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Tips to Improve Your Vocal "Experience"

by The Vocal Creators Chronicle 9 months ago in advice · updated 8 months ago
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A biweekly updated document of what's new on Vocal social media: what groups are available, what members can expect, serial story updates, challenges, recipe clubs and games—everything needed to turn Vocal into a writing "experience" all in one handy document.

Tips to Improve Your Vocal Experience

If you're struggling to figure out what to do outside of Vocal's pages, check out some of these helpful resources to get socializing and enjoy the full Vocal experience. Updated biweekly.

Have you heard of the Vocal Social Society?

The Vocal Social Society or "VSS" is a Facebook community for Vocal writers. We peer review each other's work, offer mental health supports and more. For more information, check out our article.

Need a place to improve, swap and discuss Vocal Challenges?

Great Incantations is an inter-group effort between VSS, Cafe, VWSC and The Vocal Creators Support Group.

*Bracket challenges are a new edition! Compete for People's Choice...

Recent Grand Prize Winners: KT Marie and Gerald Holmes

See all the entries below!

Need to Polish Your Stories?

Caitlin McColl can help.

Partner Group Information


"Founded by Caitlin McColl, VC is a public group that focuses on the art of writing. It is not a place for posting your pieces for reads, it's a place for discussion, questions, and chats. It's essentially a group of writers meeting at a virtual coffee shop to converse about the craft they love and live. If you're having plot problems, sentence structure issues, are in need of inspiration or some editing help... this group is the perfect place to get it without a feed clogged with article promotion."

The Vocal Creators Support Group

"Founded by Judey Kalchik, VSG has no limits on posting your own solo posts to garner reads but also offers daily threads on which to read swap. Judey also founded the Vocal Cooks Collaborate which features amazing recipes that make you drool all over your keyboard. This group is public and open to readers as well as writers and the only rule is BE KIND. Well, that and no post bombing. Judey is an amazing resource for using social media to get your work read."

Vocal Creators Saloon Info


The VCSG is hosting a collaborative holiday story

Update as of December 3, 2021

Team 1 Winter 2021

Chapter 1 Led by Atomic Historian

Team 2 Winter 2021

Chapter 1 Led by Lilli Knight

The Vocal Creators Support Group

Message the Editors: Les, James or Caroline, and let them know what you are thinking about. Address: [email protected] or through Messenger on our Facebook page.

Want to be interviewed? Have a new book to your name? Message Les directly for consideration. [email protected]

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First published November 22, 2021 by The Vocal Creators Chronicle.

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