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The Never Ending Music

An Index of Mike Singleton's Music Related Posts

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 5 min read
Never Ending Music

This is an index of all my music related posts , by it's very nature it will be a never ending story . It may be of some use if you are looking for something of mine . It is pinned to my favourites bar.

One of the problems with this is that the list is not quite large enough to hit the six hundred words required for a Vocal post so I need to insert this paragraph until it gets big enough to stand alone. Music is said to be the food of love and maybe it is . There are plenty of beautiful love songs in these stories and I know that there will be many you have never heard , but they are worth taking you time to explore them.

This is an ever growing story and is over the six hundred word limit, but is going to get much larger going forward


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  1. Coincidentally ... Ken Nordine ֎ My first Vocal Post
  2. Metallica Was Right? - ֎ A Personal History of Music Media
  3. Seven Days In Krautrockland ֎ A Krautrock sample
  4. Hello May, Beltane and Jordan Reyne ֎ JR
  5. Copy Right? ֎ Problems sharing music
  6. They Can Look Good ֎ CD Presentation
  7. Why Vinyl? ֎ Vinyl
  8. Why Pay For Music, When You Can Stream For Free? ֎ Stealing
  9. The Devil Has All The Best Tunes ֎ Blues
  10. Playing for PRIDE ֎ A PRIDE playlist
  11. Immortals ֎ Will We All Become Digitally Immortal?
  12. What Spotify Might Cost You ֎ Streaming Costs
  13. Sharing Your Music Collection ֎ Sharing Music Online Problems
  14. We Don't Need New Music ֎ We Need Evolving and Growth in Art
  15. Dreams and Hidden Mirrors ֎ Blue Oyster Cult Soundtrack Dreams
  16. The Book Of Invasions ֎ Exploring Celtic Mythology
  17. The Art of Neon Park ֎ The Surreal Art of Martin Muller
  18. My Favourite Album - Future Games By Spirit ֎ First On My List
  19. Consumerism , Negativland and Pepsi ֎ Dispepsi by Negativland
  20. Every Breath You Take ֎ Three Very Disturbing "Love" songs
  21. 2nd Favourite Album: El Dorado by The Electric Light Orchestra ֎
  22. Picture This ֎ Vinyl Picture Discs, Laser Etchings & The Vertigo Swirl
  23. Inspired By The Snow Goose ֎ Album By Camel a Paul Gallico Novella
  24. A Song , A Muse , A Vocal Creation ֎ How Music & A Muse Spark You
  25. Hurricane Joey ֎ A Coherent Story From Bob Dylan Song Titles?
  26. The Finest Song About Liverpool ֎ Pete Wylie and Ian Prowse
  27. Heart As Big As Liverpool ֎ The Artistic Genius of Pete Wylie
  28. Gimme That Old Time Religion ֎ How Strange Fruit Got A Scouser
  29. A True Folk Hero ֎ A Brief Insight Into Nic Jones
  30. A Musical Education , My Experience of Public Service Broadcasting
  31. Your Favourite David Bowie Album Today ֎ Scary Monsters
  32. At Terrapin Station with The Grateful Dead
  33. Modern Music Is Rubbish (It Isn't) ֎ Hope I Die Before I Get Old
  34. Workingmen's Dead ֎ The Grateful Dead's Beautiful Fourth Album
  35. A Graveyard Smash ֎ A Halloween Playlist For The Vocal Challenge
  36. If You Don’t Read This … ֎ You Will Never Hear This Music
  37. This House Is Not Haunted ֎ You Know Ghosts Don't Exist
  38. Tears of A Clown ֎ Songs Can Sometimes Make Me Cry
  39. The Song of the Salesman ֎ Playlist of the Adverts That Impressed Me
  40. A Playlist Like No Other #1 ֎ Songs You Have Probably Never Heard
  41. Like No Other #2 ֎ Another Playlist of Unusual Songs
  42. An Out Of Time Playlist ֎ Not Every Popular Song Is in 4/4 Time
  43. Song To The Siren (The Song) ֎ My thoughts on this beauty
  44. The Beatles Split Was A Good Thing ֎ A Playlist
  45. Keep Me In Your Heart For A While ֎ A Heartbreakingly Beautiful Song
  46. The Poetic Genius of Nigel Blackwell ֎ Half Man Half Biscuit Lyrical
  47. The Default Language Of Pop Music ֎ For Too Long It Has Been English
  48. Classical Gas Bags ֎ How I Came To Love Classical Music
  49. Chris Morton “F**K DANCE, LET’S ART...” - The Exhibition
  50. The Most Successful, Famous Band You Have Never Heard Of ֎
  51. Miss Prince ֎ The amazing "Dirty Computer" By Janelle Monáe ֎
  52. Monarchy In The Uk ֎ A Playlist By Downright Musical Royalty
  53. My Favourite Three ABBA Songs ֎ Inspired by Watching "Mamma Mia"
  54. Suddenly It's Christmas ֎ Halloween Is Over
  55. Discovering Bob Dylan ֎ Robert Zimmerman Has Taken Me To Places
  56. Chips And Gravy With The Bard of Salford ֎ John Cooper Clarke
  57. The Edgar Allen Poelay List ֎ Edgar Allen Poe and His Writing
  58. (Return To The Valley Of) Out Come The Freaks ֎ 1st Song I heard on 6
  59. Sometimes You Need To Give It Time ֎ Patti Smith, Moulettes & More
  60. Eddie Has Left The Building ֎ We Lost Meatloaf
  61. The Texas Jerusalem Crossroads ֎ The album is Twenty Years Old
  62. A Playlist For A Muse ֎ Songs For A Muse
  63. Ten Folk Songs Everyone Should Be Aware Of ֎ Folk Playlist
  64. A Once More Playlist For A Muse ֎ 9 Female Artists
  65. Why I Love Tom Waits ֎ A Playlist
  66. Habanera ֎ A Distraction From Bill Bailey's "Larks In Transit"
  67. Do Vinyl Records Inspire Original Creation? ֎ Non Digital Music
  68. The Joy of The Penguin Café ֎ The Music of Simon Jeffes
  69. Gris-gris - Voodoo New Orleans Gumbo from Dr John ֎
  70. A Saucerful of Secrets by Pink Floyd ֎ The Pivotal 2nd Album
  71. A Comic Playlist ֎ Ten Songs That I Still Find Listenable and Amusing
  72. Astral Weeks By Van Morrison ֎ Not Really A Rock Album


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