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The Modern Living Dead

by Wide Writer about a month ago in interview · updated about a month ago

Can we escape?

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Zombies of Myth

The creatures we have all seen in horror stories rumoured to be originated in Haiti were created as eternal servants by the witch doctors who practised Vodou. The witch doctors spent a lot of effort mixing potions, chanting spells, and finding humans as the final catalyst to create these creatures. It was a painstaking effort for them. These creatures will obey any command given by their master and do not have a will of their own.

What of the Modern Living Dead?

They live among ordinary people even some of us have unknowingly become a part of this group. Unlike the zombies in myths which require spells and potions, this new type of zombies can be created by taking their signature on a paper called a contract. However, modern zombies have little freedom to change their masters within the conditions mention in the contract. And there is another word that is used to identify this set of people. It’s called an employee.

The Modern Witch Doctors aka Employers

How many of us have read our employment contract, and how many of us said, “No, I want to change this clause.” In fear of not getting the job offer, most of us didn’t have the power to say anything about the conditions given by our employees. Employee unions have been established worldwide to prevent these modern witch doctors from abusing their employees via so-called contracts. The clever witches have already found loopholes to escape from the conditions set by the employee unions across the world.

Using the Loopholes

Different rules and regulations are already established in employee-friendly countries to prevent unjust terminations. But if that position is no longer in use, they can terminate the employees by giving them a certain amount of compensation. And this has become a loophole for employers to fire any employee they need for any reason they require.

As a recent example, certain cooperation decided to move their employee base from Country A (Country with the best work conditions for their employees) to Country B (Country with a minimum wage of 6$ or less per hour). However, they were bound by strong conditions established by the employee unions in Country A against unjust terminations. The company decided to use the “Your role no longer exists” loophole to terminate the employees from Country A. Right after everyone was fired, the same number of employees were rehired from Country B. Employees who have worked for more than 15+ years lost their jobs in the blink of an eye. This is just one of many examples of how modern employers are using all the possible loopholes to manipulate the conditions established to make it favourable for them.

An organisation needs to have terms and conditions. The issue is that these conditions mentioned in most of the employee contracts today are no different than the terms and conditions the zombies of myth had with their masters, which is none.

Most job seekers, regardless of the country, cannot afford to lose the opportunities they get, so they won’t even bother to go through the conditions because no matter what it says, they will sign it at the end to get the opportunity. The helplessness of such employees makes them no less than the zombies' mention in the myths.

Can We Escape?

Whether a job is white-collar, blue-collar, or even collarless, most jobs are bound by unfavourable contracts and conditions. Organisations have become profit-centric, and the well-being of employees has become negligible. No matter how many resign, there will always be a new person to replace that position. Companies can easily replace their higher-paying employees in well-developed countries with someone else from a country with very low salary scales. Work-life balance and employee well-being are foreign concepts in these countries. Knowing that businesses are now focused on moving their employee base to such countries, making it much easier to abuse employees for their profit-centric goals.

As employees, unless they are exceptionally talented and have higher demand in the industry, it’s impossible to escape from the shackles of unfavourable contracts and conditions. Another option is to be the masters of our own by doing our things. But that is a challenging goal to achieve. Many are unwilling to take risks required to be free from those shackles and don’t care about the conditions and terms as long as they get paid. Like Kevin O’Leary, aka Mr Wonderful, once said, “A salary is just the drug they give you when they want you to give up on your dreams” and to make you into a modern living dead.

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