The Top 3 Reasons Not to Get a Job Just Because It Is Good Pay

by Shelly Bartley about a year ago in advice

The Cons to Taking Just Any Job

The Top 3 Reasons Not to Get a Job Just Because It Is Good Pay

There are three main reasons that a person should not just take any job because it has better pay. The first reason that a person should not take a job just because of the pay is the fact of how this destroys that person emotionally. If a person is not happy with the job that they have chosen to take, then eventually this takes a very big toll on the company and the worker. The emotions begin to take control of all areas of the working day. These thoughts of how unhappy he/she ends up being the only thing that is stuck in that person's mind.

It is the main subject discussed with employees to keep their personal emotions separate from work. This becomes a very hard thing to do when each day the person is reminded of how miserable they have to be to work there. This is a part of what leads people to eventually break down. The emotions turn a person to be grumpy or snappy with other co-workers. In return, these other employee's become the same way. It becomes a repeated process until there is not one single person at the company happy. Eventually, even the employers and the customers become very unsatisfied and the whole subject becomes unavoidable to the point of unfriendly outbursts causing issues for the company image.

Second, taking the job without all the qualifications needed soon begins to take its toll. This goes along with taking a position just because a friend or relative tell you that you should. Yes, this job may have great pay but, how long until that job is taken away. The training may be offered but it is not a subject that is always taken seriously. In the process of jumping through all the hoops to get the job, the person ends up suffering in the short work run. This is actually a great cost to both the employee and the employer. It is a waste of both the employee and the employer's valuable time.

The added on criteria after the job has already been taken is a part of the cost that comes with the task. The person ends up trying so hard that they get to the point of exhaustion. There is no spare time in between. This leads back to claiming the employee is under qualified. This also leads to physical damage to a person's body trying to fulfill the extra work.

The third reason not to take a job just because it has good pay. This is a very bad career choice if you are looking to be in a specific job category. Once taking one job category, this is generally all that employers see. This makes it hard to achieve the goal of the job that the person was seeking from the get-go. If choosing a job, then a person should be sure that this is the job category that they want.

If planning to choose something different at a later time then my suggestion from gathered information is to be sure to try to get a job in that area. When we are first getting out of school and taking our first job then this a completely different subject altogether. Although, the rule still applies to that point in time as well.

When thinking about all of the items listed about, it all comes back to the same thing. The thing is to plan ahead for as much as a person can. The choice of your career is yours. Do not let others make the choice for you. This choice will and does decide where you will be for the rest of your life. If you're going to choose, then choose wisely, and be sure to be prepared.

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