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The Reality of Passive Income in Affiliate Marketing

Yes, it does take effort to see results.

By The Writing CasperPublished 4 years ago 4 min read

Passive income, especially in terms of affiliate marketing, is usually earned remotely on one's desktop computer, or any other electronic device which makes it possible to access the Internet, as the result of referrals and/or the sales of products.

However, there is one word which is practically universal and that is ‘earn’.

What is Passive Income?

The common view of passive income is to see the accumulation of it without effort. Although that is true to a certain extent, there is a catch. As with any other means of earning, to reach the point of not having to do anything in order to receive the income, there is a process. That process being to do what may heighten the possibility.

How Does It Work?

There are companies which have affiliate programs available for sign-ups. The waiting process usually doesn't take long, but depending on the company's requirements (such as a certain amount of website traffic, experience, or followers), one may or may not be accepted. However, there are affiliate programs which have a high acceptance rate. All one needs is a website which is live meaning visible and functional on the Internet.

Afterward, affiliate tools (such as a company's advertisements, text links, and referral links) are provided to the publisher to display on their website, social media pages, and/or blog. The publisher then drives traffic to those tools. This could be done with the use of videos, campaigns, or a simple post which includes hashtags about the company's product(s) and/or service(s) on social media.

There are various ways to get the ball rolling to earn passive income. It depends on which one chooses to use. One may be effective while another proves to be a failure.

Considering income as a whole is a means of financial support, it's earned in various career fields. Income which is 'passive' is no different in that aspect. However, the amount which could be earned per month is unpredictable. Whereas, regarding the earning of income on a permanent basis, a certain amount is guaranteed to be paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

It also depends on the volume of traffic one receives per month. There may be a surge, but then there also may be a low point. Again, unpredictable.

Passive income could definitely be recurring. But it isn't far-fetched there could be a reduction or it may cease as a whole within time. Especially if a certain platform being the source of that income should ever shut down.


Note: Personalized advertisements, email subscriber lists, videos, social media posts, a website, and merchandise are examples of tools which can be used for the purpose of promotion on the journey to accomplish passive income.

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Having Various Passive Income Sources

Unless one has difficulty keeping up with sources to the point where it's just too much to handle, earning from more than one source could add to the amount combined. Honestly, it's common because it could add up to a significant amount within one year.

However, it's wise to be cautious about conflicts between those sources. If a publisher promotes a certain company, there may be a rule against promoting a competitor of that company. It could also lead to an affiliate being kicked out (and banned for life) of their program.

There are companies which are lenient such as web host services. As long as the publisher drives traffic (as well as shows proof of the platforms used to drive that traffic) and secures sales for the company, they're safe.

The Misunderstanding

Too often 'passive' in affiliate marketing is interpreted as being 'easy'.

Once the realization of actually having to pour sweat into brainstorming an idea(s) and using a strategy (or various strategies), until they prove to be effective, sets in, disinterest rears its head and the motivation dies. The mindset of expecting instant results could be a defeat unto one's own self.

Not everyone is willing to actually sit there and take the time to work to see results. Sure, relaxing in a beach chair while soaking up the sun on a tropical island, and then signing into a bank account to see earnings without having lifted a finger, is a pleasant fantasy, but that is all it is unless one works to reach that point. I can't stress enough that it's a process.


Passive income isn't magical. It doesn't fall out of the sky nor does it grow on trees.



I use the word 'earn' (or 'earning' as well as 'earned') because it's the reality of reaching the point of recurring income which is the result of having put in the work to receive. Affiliate marketing isn't a vehicle to accomplish hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars in a short period of time. In addition, it's what one makes of it.

I don't intend to be negative at all, nor am I implying that passive income is nearly unattainable, but it's practically a mission to accomplish; especially for affiliates who are just starting out in the field of affiliate marketing. Not every experience will be the same. Some affiliates may stumble upon many obstacles while others may not encounter many.

Also, when observing someone else's success, I advise not view such as a guaranteed result. Most likely, it won't happen in the same manner nor within the same time frame. It may happen sooner than later or vice verse.


Avoid promises of fast income.

Don't fall for online "courses" which are "required". Most likely, they're schemes to lure you to shell out money without receiving what you've paid for and aren't beneficial whatsoever.

One individual's path isn't "one-size-fits-all".

Don't be afraid to learn by trial and error.

Read the 'About' sections and/or biographies of affiliates who are experienced. Look for details regarding their obstacles aside from their triumphs.


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