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The Never Ending Poetry

An Index of Mike Singleton's Poetry

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 13 min read
Never Ending

This is an index of all my poetry posts , by it's very nature it will be a never ending story . It may be of some use if you are looking for something of mine . It is pinned to my favourites bar.


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  1. Non Poetry and Stories ֎ Some old poetry and fiction
  2. What Colour Is You Canvas? ֎ Colour Is Pride: True Colours
  3. A Sonnet For A Summer's Day ֎ Summer's Day Challenge
  4. A Fiction ֎ The Immorality of Corporate Behaviour
  5. The Muse ֎ Inspiration comes from many places in many forms
  6. Sonnet ֎ A Personal Challenge
  7. Sonnetwo ֎ An inspired piece on Inspiration and Creation
  8. Twogether ֎ A Sonnet and Sonata for Togetherness and Teamwork
  9. A Villanelle ֎ My first Villanelle
  10. Mountain Climbing ֎ A Villanelle For The Vocal Social Society
  11. Feeling Lost ֎ When We Feel Uncertain & Unable to Ask For Help
  12. You Are Bleeding ֎ If you need help , Ask For It & Care For Yourself
  13. Love Is ֎ A Sonnet For Friends Who Find Happiness
  14. Snackwallahnelle ֎ A Villanelle Tribute to Snackwallah
  15. In A Darkness ֎ When All seems lost, and you think you are alone
  16. Walking On Thin Ice ֎ A Sonnet on the Fragility of Relationships
  17. What's Your Level ֎ To Succeed You Will Experience Failure
  18. Love Too ֎ Some Loving Thoughts
  19. Bible Black ֎ Even In Darkness There Is Hope
  20. Warmth ֎ When someone makes us feel loved and appreciated
  21. My Favourite Place To Write ֎ A Challenge Accepted
  22. Is Love? ֎ Some feelings , all wonderful and good
  23. The Witch Of The North ֎ A Sonnet For My Friend Sophia,
  24. A Texas Rose ֎ A Sonnet For A True Friend
  25. Home ֎ How I See My Home
  26. Without You ֎ The Source of Inspiration
  27. You're My Best Friend ֎ A Thank You To All My Friends
  28. Think ֎ When You Are Inspired By A Muse
  29. The Cinnamon Spell ֎ A Sonnet For A Witch
  30. Walking Together ֎ Sharing Walks in New York And Newcastle
  31. Colouring The Numbers ֎ On Making New Friends & Talking Poetry
  32. Not Even A Goodbye ֎ When You Don't Get That Opportunity
  33. The Beautiful Spell ֎ A Muse can cast this for everyone
  34. A Santa Rosa Girl ֎ Another Wonderful Vocal Friend
  35. Lady of the Water ֎ A Maritime Tribute To My Muse (1st Top Story)
  36. Poseidon's Daughter ֎ A Strong Goddess of the Deep
  37. 150 ֎ Without My Muse I Would Not Be Here
  38. Thank You ֎ A Poem To Thank Everyone Who Thinks I Am OK
  39. Loving You More ֎ Sometimes someone just makes you feel loved
  40. Going Nowhere , But Home ֎ A Collaboration with Samantha Ciccone
  41. Standing On The Moon ֎ You Can Feel A Long Way From Home
  42. Autumn Goddess ֎ A Sonnet to the Mother of Autumn
  43. Ice Bound Flame ֎ The Fire Never Dies ... Even In Ice
  44. I'll Be Your Rock ֎ We Need To Be There For Each Other
  45. Our Everest ֎ Collaboration with Melissa
  46. Why Does No One Talk To Me? ֎ About Consideration For Others
  47. A View From A Long Beach ֎ Inspiration From My Muse
  48. Impossible ֎ A Free Form Poem Listing Impossibilities
  49. To Be Loved ֎ For My Muse
  50. The Selkie’s Mother’s Wrath ֎ Inspired By A Chat With My Muse
  51. The Hospital Run ֎ We Don't Want To Be There
  52. Porcelain ֎ A Sonnet For My Muse
  53. So Much Love ֎ A Small Thank You To All My Vocal Friends
