This Is Why America Is Failing

by Jonathan Bowler 2 years ago in advice

Gotta get back to good customer service.

This Is Why America Is Failing

America is a wonderful country. There is absolutely no denying that. I am willing to give my life up for it. If it wasn't wonderful, if I didn't believe in it, then I would sign my life away contract after contract and be willing to risk everything for it. But when it comes to the IT field specifically (Information Technology for those that are unaware), we are well behind the times. If you'd like to know about me, here goes: I have an Associate's of Applied Science in Information Technology, a certification in Computer Forensics/Network Security, a certification in Computer and Network Repair, and I am a Google Certified Admin. Overall, pretty easy stuff if you ask me. I love the repair aspect, and customer service portion of the field.

I love to solve issues that others can't. There is a thrill in being able to fix something that others have attempted to fix and just can't seem to. Part of being able to fix things is being able to relate it to users. If a user doesn't know how to fix a problem, it will continue to repeat, and you're left doing the same exact things time and time again.

While I was pursuing my AAS—IT degree, one class we had to take was about Customer Service. Let me re-emphasize this for you: CUSTOMER SERVICE. An entire class on how to conduct Customer Service. This is why America is failing in regards to technology. The power of the internet has given everyone a voice. You no longer need to be popular and work in an official Government position to have your word be seen by the world. All you need to do is post to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and you could be seen by thousands to millions just like that! Everyone believes their word is God, and anyone else’s is less than.

Growing up, I was always taught to treat others with dignity and respect; treat others how I would like to be treated. Well, me personally, I would like people to be fair, impartial, and considerate when they are talking to me. However, I guess that isn’t the way of the world when you have to have a class on good customer service. As a wide generalization, I am seeing fewer and fewer citizens concerned with trying to treat others with respect, and more people feeling they are above all else.

When I worked for Wal-Mart in 2013, we had the Greeters who would honestly greet people as they came in and left. Today, I am lucky if I get a hello or goodbye, and the times that I do, it is because I told the employee to have a great day. No one is courteous nor respectful to others anymore, and that is incredibly depressing. One good rule for IT Customer Service is to never blame the client. End users absolutely do have issues with technology, and it is the job of IT to fix those issues. It is what we are there for. So when you get a phone call, don’t get angry just because you have to stop the project you are working on: That client is allowing you to keep your job, and helping with job security!!

I think society needs to buckle down and get back to the fundamentals of treating others as they want to be treated. If not, we are going to be a society of wolves, where no one cares about others, nor will they go out of their way to help other citizens. Doors will no longer be held, and a lot of human interaction that is required to us as human beings will be gone.

Jonathan Bowler
Jonathan Bowler
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