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Today I Start My Dream Job as a Writer

by Robert Webb 7 months ago in career

Now I am finally a professional

Today I Start My Dream Job as a Writer
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This year my dream came true. I finally got hired as a freelance writer.

It's been a long time coming, something I have wanted for longer than even I knew. If you google the company that hired me, you won't find anything. Maybe if you google my name you will find my profile.

The company that hired me is called Robert Webb Publishings LTD. It isn't the most catchy titled company, but what do I care, they made my dream come true, and now I can write all year long happily.

And as I already mentioned, if you google the company you won't find anything. That is because it only exists within the confines of my mind. That's right, you got it, I went and hired myself. Instead of waiting for someone else to make me a professional, I damn well went and made myself one.

This might come as a shock to you and it might even sound a little crazy, but I know what I need to get my ass into gear and I know what I promised myself for 2021.

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That's right, the new year is upon us and I am not going to wait around for someone else to be my saving grace, no sir, no way ma'am. I couldn't wait any longer and I needed something to ease my monkey mind. I personally find we wait too long for things to come to us, I'm sick and tired of waiting, so for 2021, I set myself up for success.

The knowledge of this practice comes from a saving grace, Steven Pressfield's fantastic book, "the War of Art".

After inhaling the knowledge he was so kind to share, I realized that the only thing stopping me from achieving my dreams, was me.

It wasn't an easy thing to come to terms with. Many days of reflection followed before I was ready to take up the job being offered to me. However, when I truly came to terms with my disappointment, it was an easy choice.

I built a new company and made a fake job posting. I applied for the job, conducted the interview rather well, and was bloody well accepted, who could have guessed it. Now I work five days a week, sometimes six. I start every day at 9 am sharp. My boss is pretty strict about the word count of the day but doesn't mind if I leave the job a little early, so long as I get my 2000 words in.

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My boss doesn't even care that much about what I write, although he sets me new tasks each day, some easier than others. Sometimes he sets me a challenge so frustrating that I nearly quit. When these times come I make sure to bust out Pressfield's book again and remind myself why I'm doing this in the first place, why I accepted the job.

I have a one year contract with my new employer. They tell me that, as long as I put in my 2000 words each day, five days a week, 52 weeks of the year, then I will make more of my dreams become a reality. That is what this year is about, the mighty 2021 of self-actualization.

Each day when I finish work, I send it off to my employer, thank myself for putting in the work, and turn my laptop off. Each morning I wake up, I check my emails to see what new challenges await me and get to work. My boss doesn't give me much feedback but that's okay, I decided that for this year, I'll let feedback slip, so long as I put in the work each day, I shouldn't have to worry.

By Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Last year, before I got hired, I felt hopeless for my writing career and never thought I could achieve my dreams. Now I am certain it will happen.

Maybe you should check your inbox, you never know when a new job opportunity can come your way.

Happy 2021, and good luck with your new boss.

Robert Webb
Robert Webb
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