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The Benefits of Using Digital Screens for Advertising

Digital Screens for sale

By Running BoardsPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Using digital screens for events nowadays have become popular for the many advantages a digital screen offers. It is a good idea to optimize the window space for maximizing sales opportunities. Here are the advantages of advertising with the help of digital screens.

o Attention-Grabbing: Static posters unnoticeably blend into the surrounding background and become a part of the high street wallpaper that does not stand out or draw the attention of the customers. On the other hand, the digital LED screens draw attention because the content keeps on changing. A changing screen is certainly good for advertising especially if it is located in places that are frequented by people like a bus stop, road junctions etc.

o Enhances Advertising Space: Using a LED screen for advertising provides you with more space. The window of your store would not be able to accommodate many A4 posters. On the other hand, digital LED screens would help you in displaying as many as sixty advertisements. You could build the playlist which changes every minute permitting enough people to view each advertisement and providing the space for showcasing about 60 products every hour.

o Increased Flexibility: With the help of the digital screen you could choose whatever images you intend to show as well as the frequency to show them along with the time of the day. You could even highlight a product more than the others. All you need to do is build the playlist which shows the preferred video or image more than the others. For example, a cafeteria can advertise lucrative breakfast deals in the morning from 8 am to 10 am and change the advertisement to lunch deals at 11:30 am. This flexibility can help in increasing the sales.

o Keeps Advertising Space De-Cluttered: Many posters on your window could look messy and haphazard and the colours would fade and appear old if exposed to the direct sunlight. On the other hand, the digital screens could keep the advertising space de-cluttered. In addition, the bright digital screens are designed for the direct sunlight and hence there would be no fading or colour loss from the posters.

o Easy for Updating: It is hassle-free, simple and fast to update the digital screens. This means you could react easily to the sales figures with hardly any lag time. You need not send the artwork to a printer for printing to be accomplished. You just need to create the advertisement and feed it in the USB stick to be displayed on the LED screen. It is the most effective, easy and fastest way of changing the advertisements.

o Permits Personalization: For your brand, it is essential to keep the advertising consistent but with the digital screen you could react to the local trends and customize the campaigns on the regional basis.

o Economical in the Long Run: The initial investment in the digital screens could be high compared to the conventional print advertising. This results in long-term savings as the printing costs are completely eliminated.

For the multitude of benefits offered by the digital screens their popularity to be used as a tool for marketing is increasing.

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