leonardo da Vinci | The Most Expensive Books In The World

Codex Leicester Book comes on Number (1) from our list of the top 10 most expensive books in the world.

You must have probably heard about this book because this book has been written by one of the few great people in the world, "Leonardo da Vinci". It was written in the Italian language in the year 1510 in the city of Florence, Italy. It is a very small book of only 72 pages.

But this little valuable book contains a collection of scientific articles by Leonardo da Vinci that "Thomas Coke" bought in 1719. Then in the year 1994, "Bill Gates", one of the world's richest people, bought its original copy for US$38.02 million. That's why this book is the most expensive book in the world today.

So, this was the list of the top 10 most expensive books in the world. Sadly, not a single book of the culture that started writing the book is included in it.

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