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Top 10 Leading Players in Rigs & Oilfield Mats Market

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Oilfield Mats Market

3D Polyamide: Introduction

Polyamide is an exceptionally strong, versatile, and flexible material. Polyamide can resist a small degree of impact and a certain amount of pressure during bending. Depending on its design or structure, polyamide can be rigid or flexible. Additionally, it is available in different colors and finishing options for usage in polishing, color dyeing, waterproofing, and flocking.

Polyamide is a macromolecule that occurs artificially as well as naturally. Naturally occurring polyamides are forms of proteins including silk and wool. Artificially, polyamides can be made by using processes such as step-growth polymerization or solid-phase synthesis yielding materials such as aramids and nylons.

Polyamide is primarily used for complex models, small series of components, prototypes, functional models, and end-products. Its applications include casings, architectural models, art, twisty puzzles, fashion pieces, jewelry, and gadgets.

The laser sintering technology is largely used to develop end-products from 3D polyamide

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Key Drivers and Restraints of 3D Polyamide

Product development is a vital process in the manufacturing industry. Prototype made from 3D printing of polyamide cuts down the extra cost in product development process and also provides idea about feasibility of the product. Prototypes are generally made for the purpose of inspection of a desired product. In comparison with injection molding (traditional method of making prototype), 3D printing of polyamide takes less time, provides higher accuracy, and is less costly. Furthermore, prototypes of intricate shapes can be made easily with the help of 3D printing of polyamides.

Aerospace parts need to be designed carefully in the aerospace industry. Failure in a single part can lead to failure of the whole system. In this case, 3D polyamides (prototypes made from polyamide through the 3D printing process) offer hassle-free inspection of aerospace parts and help designers determine any obstacle in early stages of development of parts.

Thus, rise in need of rapid prototyping for inspection purposes and growth in usage of polyamide in prototype development are expected to boost the demand for 3D polyamide in the near future

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COVID-19 Impact Analysis on Manufacturing Industry

Governments of several countries across the globe have imposed stringent lockdowns to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Movement of individuals and economic activities, related to goods and services, has come to a halt because of lockdowns. Polyamide (nylon plastics) is primarily used in the making of prototypes of desired products by using the 3D printing technology. These prototypes help product developers inspect and determine the feasibility of products in early stages. Decrease in consumption of polyamide due to the COVID-19 pandemic is hampering the global 3D polyamide market.

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3D Polyamide Market Segmentation

The global 3D polyamide market can be segmented based on type and end-user

In terms of type, the global 3D polyamide market can be divided into polyamide 11 and polyamide 12. Polyamide 11 comes from castor oils, while polyamide 12 is derived from butadiene.

In terms of end-user, the global 3D polyamide market can be segregated into health care, aerospace & defense, automotive, electronics, and others. The automotive segment is projected to expand significantly during the forecast period, owing to rapid growth of the automotive manufacturing sector in developing as well as developed countries.

3D Polyamide Market: Regional Segmentation

In terms of region, the global 3D polyamide market can be split into Middle East & Africa, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America

Asia Pacific is expected to account for leading share of the global 3D polyamide market during the forecast period. Demand for 3D polyamide in the rapidly growing electronics industry in the region, particularly in countries such as Taiwan and China, is projected to rise during the forecast period. Demand for health care products in Asia Pacific has been rising significantly since the last few years, owing to high demand for advanced health care products and increase in awareness about the various health issues among people in the region. Additionally, unique applications and features of 3D polyamides are expected to offer lucrative opportunities to producers in countries in Asia Pacific in the near future.

Key Players Operating in Global Market    

Global 3D Polyamide Market: Research Scope


3D Systems, Inc.

Stratasys, Ltd.

Evonik Industries AG

Arkema S.A.




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