  54. To Love You ֎ Thinking Of My Wonderful Muse
  55. When I'm 64 ֎ A Double Haibun
  56. Didn't Feel Lonely Til I Thought Of You ֎ This Happens To All of Us
  57. Angels Standing In A Shaft Of Light ֎ The Ones Who Inspire Us
  58. Avalon Sister ֎ A Cyndi Lauper Song Made Me Think of My Muse
  59. Your story has NOT been approved ֎ Continual Unexplained Rejection
  60. I'm Sticking With You ֎ You Are My Glue
  61. Pretty ֎ Love Yourself
  62. You Me ֎ A Crown Cinquain Inspired By A Chat With My Muse
  63. Fallen Angel ֎ Those Who Help Others , May Need Help Themselves
  64. Smile Texas Smile ֎ For A Close Friend
  65. There Is No Love Between Us Any More ֎ A Humorous Take on PWEI
  66. Love Is Strange ֎ A Sonnet Inspired by Buddy Holly and My Muse
  67. A Pride of Lions ֎ Without Stonewall We Might Not Have Pride Today
  68. To Stop The Moon ֎ And See Your Beauty Forever
  69. Change We Must ֎ Change Is Seldom Asked For But Is Necessary
  70. Golden Hair ֎ A Tribute Inspired By A James Joyce Poem
  71. The Witch's Promise ֎ The Witch of The North Has Returned
  72. Jim ֎ A Eulogy For A Great Friend We Lost
  73. Cat Girls ֎ My Facebook and Vocal Cat Loving Friends
  74. Passionate Friend ֎ Two Poems and an Explanation
  75. A Waterfall of Clouds ֎ How We As Vocal Creators Create
  76. A Vocal Heart ֎ A Tiny Poem About Interaction
  77. Rising For The Moon ֎ On Love For and Inspiration From My Muse
  78. The Doors of Perception ֎ Channelling Jim Morrison
  79. Smile ֎ Smiling Is Good For You And Is Infectious
  80. Phoning Texas ֎ Sometimes Technology Lets Us Down
  81. On And On ֎ A Love Poem For My Muse
  82. Poet S ֎ A tribute to my great Vocal Friend and Collaborator Melissa
  83. Fluffy Sheets ֎ Sometimes You Can Get Just Too Comfortable
  84. Let’s Be Friends ֎ A Friendship Forged In Fire
  85. Notifications ֎ The Exasperation Caused By Facebook Notifications
  86. You Gave Me Your Heart ֎ My Love for My Muse
  87. Falling In Love Again ֎ I Do It Every Day
  88. Song To The Siren ֎ Inspiration Calls
  89. So Movember ֎ A Post To Help Men Who Need Support From Us
  90. Weathering The Storm At Sea ֎ Working Together Will See Us Through
  91. Still The One ֎ That Inspires and Loves Me
  92. Friendship And Love ֎ Two Important Relationship Traits
  93. A Fire In My Heart ֎ Set Alight By My Muse
  94. My Vocal Family ֎ They Have Grown And Helped Me Thrive
  95. My Love ֎ A Short Poem For The One You Love
  96. Ode To A Butter Pie ֎ A Favourite of Mine , Butter Pie
  97. The Board of Life ֎ Chess Is Complex , As Is Love
  98. Joy ֎ Love Brings Me Inspiration
  99. So Movember Too ֎ A Post To Help Men Who Need Support From Us
  100. How Will I Say I Love You? ֎ My Muse Is My Inspiration I Love Her
  101. Always With Me , Always With You ֎ My Muse And I ☯️
  102. My Anchor ֎ Love is Strong in My Muse and I
  103. She Makes Me Happy ֎ My Muse Loves Me And I Love Her
  104. Three Hundred and Sixty Five Words of Love ֎ For The Love of My Life
  105. I Want You ֎ There Is Only One For Me
  106. Everyday ֎ Our Love Gets Stronger
  107. Invisible ֎ Sometimes I Fell This Way , Writing Can Purge That
  108. Glow Girl ֎ My Muse Radiates Love
  109. Spellbound ֎ My Muse as A Goddess
  110. My Beautiful Venus ֎ A poem inspired by and for my Muse
  111. All I Want Is You ֎ The Love of My Life
  112. Happiness ֎ Mikeydred's First Poetic Challenge - Karin Venables
  113. Escape ֎ Mikeydred's First Poetic Challenge - Rika Lekay
  114. Cat ֎ Mikeydred's First Poetic Challenge - Cathy Holmes
