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by Top Reads 2 years ago in how to
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Part 1

Hey my name is Shawn, i'm 15 and is grinding my way to riches. I've always had a mind frame that I never wanted to work for someone. Because I didn't like them telling me all the rules. In school I barley tried because I was tired of being told do this, or do that by certain times. and I couldn't handle it. In the house hold I wasn't the greatest child. I still did what I needed to, I just did stuff with half effort. My parents did not appreciate that! I was too young to have a job plus I really wasn't feeling like being controlled, and put to one objective. So about the age of 12 I started thinking of ways I can make my own source of income. Without having someone always telling me what to do. So I brain stormed a lot of thing... Believe me!

The first thing I choose to move on is cutting grass. It was fun at first because my dad taught me how, when I was about 7 or 8. So to me at the age anything I could do that cut or broke stuff, I was all in. so here I am, 12 years old trying to cut peoples grass. It was good at first, I got my best friend to join me at the time, and we were making about 90$ on the weekend. But that wasn't every weekend, it was like every 2nd too third week we would make that. So I went back to the lab, and started to figure out all the cons to this plan, and here's what I came up with. First thing I came to is that it takes time for grass to grow. Which means this isn't a daily paying job. Second thing I realized is that many people in my area wasn't so sure to let a 12, and a 11 year old cut there grass. Which made it hard to build a customer base. Then the final thing I came to conclusions with is that technically I was still being told what to do, and how to do it. Such as "Cut it on a number 2", or "Only do the front not the back", and "I gotta leave in 30 minutes so can we try to hurry up", And I just couldn't keep that going on. But I can say it is a good source of temporally income for younger kids.

The next option I choose to go with, which many kids does at are age is selling snacks at school. Probably my most favorite one. I started selling snacks at 12, and still it today at 15, and here's why. It allowed me to meet new people everyday. Which grew my customer base. I can work on my times. which mean't no one could tell me when I have to sell, and when I cant sell. which was a huge plus. Then people that age are always hungry. So there bound to buy something to eat. This was a huge come up for me. I was making about 100- 200$ a week. and when I started to add people to my team it just started to multiply. But there was a down side. IT WAS NOT ALLOWED IN SCHOOL!!! if we got caught, it was out if school for 10 days. So everything we did. We had to make sure no adult was around which was a bummer. Because now we was looking like drug dealers. But it was worth it to me. Now what it came down to was. I was still not making as much as a average paying job. So back to the lab I went. and what I came up with was the most BEST THING TO DO EVER... to be continued.

Let me know if i should continue my story. follow me on IG-slyways. i don't post much but will be soon!!! thank you. this was my first one i ever made. and its a true story.

how to

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hey, i like to make anime stories. to one day get my stuff publish. hope yall enjoy

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