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The Never Ending Story

An Index of Mike Singleton's Stories With A Rough Grouping

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 9 min read
A Never Ending Story

This is an index of all my posts , by it's very nature it will be a never ending story . It may be of some use if you are looking for something of mine . It is pinned to my favourites bar.



Poetry Now Lives Here



  1. A Cautionary Covid-19 Tale ֎ Nothing To Do With Covid-19
  2. 20-9 ֎ A Future Nightmare
  3. A Crime? ֎ Legally Criminal Morally Right
  4. ... and brown paper ֎ A Waiting Tale
  5. The Marigold Path ֎ YOU r the most important person in YOUR life
  6. The Fire In The Lake ֎ Working Together Is Always Positive
  7. The Film ֎ Be Careful You Do Not Know
  8. The Water Hole ֎ Sometimes There Is No Hope
  9. The Water Hole (A Conclusion) ֎ Sometimes It Gets Worse
  10. The Water Hole .. A Finality ֎ This Ties Everything Up .... Or Does It?
  11. The Real Macaw ֎ The Scarlet Macaw is Still Threatened But .....
  12. The Everlasting Two Minutes ֎ What Are We Waiting For?
  13. Drained ֎ 'Ware That Computer My Friend , 'Ware the Foggy Water
  14. The Invitation ֎ Never Go To The Library
  15. The Sandman and The Sea Girl ֎ An Unexpected Friendship Blossoms
  16. Masks Are Mandatory ֎ Should You Take The Bus?
  17. In The Flat Field ֎ It Was Just A Walk In The Country
  18. The Sandman, The Sea Girl and The Dog ֎ To Build A Friendship
  19. The Four Riders of The Renaissance ֎ vs 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse
  20. The Sea Girl , The Sandman and The Christmas Kittens ֎ Number 3
  21. A Long Conversation ֎ Sometimes Things Just Happen
  22. Return of the Night Owl ֎ Vocal Return of the Night Owl Challenge
  23. The Sandman, The Sea Girl and The Witch of the Woods ֎ The 4th
  24. Making Their Self ֎ Sometimes Someone's Art Is All That Matters
  25. The Bank ֎ Be Careful What You Wish For
  26. The Clock Goes Backwards ֎ When You Can't Even Trust The Time
  27. Welcome To The Future ֎ Building The Unsinkable Ocean Liner



  1. Reading and Pain ֎ F Paul Wilson Books
  2. Book of Distributed Power and Tom Waits ֎ More F Paul Wilson
  3. Words With Friends, Tom Waits ֎ and more F Paul Wilson
  4. I Read It In Books ֎ More reading
  5. A Tale At Bedtime ֎ To Encourage Your Children To Read
  6. Fast And Slow ֎ How Time Seems To Change
  7. What Do You Like Best? ֎ A Question I Seldom Answer
  8. Beat The Bull ֎ Inspiration For Writing
  9. Wandering The Imajica ֎ It all started with a magic carpet
  10. An Owl In A Towel ֎ A Beautiful Book by Lesley and Cheryl
  11. Welcome To Riverworld ֎ The River is all that Matters
  12. LIGHT and Darkness - A Book By AM Radulescu ֎ A Fantasy
  13. The Vagaries Of Pronunciations ֎ Hygge , Feng Shui, Leicester , Etc

Music Now Lives Here

On Vocal Posts Now Live Here


    On Writing

    1. Writing While Moving ֎ My Third Vocal Post
    2. Test ֎ On Writing 2K Words a day
    3. Writing on Vocal ֎ With Tips
    4. When You Can't See The Wood For The Trees ֎ On Writing
    5. Why Write? ֎ Words Can Be Your Starting Point
    6. Can I Write? ֎ And If So What Motivates Us?
    7. Should I Read or Should I Go?(and Write) ֎ How we interact
    8. William Hope Hodgson ֎ A Master of Supernatural Horror
    9. Addicted To Words ֎ Or Addicted To Reading & Writing On Vocal
    10. My Writers Block ֎ Things To Look Forward To Despite Some Gripes
    11. The Accidental Book ֎ Accidentally Publishing My First Book
    12. The Hurt of Not Writing ֎ Sometimes This Conspires Against Me
    13. Just Write, Just Do It ֎ Don't Let Self Doubt Stop You
    14. Going Mobile - Writing Vocal Stories While Away From Your Desk ֎

