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7 months on Vocal Media

By JD Pernoste and Anneliese DahlPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 6 min read
Image by Pernoste; Writing by Pernoste & Dahl

Hi everybody, and thank you for the support we have gotten from those who have embraced us so kindly! We’re slowly starting to get some more followers (again, thank you), and we figured we’d make it easy to peruse what we have written to date… all separated in nice categories.

We’ve had a very productive time here and have written some of our best work here, so we are hoping we can increase our following so we can stay here. For the short term, our presence may be decreased a bit.

Poetry has always been our favorite thing, and it is what we first started writing together four years ago, mostly heartful and simple free verse poems. We have also (more recently) even been experimenting with audio/video files to provide readings of some of our poems. Only two Top Stories for our poetry, which is disappointing. Clearly our style of poetry, though well liked elsewhere, is not appreciated by Vocal Media.

Our short story fiction has grown tremendously over the past several months, and we’ve been very happy with what we’ve accomplished there, at least with regard to the quality of our stories. We are thankful for the 5 Top Stories we achieved over the 7 months we’ve been here. Generally our best writing goes unrecognized.

We also experimented with talking directly to you through our blogs, revealing our craziness (mostly), but also our interest and knowledge of poetry. Vocal folks seem to appreciate this more than our fiction or poetry writing, with 6 top stories.

Unfortunately, we have not performed well here by almost any metric, except for in making friends and getting positive feedback on the quality of our writing. This is also important to us. However, Vocal doesn’t seem to “get us” and we don't have much of a following.

So, despite writing some of our best work on Vocal Media, it has become obvious that our writing (style, content, other?) is just not a great fit for Vocal Media. If this is as good as our best writing can do, then we don't belong here. That, plus the inability of Vocal Media to weed out AI (and the perplexing Top Stories that are AI), as well as the lack of transparency behind Top Story & Challenge winners, is a concern.

We aren’t leaving yet, but we are now exploring other platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Already, because of these other platforms, we are seeing an impact on our book sales, and friends on Medium who love our writing say we would have 10-times the popularity and support there. We’ll be here through March 2024, for certain, but the future is uncertain. [Regardless, we’ll continue to follow some of our favorites for a long time, as well as continuing our search to read authors here that we don't yet know.]

We hope you take the time to check out our writing. And we hope we can stay here without feeling we are wasting our time. If we ARE wasting our time, please feel free to let us know.

Pernoste & Dahl links:





Below you will find our writings, listed and categorized with links.

Our Novel

  • In the Minuses on Amazon


Jadis, a ghost story (Broken Mirror Challenge) TOP STORY


Castle Treasure: a visit home (River Joy, Inner Child Challenge)

Changed by a Poem (Feat. Raise your Voice 9/28/23)

Stone Totem

A perfect morning (a Jazzy G “Perfect” Challenge)

Distracted by Madness: acrostic poem (Dancing with Distraction Challenge)

What the world tells me (Ode to Ordinary Challenge)

Tempt with Soft and Color

I need to believe

To love you not here (Short and Sweet Challenge)

If you can dare to love me

Can you love like that? (Short and Sweet Challenge)

so broken, i

Tango: a love poem (Short and Sweet Challenge)

Ridin’ with an Alien (Extraterrestrial Challenge)

What else in life is there that’s real? (Extraterrestrial Challenge)

You can’t be there anymore

Afraid for my heart

Morning Love

Desert Sea

Mon amour, mon coeur

Regret and Goodbye

Café dreaming

On the wings of a moth

• Jazz interludes

---------- Howl into the nighttime

---------- The Sixes

Sing to me & I’ll sing to you (Short and Sweet Challenge)

I love you & I love you (Short and Sweet Challenge

Mother Waiting

Unwanted Wings – The rewrite

Under a blanket: acrostic poem (Dancing with Distraction Challenge)

Mars: acrostic poem (Dancing with Distraction Challenge)

Beneath Raven Skies



The wrong bus (Jbaz “Silent thought’ Challenge) – TOP STORY

The little girl who saved the Queen (LC Schafer “Challenge to the Death”)

Different Worlds: a dystopian dream (Painted Prose Challenge)

Novel In Progress Excerpt (from Emmanations of Gaia)

• Elke - deleted

Pearls and Blackness

Dance with Giants

The Corbeau Family Novel

• Genevieve & Gabriella

------- Sisters in Silence, 1931 (Unspoken Challenge)

------- Jardin Caprice (1933)

------- Among the Strawberries (Sensational Challenge)

------- Ghosts and Memories (Painted Prose Challenge) – TOP STORY, Challenge Runner-up

-------- Synesthesia (Sensational Challenge)

• Annie & Dora

------- Fall on me – deleted

------- When the bright dawn was magic for us -deleted

------- A fish out of pancakes – deleted

------- Finding Ways – deleted

------- Annie's Story - TOP STORY

------- The magic of puppet hands

• Amelie & Dante

------- Writing on the Roof (Painted Prose Challenge)