  115. Rabbit ֎ White Rabbit? Hunny Bunny?
  116. She's Back ֎ We Are So Pleased to Have Melissa Back With Us
  117. More Than I Can Say ֎ I Often Run Out Of Words
  118. PS I Love You ֎ Always Tell The one You Love That You Love Them
  119. Accentuate The Positive ֎ Always Use A Positive Form If You Can
  120. Close to You ֎ I Always Want to be Closer
  121. You Are My Song ֎ I Miss My Muse But She Is Always In My Heart
  122. In My Arms and Into Your Arms ֎ Where My Muse And I Belong
  123. Lady Eleanor ֎ My Muse Is My Mystical Guide
  124. Couldn’t Love You More ֎ But For My Muse I'll Love Her More Every Day
  125. Dancin' With My Muse ֎ I Love My Connection With My Muse
  126. The Glamourous Owl ֎ In Old George Yard , You Can Forge Silver Rings
  127. By The Lights of Cyrian ֎ Love Between My Muse and I Burns Brightly
  128. And I Love You So ֎ Some Direct Words To My Muse
  129. I Want To Make You Laugh ֎ Words To The One You Love
  130. I Only Want To Be With You ֎ For My Muse
  131. Your Name Is Here ֎ A Try at a Free Form Poem Using Every Letter
  132. Quiddity ֎ Some Mystical Impressions For My Wonderful Muse
  133. This Love of Ours ֎ I Love When My Muse Tells Me She Loves Me
  134. More Than Skin Deep ֎ My Muse and I
  135. ֎ Together Forever My Muse and I Will Be
  136. When My Love Sleeps ֎ I Am There For Her
  137. The Tower of Light ֎ A Place Where My Muse And I Now Are
  138. Feeling Closer ֎ Love Between My Muse And I Grows Stronger Each Day
  139. Grade "A" ֎ A Homphonic Take on These Very Grey Days
  140. A Heart Tattoo ֎ Growing Ever Closer To My Muse
  141. Chanukah Yule Christmas ֎ Care Not Just At This time But Every Day
  142. Snow ֎ Mikeydred's 2nd Poetic Challenge In VSS - Julia Smith
  143. Christmas Eve ֎ 2nd Poetic Challenge In VSS - Caroline Jane
  144. Christmas Ice Cream Parlour ֎ 2nd Poetic Challenge - Zel Harrison
  145. Christmas Drinks ֎ 2nd Poetic Challenge In VSS - Me
  146. In Deep ֎ A Magical Oceanic Tribute to My Muse
  147. The Lady Annabella ֎ My Iconic Novocastrian DJ Friend
  148. Perfect ֎ My Muse And I Can Never Say Goodbye
  149. The Tiny Annoyance ֎ Best Ignore Them
  150. Forever ֎ My Muse And I Will Be Together
  151. Success ֎ The Tiniest Thing Can Be A Success
  152. My Love Is A Rose ֎ For My Muse
  153. Love Is Like A Raindrop ֎ How Love Has Grown Between My Muse & I
  154. When The Sith Lord Lost His Phone ֎ A New Nightgown, A Lost Phone
  155. The Lady By The Sea ֎ A Magical Fantasy For My Muse
  156. A Look At Love ֎ Some Thoughts On The Nature Of Love
  157. Child of the Moon ֎ More Magical Poetry For My Muse
  158. Living in the Time of a Relentless Pandemic ֎ 3rd Poetic Challenge - Linda Rivenbark
  159. Dreams ֎ 3rd Poetic Challenge - Judey Kalchik
  160. The Invisibility Of A Name ֎ How Easy It Is To Fade
  161. Moonchild ֎ Dropping Into Goddesses Of The Moon, Selene and More
  162. Amerigo A Goodbye ֎ Where I Am
  163. Pure Pride In The One I Love ֎ Always Be Proud of The One You Love
  164. Under Ocean Skies ֎ A Sonnet For My Muse As She Sleeps
  165. My Brilliant Star ֎ Perfect Comparison For Inspiration From My Muse
  166. Neverending ֎ A Butterfly Cinquain That You May Never Leave
  167. Love,Love,Love ֎ Thoughts on Love
  168. The Spelling Of Love ֎ Another Observation on Love
  169. Ocean Of Love ֎ A Second Poem For A Challenge
  170. Abecedarian Vocal ֎ A Poem or List Of My Vocal Experience
  171. Every Second ֎ I Spend With My Muse Is Perfect
  172. Circle of Love ֎ Being In Love Is A Wonderful Circle And Is Beautiful
