The amazing small business

Our local corner shop

The amazing small business

I think with everything that is going on in our world at the moment, so many businesses deserve the right to their few hours of fame. However, let’s spare a thought for the corner shops just like in the war they were there helping families try to get as near a normal life as possible.

Our local corner shop is a grocery shop and post office it’s a newspaper and magazine seller combined. These shop owners are there serving the public and risking infection themselves.

Customers shops are eager to feed their families too. Don’t forget many of the grocers must go and buy their supplies also. They risk being infected with The Corona Virus. Often they work 6am till 10pm

Money why do they call it Dirty Money. Well mainly because it is actually dirty. Full of unseen germs. Our local shop provides a pleasant smile, yet inside the assistants fear taking money and passing on the deadly virus. Corona has brought our world to a standstill.

We could go on for a while by saying our NHS and FireMen, Not forgetting the Army and Funeral Directors. The latter not only deal with the loved one who has passed over. they work with the deceased one's families Even on the day of the burial. The drivers of the funeral cars have to transport the family to the graveside, sometimes four or five members in the cars. Often coughing and sneezing as the car makes its last journey with their loved one.

Going Back to out corner shops some provide a light at the end of the tunnel for many who live nearby. My own daughter suffers badly with anxiety and uses her local shop for things like milk or bread or the odd bag of potatoes, I know she will find it very frightening now to drive to Her local supermarkets. She is also at risk because of asthma. So the local shop is a wonderful help to her. She also has two small boys so again she feels much safer going to the corner stores.

The stock in shops like this is bloody amazing, pain killers cough Medicines. Vegetables, meat, bread, newspapers magazines. Stamps and all the things a post office has to offer us as most little shops now have a post office facility too.

While there has been so much panic over the last two-week bulk buying, pushing, shoving, arguments, our local little gem has been so helpful. A laid back feeling. when a shopper has tried to bulk buy they where told polite sorry only two per person luv, and everyone has willingly abided by the rules. Yes, our little gems do deserve a Thank you. Birthday Mother’s Day you name it our shop will try to get anything they don’t have for you. Why; well they want us and our custom. We buy food from them and our custom puts food on their tables.

Stories from war days also praise such shops as when times where hard some times a little something extra to their best customers, maybe wrapped in brown paper that little pack of pork sausages maybe would go down a treat and keep custom in the bargain. Sales well planned. Also, let's not forget how man times as we move house do we nip in asking for empty boxes. Well after saying all this yes; a definite vote from me for the Corner shop. open all hours.

That is also where I am now heading for my hair dye and a bit of shopping. My little daily walk and shop that lock down allows. Well us girls have to look our best even though times are hard and we have to keep up appearances. Plus to all this is no queueing or pushing trollies, that are carriers of the unseen Corona Virus, and many other less dangerous but still germs. That's who I think deserves a big shout out and a very big Thank you

Marie (Hurst) Causey
Marie (Hurst) Causey
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