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The Great Resignation

by Christy Snow 7 months ago in industry
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Why is it happening now and can it change things for the better?

Over the past couple of months people have been leaving their jobs in record numbers. The media has dubbed it as “The Great Resignation”. Individuals from all walks of life are resigning to look for greener pastures elsewhere, from food service workers up to CEOs that are tired and burnt out. Why is this happening now?

The Covid-19 pandemic forced a lot of people to work from home for an extended time and not only did we see how much better mentally it is to work from home, it is much more efficient, it is better for the environment, we are more productive, etc. There are many reasons working from home is much better than working in an office if you have a job that you can literally do just as good, if not better, working from your own home.

Of course, there were also some downsides to working from home. I seen a lot these personally with my employer. A lot of workplaces seemed to think since you work from home that you don’t really need to take a sick day or personal day off either for that matter. I was expected to clock out when my employer’s computer systems were having issues but then I was also expected to work over that afternoon and work harder to get caught up after they fixed their computer issues.

The majority of the time we know that our job could easily be done from home but our workplace or employer just doesn’t want to give up that “control” that they have if you work in their office workplace.

The Great Resignation kicked into high gear once workers were being told to come back to their workplaces. Why should we drive a long commute to an office when I could do the same thing at home in my pajamas and save money? Why do I have to come back to an office to work where my manager or the worker in the next cubicle interrupts my concentration with stupid questions and burps all day?

The pandemic not only showed workers how it would be to work from home it also showed us all what is actually more important in life. When there are people dying every day suddenly and unexpectedly from a virus it tends to make you think and change your priorities in life. Does this job fulfill me or rather, do I hate it with a passion and only work to pay my bills? The pandemic made a lot of people ask themselves these questions and now they are doing something about it. More people are selling their homes to work remotely and live a “van-life” for a couple of years. More people are downsizing and living more simply so that they can change jobs and not have as much stress and have more options on where and how they actually want to live and work.

The biggest change is more workers looking for permanent remote jobs so they can continue to work from home. Another big change is people going into freelance work or becoming self-employed. The biggest thing is freedom, U.S. workers are tired of being underpaid and overworked, we are tired of being one of the few developed countries with horrible, overpriced insurance and healthcare, we are tired of getting only a fraction of the leave and vacation time that other countries do and the majority of us are finally saying enough and looking for a better option.

Life is short and should be enjoyed as much as possible, I understand that the majority of us have to work for a living and I am perfectly fine with a healthy work/life balance. However, I am not okay working at a company that makes excuses for not offering at least a fair cost of living raise, or having to work just so I can have health insurance just so I can afford my medications (of which I would not need the majority of if I didn’t have to work a shitty job), try to pay my bills and buy the small amount of groceries that we can afford right now with the cost of inflation, being unable to save anything for retirement because nothing is left and continue this depressing cycle until I die.

The Great Resignation has been a long time coming, we have to start taking care of ourselves mentally and physically first. If I need to take a day off for my mental health and my employer wants to give me a hard time even though last month, I worked a ton of overtime and saved several accounts worth thousands of dollars each, then I should be able to take off one damn day if I am battling such severe depression and anxiety that I really don’t feel like leaving the bed all day.

Hopefully, all employers will start to change for the better soon. There are many restaurants that are increasing their hourly pay rate now due to the worker shortage, maybe more companies will follow.

I honestly wished that we all could do what we dream about, have a job or a purpose that makes us happy, fulfills us mentally and also pays our bills with some left over to save too. Until then, I guess we will have to fight our way through this new system of employer and employee relations until we can either be self-employed or we find a job at one of the few places that actually pay fairly and treats their employees like they matter.


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Christy Snow

An avid, lifetime reader of non-fiction, true crime, horror, sci-fi, history, classic literature and more. An amateur writer finally taking time in my life to write.

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