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Boat insulation cost UK

spray foam insulation for boat owners

Boat insulation cost in the UK may appear to most people to be a strange concept, which is among the main reasons why they ignore it; nonetheless, boat insulation has numerous significant advantages as it greatly reduces energy costs. Whether you use your boat for pleasure or if you are one of the 35% of canal boat owners who use it for inhabitants, Boat Spray Foam Insulation can make a significant difference while also offering you peace of mind and thereby reducing energy costs.

Spray foam insulation cost UK can help trawlers save money by minimizing the loss of frigid air in refrigeration & freezing units and lowering fuel usage by up to 40%. It also cuts down on the amount of diesel used to heat the internal cabins. Some of the noted benefits of boat insulation are

a. Performance

One significant factor that every boat owner is concerned about is performance. Did you ever realize that excellent boat insulation can improve your boat's performance? We propose closed-cell foam insulation because of its robust and stiff composition, which is ideal for marine applications. When exposed to water, closed-cell foam insulation is practically water-resistant; it does not rot or break down. Furthermore, this sort of foam insulation retains its structure and might be an appropriate solution for the boat, extending its life and making maintenance easier.

b. Temperature Regulation

Using the example of closed-cell spray foam insulation, we can also see benefits in regard to temperature regulation. Closed-cell foam insulation has an extremely tight composition and a high R-value that provides a quality thermal insulation service that better regulates the temperature of your boat. The importance of better regulating your boat temperature can aid your experience. Whether you live on the boat or use it for leisure, temperature regulation will provide a more comfortable experience.

c. Noise Pollution is Lowered

Open-cell foam insulation, the other form of spray foam, provides great sound isolation qualities. This type of insulation has open cells that allow sound to move more easily, & the midrange frequencies of the cells help to dull and lessen unpleasant sounds and noises, which are notably common from the boat's engine. Using open-cell boat insulation for noise removal, your boating experience will be increased, especially for prolonged stays on the boat.

d. Structural Integrity and Mold Resistant

Spray Foam Insulation offers excellent structural and mold-resistant features, which not only enhance the price of your boat but also extend its lifespan and reduce the need for service. Foam insulation properties can be lightweight to effectively insulate your boat while keeping the weight down, or a little heavier (open cell) to provide greater structural integrity properties. Furthermore, when employing foam insulation, your foam insulant would be impervious to fungal growth due to the foam composition.

e. Save money by being cost-effective.

The cost and efficiency of boat insulation cost UK is the final important benefit. The cost of spray foam insulation is greatly outweighed by the benefits of spray foam insulation in terms of return on investment. We discussed heat & temperature regulation, which helps you rely less on your boat's heating and cooling, reducing energy usage and thereby saving you money. We also talked about improving structural integrity, preventing water damage & mold growth, and lowering noise pollution. All of these variables help to increase the value of your boat and its lifespan. As a result, a combination of boat insulation benefits all contributes to long-term cost savings.

What should the insulation thickness be?

Because internal space is incredibly essential, especially on a narrowboat, we insulate most narrowboats & wide beams at the 25/30mm line. A 30mm thickness fits perfectly between being an average of 30mm battens & provides adequate insulation while also preventing dampness. More often than not, a barge or similar vessel would see us, proposing to install anything between 50mm to 100mm in which the steel ribs and timber battens allow. A live-aboard Dutch barge would benefit from 85mm and 100mm of foam insulation wherever practical. This implies that a constant membrane can be created, closing up all holes, preventing draughts, and increasing the amount of cold air A live-aboard Dutch barge would benefit from 85mm and 100mm of foam insulation wherever practical can be conducted. So, in addition to having the most thermally efficient features, it also has these additional energy-saving benefits.

The effectiveness of insulation is assessed & expressed in terms of 'u' values. The thermal efficiency of spray foam boat insulation is exceptionally high. When comparing PU foam to 'Rockwool,' for example, nearly three times the diameter of 'Rockwool' would be required to produce an identical 'u' value when compared to foam. Foam is the logical choice in small spaces such as boats since it saves space.

  • Spray foam is quickly becoming the most popular boat insulating material, particularly amongst canal boat owners & enthusiasts. There are several reasons for this, the most important of which are the numerous advantages provided by the lightness and distinctive structure of the foam component and without any harmful gasses that lead to numerous benefits.


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