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Tips On Transitioning Into A Leadership Role

Kameron Westcott provides helpful tips on transitioning into a leadership role.

By Kameron WestcottPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Becoming a leader in your career can be one of the most rewarding experiences. Not only will you have more opportunities to make meaningful changes within your business, but you will also provide guidance to other employees. While there are various exciting things that come with transitioning into a leadership role, it is important to complete the transition for long-term success. Below are helpful tips to remember when transitioning into a leadership role.

Be Ready To Learn

When starting out any new role within your business, it is important to come ready to learn as much as possible. While you may have experience within the business itself, a leadership role will require different skills and responsibilities that were not needed in previous roles. To accomplish this, make sure to come prepared with questions in every training session and take as many notes as possible. Additionally, don’t be afraid to admit when you don’t understand something, as this can prevent issues from coming up in the future. By being open to learning, you can continue to improve your understanding of the role.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Mistakes

When first starting out in a leadership role, you may find yourself making a couple of mistakes that did not happen in previous roles. While it can be discouraging to make mistakes, it is important to remember that it is normal when first learning about a new role and its different responsibilities. If you do make any mistakes when stepping into a leadership role, it is important to own up to the mistakes and put steps into place to help prevent them in the future. Additionally, it is crucial not to be hard on yourself, as mistakes will happen. Focus on the lessons that can be learned from the mistakes that can help them be avoided in the future.

Treat Your Team Fairly & With Respect

One of the challenges that some new leaders face is understanding how to interact with their team, especially if anyone were peers previously. To do this, make sure to treat every member of your team fairly and with respect. Ask plenty of questions about what they look for in a leader, and get tips on how you can best support them. By doing this early in the process, you can help build trust within your team while also establishing strong relationships. Additionally, building strong relationships early can help make difficult times more manageable.

Be Humble

Stepping into a leadership role can be an excellent way to build your confidence as a professional, but it is important to remember to be humble. By staying humble, you will be more open to learning from others while also building a team with mutual respect and trust. Additionally, showing your team how to remain humble can set a great example for the tone of the team moving forward.

Pay Attention To Your Leadership Approach

When first starting out, it may not immediately be clear what your preferred leadership style is, but it is important to pay attention. To help determine this, you should focus on learning more about the different leadership styles, whether through helpful books or online resources. Make a note of the styles that make sense for you and your personality, and focus on increasing your understanding of them. Once you have a good understanding of the styles that make sense to you, implement them with your team. Make a note of what worked well and what didn’t work, as this information will help you determine the approach that best fits you.

Implementing these tips will not only help you build your confidence and skills when first starting out in a leadership role, but it will also get a better understanding of your responsibilities. It will also be a great way to build trust and morale within your team, as your commitment to helping them will become more apparent.


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Kameron Westcott

Kameron Westcott is an accomplished entrepreneur and public figure in Dallas, Texas. She is well-known for her role on BRAVO's The Real Housewives of Dallas.

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