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The 4 building blocks of CX | Raul Amigo | Engati CX

by Engati 2 years ago in interview

Raul Amigo joins us on Engati CX to tell us about the 4 building blocks of CX and to show us how to go beyond CX.

Raul Amigo joins us on Engati CX to tell us about the 4 building blocks of CX and to show us how to go beyond CX.

Raul Amigo is an expert in Experience Design, Author of the Best Seller “Beyond the Customer Experience”.

In 2019 he launched his fourth book “X by Design- the Manuel of the Design of Experience” for Editorial Planeta.

He has 20 years of experience and has worked with some of the most admired companies like Google, Oracle, Samsung, Mastercard, ABBOTT LABS, and Microsoft, among others.

4 building blocks of CX — A video with Raul Amigo

The 4 building blocks of CX

This section will contain a summary of our interview with Raul Amigo. But, if you’d prefer to listen to the entire interview, our Spotify podcast is embedded below the summary.

What are your thoughts about seeing your business through your customer’s eyes?

We are now living in the Experience Era.

Customer Experience is a top-down leadership approach.

Your leaders need to be aligned with this idea and start seeing the world through your customer’s eyes. And then they need to align the people and processes along with this.

Instead of just trying to use our own ideas, we need to use the customers’ insights and feedback.

How can businesses achieve great customer experience, can you explain this with your methodology based on 4 pillars at UMUNTU?

Raul bases his solutions around 4 building blocks.

The first one is — get to know your customers deeply.

Get into their minds. If you don’t get into the meeting attribution processes of your customers, you’ll never know how they perceive things.

The second block is the design phase.

The experience design departments are now a part of many organizations. They need to be very strong.

The third block is implementation.

Customer experience is all about implementation. You need to change your organization. You need to change your employees.

The last block is the audit.

How do you measure customer experience? What technology are you using to understand whether the customers are enjoying the experiences that you’re designing.

Experience is a perception that customers build on an emotional interaction. You need to be able to measure those emotional interactions and measure their sentiments.

How can Conversational AI become a part of a journey in creating memories that lead to great customer experience?

Conversational AI helps you with experiential storytelling. It’s the story that your customers are going to tell themselves about the experiences.

Using Conversational AI is completely critical. Raul says that you can’t do without it.

You can create better experiences for your customers and create positive experiences for your customers with chatbots by saving them time, energy and frustration in the process of resolving their issues.

What role does AI and technology play in an organisation’s business transformation cycle? And what are the factors supporting it?

AI and technology are driving the transformation process.

It’s all a matter of technology now.

We need to rely on AI and social listening. We need to be where the customers are and listen to what they are saying.

UMUNTU uses AI for dynamic archetyping which essentially provides a real image of the customer.

Customers preferences keep changing. It’s not static. Dynamic archetyping helps you keep up with your customers’ changing preferences.

Transform your experiences with AI

Raul says that conversational AI is of critical importance. Get started with it for free on the Engati Chatbot Platform.

4 building blocks of CX- A Spotify Podcast with Raul Amigo

Engati CX

We hope you learned a lot about the building blocks of CX in this interview. Engati CX will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

Find Raul Amigo

Raul would be glad to help your business design great experiences. Reach him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Originally published at on June 16, 2020.


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