    Challenge Entries

    1. A Letter To Sir Tom ֎ An Open Letter To Sir Tom Finney
    2. Kindness 2022 ֎ Hopefully Spreading Kindness in 2022 More Than 2021
    3. What Is Freedom? ֎ Observations on The Invasion of Ukraine By Russia
    4. In The Lifeboat ֎ A Fictional Account of A Stowaway On The Titanic
    5. In The Water ֎ A 2nd Fictional Account of A Stowaway On The Titanic
    6. The Secrets That We Keep - A Confession To My Mother ֎


    1. Daisies, Dandelions, Daffodils .... and Bees ֎ Pollination
    2. Half Vegan ֎ Why Cutting Out Meat Is Good
    3. REUSE not Recycle ֎ The Ecological Direction To Take
    4. Vegan is Fine for Everyone ֎ And Good For The Environment
    5. Deep Observations ֎ Sharky Asides From My Life
    6. The Too Friendly Bull ֎ Farm Tales From My Youth
    7. Distance ֎ Thoughts on the world is smaller distance is the same
    8. The Random Pear Tree ֎ A challenge from Matthew McCahey
    9. Cats In 'Nam ֎ The Cats I Capture on My Morning Walks
    10. Up Glastonbury Tor ֎ A Day In Glastonbury
    11. Ich Bien Ein Ausländer (I Am A Foreigner) ֎ Xenophobia
    12. The Huntress of Skipton Castle Woods ֎ Willow Sculpture of Anna Cross
    13. An Archimedes Screw ֎ New Power Generation At The Settle Hydro
    14. Three Reasons Why I Love Settle ֎ Scaleber, Castlebergh & The Kiln
    15. A Quiet Week In Thirsk ֎ A Week of Relaxation and Not Doing Much
    16. St Anthony’s Chapel Ruins ֎ In Holyrood Park , By St Margaret's Loch
    17. 199 Steps ֎ Whitby Abbey , Dracula's Haunt & Lewis Carrol's Lodgings
    18. La Rosa , Whitby ֎ My Fave Hotel with Lewis Carrol & Bram Stoker
    19. Feline Good ֎ Pictures of Cats In 'Nam and a Playlist To Enjoy Them
    20. 801 - The Central Shaft in Geomancy / Geomantics ֎ Brian Eno
    21. The Dog, The Dog He's At It Again ֎ Vocal Life Unleashed Challenge
    22. A Walk In Pannett Park, Whitby ֎ Wooden Carvings, A Museum & More
    23. A Few Days At Dillons of Whitby ֎ A Perfect Place To Stay In Whitby
    24. Emma Stothard and The Whitby Heritage Trail ֎ Amazing Sculptures
    25. The Positivity of Cats of Vocal and Himalayan Salt Lamps ֎
    By Rod Long on Unsplash

    Caring For Others And Yourself

    1. Don't Overwhelm ֎ Care For People - Don't Know What They're Fighting
    2. Remembering Sophie Lancaster ֎ STAMP OUT PREJUDICE & HATRED
    3. Good As You On Vocal And Everywhere ֎ The Pride Community
    4. Being A Man ֎ But I Still Cry And Get Upset
    5. Know What's Frightening? Xenophobia ֎ Cultural Diversity is Good
    6. Perception ֎ We Think We Are Doing OK Others May Not See That
    7. Am I Too Happy? ֎ Thoughts on Maintaining My Mental Health
    8. Keep Yourself Alive ֎ Good Advice From Queen For My Health
    9. Overload ֎ Sometimes Things Get too Much For Me
    10. Relax , Recharge Then Write ֎ Find A Way To Clear Your Mind
    11. A Sandstorm ֎ Sometimes Life Is Like A Sandstorm
    12. To Be Happy ֎ Be Grateful And Find Positives
    13. Our Own Worst Critic ֎ We Can Make Our Own Success
    14. February Black History Month ֎ Black History
    15. Looking After Number One ֎ You Have To Look After Yourself
    16. Don't Stop ֎ Keep Creating Vocal Stories, Poetry and Fiction
    17. Women’s History Month - The Stars You Should Seek ֎

