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Top 10 garment manufacturers and exporters in India

The Indian garment industry is one of the world's most venerable and historic industries.

By digimar oxymcraftsPublished about a year ago 5 min read

The Indian garment industry is one of the world's most venerable and historic industries. India's garment producers have continually incorporated some of the highest standards of craftsmanship & technology into every garment produced.

India, the world's second-largest garment exporter, has already made a name for itself in the global textile sector. Here are some of the top garment manufacturing companies in India.

1. Oxym crafts Pvt Ltd

Oxym crafts Pvt Ltd is one of the best garment manufacturers in India. Oxym crafts have been delivering a variety of materials, prints, and contemporary designs to the Indian garment industry since 2011.

Through the utilisation of cutting-edge technology, oxym crafts have developed an international clientele, making them one of the leading garment exporters in India. They own a number of well-known Indian companies, including Biba, reliance trends, westside, and many others.

They specialise in women's clothing and were among the first to introduce traditional work clothes for ladies.

2. Arvind Limited

Arvind ltd, which was formed in 1931, is commonly considered to be India’s largest denim maker. Surprisingly, their product line is not limited to denim. Cotton shirting, knits, and bottom-weight materials are also popular.

They own 27 different brands. Flying machine, Excalibur, and Newport are among the most well-known, as are their licenced worldwide names like Tommy Hilfiger and arrow.

They have a long history of being the pioneers of denim manufacture in India and are headquartered in Ahmedabad.

3. Alok Industries Ltd

Alok industries ltd, founded in 1986, is another well-known Indian clothing company, specialising in polyester and cotton items.

They have expanded their business into other fields such as weaving and knitting over the years. Even today, they are well-known in the clothing business for their unwavering quality standards and world-class infrastructure.

4. Bombay dyeing and manufacturing company Ltd

Bombay dyeing and manufacturing company ltd, headquartered in Mumbai, was publicly founded in 1879 and quickly rose to the top of our list of India’s top ten garment makers.

While Bombay (now Mumbai) was a prominent cotton-exporting city in the nineteenth century, the Wadia group saw a big opportunity in the Indian textile sector. This resulted in the establishment of Bombay dyeing, which later became the flagship company of the Wadia group.

The company is well-known for its retail-textile and polyester staple fibre operations. Its products are exported to the majority of the world's developed regions, including the united states, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia which makes it to be on the top of the list of garment exporter houses in Mumbai & India. Its high-quality products and unique ideas have kept the company profitable for almost a century.

5. Bombay Rayon Fashions Ltd

Bombay rayon, created in 1986, recently marked 25 years in business. It is the location of India’s largest single-roof fabric processing unit and one of the country's leading textile factories.

In addition to being India’s largest shirt producer (with a processing capacity of 400,000 metres per day), the company has evolved into a multi-fibre manufacturer. Tencel, modal, cotton, polyester, wool, and other blends are used in the production of their products.

The objective of Bombay rayon is to give quick turnaround time in garment supply and production. This has surely contributed to their ability to provide the highest degree of client satisfaction.

6. Welspun India

Welspun India ltd, situated in Mumbai, was established as a private limited corporation in 1985. It is one of the fastest-growing global conglomerates in India.

It is a well-known name in the clothing industry and one of the largest makers of pipes, steel, and flooring solutions. It is Asia’s largest and the world's second-largest terry towel maker, with more than 50 nations receiving 94 per cent of its exports.

7. Sutlej Textiles

Sutlej textiles, based in Mumbai, is a fabric mills company. They are the leading manufacturer and supplier of synthetic and blended dyed spun yarn in India. They are constantly able to address the ever-changing needs of their customers by integrating some of the latest garment industry innovations.

This involves a more improved lab testing procedure. Its curtain materials and upholstery are of the highest quality, meeting worldwide requirements.

8. Vardhman textiles Ltd

Vardhman textiles limited was established in 1965 with around 6000 spindles. It is one of the largest vertically integrated textile groups in India. It now generates over 20,000 tonnes of acrylic fibre annually and has a spindle count of over 1.1 million.

They produce acrylic fibre, sewing threads, yarn, clothing, fabric, and alloy steel. Over the years, they have expanded and grown into a significant clothing business with a presence in India as well as 75 other countries across the world.

Spun yarns, organic cotton, cellulose yarn, and decorative yarns are also prominent products manufactured by the company.

9. Raymond Ltd

Raymond ltd, founded near thane creek in 1925, is the world's largest integrated fabric company. Its headquarters are in Mumbai, and it has invested in cutting-edge technologies to help in manufacturing.

It is India's largest woollen fabric manufacturer, with retail outlets across the country. They sell items such as denim, clothing, and designer wear. The company is well-known for its suits, and it controls more than 60% of the Indian market.

10. KPR Mill Ltd

KPR mills ltd, formed in 2003, is a readymade garment manufacturer in India, yarn cotton knitted fabric, and wind power.

With an annual capacity of 95 million pieces, the company maintains one of India's largest garment manufacturing facilities. They also have cutting-edge machinery that meets international requirements.

KPR manufactures combed, grey melange, carded, and compact yarn, which is utilised by some of the world's most prestigious fashion labels.

Another distinguishing feature of this manufacturer is the utilisation of windmills to generate green power for their consumption. It can provide up to 75% of the required power.


The garment manufacturing sectors are without a doubt India's most valuable assets. Indeed, India is well-known for its manufacturing industries, owing to an abundance of cheap labour and an openness to new technology.

Over the years, the industry's spectacular expansion has resulted in numerous local firms becoming world-renowned garment suppliers. India has already made a name for itself in the global textile business as the world's second-largest textile exporter.

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