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The Selfish Truth

by Lawrence E. Thompson Jr. 4 years ago in advice
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Being Selfish, the Missing Piece of the Puzzle

I know once you looked at my title, the first thought that could have come to mind was "how rude" or "this is not right." Well, if you give me a few minutes of your time, I will prove to you that this is the missing piece. We're told from when the time we're toddlers that being selfish is wrong. We must share and give to others. As we become an adult this idea stays with us and we live our everyday life like this. But let me as a question: Have you been a giver so much that you felt as if you were empty? Or you seem to be the only one, but your emotional state is failing. Well, let me help you out. The day you become a selfish giver will be worth it. Yes, you read that sentence right. I used being selfish and giver in the same voice. This is because a selfish giver has the ability to enjoy their opportunity to serve. They find that being selfish gives them the greatest joy. Let's break this down.

Being selfish allows you to take care of yourself. See I believe in the Bible when it says, "Love your neighbor as YOU love YOURSELF"—as you can see it is hard to love others correctly if you have no selfish love for yourself. Some may call it being self-centered, but if you are not centered on you being the best you then your vision or deposit of life will be depleted. Capturing this idea of being selfish is not just for you, but for others. You cannot give out what you don't have yourself.

Being selfish keeps you focused. I look at creators, businessmen/women who were told that their idea would never work. Looking at their lives you can see where they shut out the nay-sayers and focus up. Sometimes you have to become selfish so that the dream you have will come true. Because know this: You becoming selfish now can help you become selfless later.

Being selfish with humility has to marry together. Now I know that you may be getting what I am saying, but there is one big key element that has to be wrapped together with being selfish. Humility is that key. It has to be the glue because as you're being selfish about your goals, you don't want to be dangerous. Many will take this approach as being blasphemy, but a humble person would help others to know that you have their best interest at heart.

Being selfish creates self awareness. The great thing about this idea is the awareness of oneself that will be discovered. When you understand who you are, the great pursuit to fulfilling your dreams are closer than you think. Knowing yourself helps you to not get involved in things that don't enhance or build you. Self awareness allows you to be at peace because you feel that you have a handle on who you are. As you see, being selfish is not bad it actually is a great tool for growth in the right direction.

I could go on and on to debunk this idea, but I will save it for another post. So as you can see, being selfish is not all bad. The moment you embrace this idea I believe your success would not only be at hand, but it will allow you to be the best version of yourself.

Final Quote: "Become selfish now so you can be selfless later."

About the author

Lawrence E. Thompson Jr.

Leadership and Media Strategist. US Military member that has a passion to inspire and inform methods to improve leadership skills and media influence. Author of 2 self-publish books and podcaster.

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