The Mila Series

In a last nightTOP STORY

Mila’s Test: In a last night 2

Novel in Progress Excerpt (Taking Eden’s Eyes)

Chapter 1: Finding Darkness

Chapter 2: Touching the Past

Novel Excerpt (from In the Minuses)

Aymma’s Quest

Humorous Fiction

The Big Pang Theory of the Creating of the Galaxy (Mythmaker Challenge) TOP STORY

Pooh Bear in Wonderland (Tales Retold Challenge) – TOP STORY

Alice in Pooh Land

The Wonderful Annie of Oz (Vocal+ Assist Lost in a Story Challenge)

Green Eggs & Ham & Pernoste (Vocal+ Assist Lost in a Story Challenge)

The Tale of the Sun and the Earth and their Children (Mythmaker Challenge)

The Olympians and the Creating of Man and Woman (Mythmaker Challenge)

The Origins of True Love (Mythmaker Challenge)


The Unity Verses – Chapter 1


About Poetry

Stories in Poem: Verse novels and storiesTOP STORY

Is it possible to enjoy poetry? TOP STORY

How to read a poem

Writing poetry as a team

To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme

Poetry Forensics

Poetry #6 for the Wayward Lyrist

Formatting & the Beauty of Poetry

Explanation of a Verse Novel (about In the Minuses)

Pernoste & Dahl conversations

The Art of PernosteTOP STORY

4 Month Report Card - TOP STORY

My Dinner with Annie

Just Joking

• Flurg pieces

------- Advice from an Alien

------- Another Pernostic Darmoftic

We're back

Talking about AI

Knowing Who You Are: Being INFJ

Self Disclosure

Gardeners of the Heart: a memoir of the center of me (Chapters Challenge)

Who is Anneliese Dahl? (Kayleigh’s Get to Know Me Challenge) TOP STORY

The Two Faces of Pernoste (Kayleigh’s Get to Know Me Challenge)

Lost Bird: a journey in writing (Writers Challenge)


Ephemeral BeautiesTOP STORY

Truth in Writing

Free the butterflies

Brokering a Peace?


If you're curious, we've also been making some little videos of poetry readings so you have a chance to hear our poems in the way we intend them to be read. Enjoy.

Can you love like that?

If you can dare to love me

A perfect morning

Castle Treasure

A dryad I?

Aymma's Quest, and excerpt from our novel In the Minuses

Changed by a Poem

Thanks for the Shoes

Distracted by Madness

Stone Totem


About the Creator

JD Pernoste and Anneliese Dahl

Pernoste & Dahl are a writing duo of poetry and fiction (serious or humorous). Check out our 5-Star sci fi dystopian verse novel "In the Minuses" on Amazon.

Instagram link: Authors_Pernoste.and.Dahl

Webpage link:

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Excellent work. Looking forward to reading more!

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  • Mackenzie Davis2 months ago

    I bought your book the moment I realized it existed! I'm excited to dive in, been busy since I bought it, but I see spaces now. Thank you for this library; I I have saved it and plan to return often. :D Good luck to you both, wherever you decide to land. I'm so happy to hear that you've been seeing progress with your newest endeavors!

  • My favourite by far is Taking Eden's Eyes. Can't wait for Chapter 3! Also, I don't think you're wasting time. I love reading compared to listening or watching. So I truly enjoy your poetry and fiction here!

  • Mark Gagnon2 months ago

    Don’t feel alone when it comes to followers and top stories.I have over 220 stories and maybe 8-10 are top stories and no honorable mentions for challenges. Not complaining just speaking facts. My subscription is up the end of December so I’ll decide then if I’m staying.

  • Thank you for the catalog. I look forward to catching up on some of the pieces I've missed.

  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Great works! I’ll slowly read all of them!

  • ✍️ Wow! You two are impressively prolific. I will return to this post to check out ALL of your links. Pernoste and Dahl: I love your work and wish you the best that life and financial prospects have to offer!!!!! 💙✍️💙

  • Lamar Wiggins2 months ago

    Thank you for sharing and the honesty. After reading this, I decided to take a random number (18) and read whatever selection that was. Starting with "In the minuses" I counted down your catalog and landed on "What else in life is there that's real." It's kind of Ironic because I loved that challenge so much. The message was an eyeopener. It's so obvious now that I think about it. Best of luck to the both of you in whatever you chose. You truly are a dynamic duo. 💖

  • Donna Renee2 months ago

    ❤️❤️❤️I really hope that you keep finding success in the new arenas! I’m tempted to try medium but learning a whole new platform is just overwhelming right now and I’m comfortable enough here at the moment 🫠🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Grz Colm2 months ago

    I hope you can both leverage those other mediums to gain more exposure! 😄☺️

  • Kendall Defoe 2 months ago

    Whatever you need to do, do it! And thank you for all the work and links... Bonne chance!

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