Support A Cause

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Help Local Businesses In Your Community Thrive!

Support A Cause

Normally, when someone things of the phrase, "supporting a cause", the first thing that comes to mind is charity or a political campaign that is endorsed by large companies and what not. That person may also think of homegrown entities that focus in on helping their local community specifically, instead of something larger scale. However, what few people seem to think of is helping small businesses in general (who may or may not have any sort of charity or political cause behind their business) by simply purchasing products or services from them. For the most part, such entities are largely ignored in favor of going towards bigger markets such as major grocery stores, big conglomerate businesses, and major publishing entities, and given the hard work they go through on the daily to build up interest in their business, the small business entity needs and deserves greater attention.

Point being, supporting a cause doesn't have to necessarily be linked with anything specifically driven by community outreach; supporting a cause can just as well mean helping a local mom n' pop shop stay open and thriving, buying a music single online from a little known artist, purchasing software built by a local developer, buying fruit and vegetables from a local farmer, purchasing a book from a self-published author whose been fighting tooth and nail against algorithms online to get noticed for their work, or even purchasing a painting from a local painter's design site to hang up on your wall. Making purchases like these give value to such entities' hard work and validates their perseverance to make things happen in their own lives and the lives of those they care about. It gives them reason to keep going, as it shows the small business, local artist, farmer, and others that others actually do value their work the same as they do!

Most people do not know or understand how much this fact means to smaller companies who otherwise go unnoticed. It can be a real struggle fighting to get views and/or referrals online, face the money-pit world of getting a booth at conventions (at least in pre-pandemic era) only to have what little success gained stay there and go nowhere else, research online how to best market their brand in order to achieve greater income, and have it all blow up in their face due to media bias, algorithms, an unapologetically apathetic community, and other marketing hazards. By purchasing a product or two from these types of small companies, especially on a consistent level, the buyer builds confidence in that company and fosters growth. If that buyer also spreads word online through leaving honest yet positive reviews, and speaks positively as well to friends, family, coworkers, and others, that builds up that small company even more to where things actually become steady and livable for them. That small company, that local artist or author, and/or that farmer on the corner becomes more widely respected and established in their community, and thus their brand grows. Perhaps, if enough notice is taken, that growth in the company will become exponential and thriving, not just surviving. As far as generating that growth is concerned, it all begins with the buyers who believe in the company, and are willing to help support even in the smallest of ways.

This is especially true as well for small companies who also have a political cause or charity to support, and seek to make their products organic, locally-sourced, and cruelty-free. The local farmer, for example, may be on purpose planting only perfectly organic seeds for their eventual harvest, and seek to make sure even the soil is properly taken care of and nutrient-rich. They may compost to enrich the soil, use only pure water (rather than from the tap or garden hose), and may take extra care to never use chemically-based and widely consumed pesticides on any of their fruits or vegetables. That is all so the buyer is confident that the fruits and vegetables they purchase from that farmer are in line with their values, whether that be veganism, or simply wanting to have access to a more healthful and organic diet.

For another example, a local artist may choose to post their work on a design site that is well-known and respected for going the extra mile in placing their artwork on consumer goods that are also cruelty-free. That design site may seek to make sure the dyes used in putting the artwork on the clothing are comfortable on sensitive skin, or that the fabric itself is woven from hemp plants instead of wool. This may drive up the costs to buy an item, but for the conscious buyer, this matters a great deal, and the artist hopes that this will attract their audience, and thus develop a proper income.

Purchasing from a small company is a cause unto its own, for it supports the small business owner and helps them become a more valid part of their community. It takes a lot of work to own and maintain a local business. It takes even more work to make it thrive. If you know of a small business or a local artist who could use your support, why not show them a little love and purchase something from them today? It doesn't have to be big on your budget, but even the smallest purchases make a big difference!

Jackie Barrows
Jackie Barrows
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