    True Stories

    1. Orchard ֎ Tales of my youth, being shot ,apple scrumping & more
    2. The Bad Grandad ֎ Manipulation to a Selfish Finale
    3. Who Am I? ֎ A Potted History Of Me
    4. My 911 ֎ I Wasn't There But Some Great Friends Nearly Were
    5. Sleep And Creativity ֎ and Little Feat
    6. Lighting Up Hadrian's Wall ֎ My Part in a Historic Event in 2010
    7. Reasons To Stay Alive ֎ Your Mental Health Is Important
    8. Friends Will Be Friends ֎ How Friends Become Your Extended Family
    9. On My Desert Island ֎ What would you take on yours?
    10. Our Insecurity ֎ We Are All Wanted, We Need To See It Ourselves
    11. Days ֎ The Days In My Job Are Far More Than Tolerable
    12. A Perfect Storm ֎ When All Goes Wrong Friends Save The Day
    13. A Girl At A Bus Stop ֎ Women Should Be Safe
    14. A Super Natural Tale ֎ Things Are Not Always What They Seem To Be
    15. S'cool Days ֎ A few Mildly Amusing Incidents from my past
    16. The Fourth Best Friend ֎ Sometime You Feel Not Worthy
    17. Five Funny Facebook Friends ֎ Five Comedians I Know in Facebook
    18. Floored By Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP)
    19. So You're A Racist Now MikeyDred ֎ Do I Have Implicit Bias / Racism?
    20. The Operation ֎ A Day In The Amazing Freeman Hospital
    21. Life Has Surface Noise ֎ Life Never Runs Smoothly
    22. SUA ֎ The Curse of Acronyms
    23. Down ֎ Some Days The Grey Gets To You
    24. The Story of My Hat ֎ I Share A Hat With Vera
    25. What's My Name? ֎ Is it Mike , Mikey or Mikeydred?
    26. The Original Invincibles ֎ Growing Up with Preston North End
    27. Ouija Board, Ouija Board and a Non Seance ֎ A Teenage Tale
    28. Craig Puranen Wilson ֎ AKA Sheena Revolta
    29. Can You See The Real Me? ֎ Mikeydred Sings For You
    30. The Old Songs Are The Best ֎ Some Observations on Age Perception
    31. A Moan ֎ Just Getting Rid of Bad Feelings And Annoyances
    32. Ubiquity ֎ From Feeling Unloved To Feeling Loved
    33. The Voice and The Accent ֎ There Are People Who Enjoy My Voice
    34. An Observationalist ֎ A view of Myself


    1. More Good Technology ֎ Some tech
    2. A Computer Steals My Life ֎ More Tech
    3. The Time Thief ֎ Creative Rabbit Holes
    4. Two Free Form ֎ A Plea To Vocal To Support More Devices
    5. Welcome To The Machine ֎ Tech Encroachment
    6. Solving The Instagram Problem - How to Find Your Old Posts ֎
    7. Power ֎ We Think We Need It
    8. Creating And Submitting A Vocal Story on an Android Phone
    9. The Day Facebook Died ֎ We All Need A Plan B
    10. The Benefits of the Windows Clipboard ֎ Windows Key and "V"
    11. My Own Personal History Of Computer Gaming ֎
    12. The Romance of The Phone Box ֎ Now We Have Mobile Phones
    13. The Sydney Opera House Effect ֎ An Amazing Optical Illusion



    1. If You Don't Know Where You're Going ֎ Any Road Will Take You There
    2. Penguins and Guinness ֎ Adverts
    3. Ship In A Bottle ֎ Applying Impact Analysis To Life
    4. Thrown Out ֎ Cliques and Bullies
    5. Walking The Dog ֎ The Pleasure of Walking
    6. Consuming Passion ֎ Avoiding Death By Chocolate For A Diabetic
    7. Waiting For The Green Light ֎ The American Genius of Bill Hicks
    8. OK Go ֎ Does Anything Limit Your Experience?
    9. Do It Again ֎ Repetition In Life , From Breathing To Books
    10. Too Lazy To Learn ֎ Sometimes People Just Can't Be Bothered
    11. John Martin - The North East’s Greatest Ever Artist
    12. That Brick Wall ֎ Things That Stop Us , And How We Can ReStart
    13. A Halloween Film Evening ֎ Five Films For A Frightening Festival
    14. A True Romantic ֎ True Romance is My Favourite Film , Come Watch
    15. Do You Boho? ֎ When I fell Into Boho
    16. How To Win The Lottery and Make money on Scratch Cards ֎
    17. Why I Am Fine With Wordle ֎ Word Games
    18. Alcohol-Free Guinness - Really? ֎ I Can Now Drink My Fave Drink
    19. The Basement and The Attic ֎ What Do We Keep and What Do We Shed?
    20. Wham Bam Thank You Scam ֎ How To Get $50,000 for a $200 Investment Apparently
    21. Peaky Blinders - A Fitting Finale ֎ A Farewell To The Shelbys


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