  173. From The Underworld ֎ To Rescue You From Darkness & Keep You Safe
  174. The Storm ֎ A Villanelle About The Recent Storm On Tyneside
  175. My Siren's Call ֎ Inspired By A Great Song & My Muse's Love of Mythos
  176. The Girl With The Sun and The Moon ֎ She Brightens My Day
  177. My Words Will Never Age ֎ And I Will Live Forever
  178. Whitby - The Town of Steps ֎ Whitby Impressive Buildings Many Steps
  179. A Vocal Fairy Tale ֎ My Greatest Treasure
  180. Diamonds In The Dark ֎ From A Flower To A Poem
  181. Riding Together ֎ A Poem prompted by a pic of my friend Denise
  182. We Are Family ֎ All Our Vocal Friends
  183. Welcome To Our New Friends ֎ A Welcome To The Vocal Social Society
  184. From Across The Room ֎ First From Across The Room Poem
  185. Across The Room Once More ֎ Second From Across The Room Poem
  186. Across The Room - We Fell In Love ֎ 3rd From Across The Room Poem
  187. A Difficult Abecedarian Poem ֎ A Poem Starting A To Z ending Z To A
  188. They Sing For You ֎ My Muse Loves Birdsong
  189. No Doubt ֎ 5th From Across The Room Poem
  190. Shall We? ֎ 4th From Across The Room Poem
  191. A Villanelle Of Hygge ֎ Some Hygge Ideas As A Villanelle
  192. It’s All Too Much ֎ Feel Like this is the last ever thing I will write
  193. To Be Free ֎ Help Ukraine
  194. Speeling Mitsakes ( A Vocal Poem) ֎ My Bad Writing
  195. Dancing With Freedom ֎ A Body Positive Singer and a Friend
  196. Across The Room ֎ 6th From Across The Room Poem
  197. Unfrozen ֎ A Sonnet of Love and Nature
  198. To Find Peace ֎ Some Calming Ideas , I Hope They Help
  199. Lorelei ֎ A Love Story Inspired by Richard Osman's House of Games
  200. Ilyl ֎ A Sonnet For Someone Who Is Always There for Me
  201. Come Hold My Hand ֎ A Love Sonnet
  202. 500 ֎ A Thank You For The Encouragement From Vocal Members
  203. Julia Dream ֎ Poem Inspired by a song on The Pink Floyd album Relics
  204. Love Is All Around ֎ For Some
  205. On The Beach ֎ A simple Love Poem
  206. You Angel You ֎ From A Bob Dylan Song
  207. The River of Time ֎ Some Thoughts on Time, Analogising It As A River
  208. Pastoral ֎ From Grantchester Meadows
  209. A Little Piece of Heaven ֎ When I Am With The Right Person
  210. Aqua ֎ A Sonnet Inspired By Music That I Listen To
  211. The Huntress (of Skipton Castle Woods) ֎ An Amazing Willow Sculpture
  212. She's The One ֎ A Respectful Love Sonnet
  213. The Claddagh Ring ֎ Inspired By Seeing One Being Made
  214. I Am The Dark Star ֎ A Poetic Soul Purge
  215. The Deep Blue Sea ֎ Creatures From Myth and Reality
  216. I Love It When You Ring My Doorbell ֎ Ring My Bell
  217. If I Didn't Exist ֎ Words To Purge My Dark Feelings
  218. Magica Nomina ֎ The Names of Mythological Goddesses and Gods
  219. Alt Pandora's Box ֎ What If Pandora's Box Was Full of Love
  220. To Ride The Dragon ֎ A Dragon Verse Challenge
  221. Dragonfly ֎ Impressions of a Beautiful Creature
  222. She Loves Her Kitties ֎ A List of Cats and Cats of Vocal
  223. Queen Of Dreams ֎ Inspired by a song on Grave New World by Strawbs
  224. The Mermaid ֎ A Mystical Marine Siren

Reference Work

  1. On Writing Poetry ֎ How I Gain Poetic Inspiration (From My Muse)
  2. On Poetry ֎ My Own Take On Poetry Creation Which May Help
  3. The Problem With Poems and a Two Word Haiku ֎ Poems on Vocal
  4. OK Haiku ֎ Poetry & Encounters with The Bard of Salford
  5. A Poet? ֎ Thoughts on The Appreciation I Recieve From My Poetry


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