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The Benefits Of Having A Blog For Your Business

Kameron Westcott discusses the benefits of having a blog for your business

By Kameron WestcottPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Presently, the world is home to 4 billion people with the capacity to connect to the internet. Society still reads printed newspapers and magazines, visits brick and mortar locations and stores, and still knows where the nearest library is located. However, it is clear that the majority have shifted over, at least in part, to the world wide web for many routine tasks. People are constantly and consistently using their phones, tablets, and computers to stay informed, perform research, compare, contrast, and purchase products and services, and accomplish pretty much everything and anything else they need.

Right now is the perfect time for blogging, whether you are just considering it, preparing for it, or in the middle of the process. It has clearly become an integral part of people’s personal, professional, and business lives, and many already rely heavily on it to make decisions. Your business blog can easily be the start of something huge. When utilized properly, it is an incredible and lucrative marketing strategy with not only tremendous but lasting results. It helps open new doors for you, your team, and the future of your company.

Simple to set up and a breeze to maintain, a blog can produce quick and significant results by reaching new audiences, increasing traffic flow, and growing your brand's authority, reliability, and reputation. You can build new leads, develop more trusting relationships with clients, and of course, increase your sales.

Increase Exposure

Blogging can increase your exposure effectively and efficiently, and the best part is that, unlike many other common avenues, you are in total control. You can completely customize your blog page and your blog articles to best reflect you and your company and to best suit your specific needs and goals. Once your page is live, each time you create and post a new blog article, a new, separate, indexed page is added to your website. This increases the chances of it and your business appearing on search engine results, and the more blog posts you publish, the more possibilities you create for people to find you.

Another fantastic use for blogging is simply keeping up with the social media world and getting your information out there. You can include anything you want and tailor it to your unique situation, so the possibilities are truly endless. If you wish to share important information or news, poll customers, test out promotions and new ideas, or showcase products and services, a blog can do it all for you.

Experts have found that backlinks rank in the top three of all Search Engine Optimization factors, so it is important to include link building and inbound links in your blogs as well. And remember the numbers - the more articles you publish, the more chances you have of appearing on potential clients’ screens, thus increasing the likelihood of visits to your website and clicks on your purchase options.

Build Relationships with Clients

Blogging will help humanize your company and connect with your consumers. Unlike more traditional forms of writing, such as descriptive website content and research articles, blogs are usually written in a more relaxed style. Rather than just neutrally dispensing information and describing items and services, they allow you to be creative, unique, and personal.

The blog's more casual and intimate style can be much more welcoming and enticing for clients. It offers insight, not only about your company but about the personality behind it as well. You can use it to address certain issues, further explain topics, and answer common questions. It is the perfect platform to reach out, demonstrate your skills, build your reputation, and develop trust with your customers.

Save Money While Increasing Sales

Instead of wasting money on expensive leads, paid advertisements, pricey campaigns, email lists, and other stressful and possibly ineffective methods of trying to grow your business, you can actually achieve better results with blogging, and it is entirely free. You will literally be saving money while your blogs are building up momentum and enhancing your sales - and hopefully profits.

The bottom line is that luckily, no matter what you feature (to a certain extent, of course), your blog will most certainly help your business flourish.


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Kameron Westcott

Kameron Westcott is an accomplished entrepreneur and public figure in Dallas, Texas. She is well-known for her role on BRAVO's The Real Housewives of Dallas.

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