Strength, Faith, Hope!

We want lives saved.

Strength, Faith, Hope!
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Wake up, eat, clean, binge watch netflix, sleep, and repeat. That became my everyday schedule. Almost everyday, I used to open my bedroom window and let the cool breeze blow in and enjoy the perfect view of the sun in the sky. It’s been a few months now since that hasn’t happened and I have become afraid of letting air enter my room. Something that seems so harmless has become that we fear. I am the type of person to always smile at strangers whenever walking down the sidewalk or even a grocery store. Instead, fear has overwhelmed me and I’ve become afraid of exiting the house. Being tactile is what I like, human contact, feeling the touch of another human being on my skin is something I’ve always been attracted to but now fear has taken over my body and so whenever someone steps as much as seven feet close to me, I run with fear. I now have developed super hearing to a point that I would be able to hear a sneeze or a cough five isles down from me in a store. You do notice how I mentioned the word fear four times, well actually five times now. Is it worth it? To let fear push us back, to make us grimace whenever we hear the footsteps of someone else approach us?

Global pandemics, national lockdowns, economic crisis, global warming...the list goes on. Throughout all of it, we’ve survived. One morning, you and I woke up and were told- “it’s every man for himself now.” We locked ourselves in our homes to be protected from this life-taking disease. If I remember correctly, three days ago, I sat in my car and watched a married couple struggle to put a new drawer they bought into the back of their SUV car. In my mind, I knew what to do and what would be the best way of putting in the drawer and I was dying to provide my help but again, fear of becoming a victim of the disease took over me. Was it worth it? Fear?

Day by day, heaven receives a soul. This Global pandemic, known as COVID-19 doesn’t have a specific preference in age, gender, or color. It attacks whoever it meets. But I know you are not here to hear the statistics.

We don’t want negative numbers. We don’t want more dead bodies stacked in freezers or a truck in white bags. We don’t want tears, fears, loss!

We want to open our windows again to enjoy that cool breeze or get the perfect view of the sun. saying “Hi!” to a neighbor and not be afraid of physical contact. We want to smile at strangers once again and not assume they are sick! We want our free time to not be an order from the government. We want lives saved, we want to come out as warriors in this battle. Each and every one of us is a warrior. We have got to have hope. Hope is everything we need to hold on to, not fear! Hope- that everything will get better because in each hospital building there is a hero.

Heroes! Whenever I hear the word hero, I imagine a person with a suit and a mask. They are exceptionally great at some sort of martial art and kick ass. But today that’s not the kind hero I am talking about. Today’s heroes don’t all specialize in martial arts nor do they have a secret hideout but they do wear a mask and suit. These heroes are willing to risk their lives and put everything in line to save lives, people they don’t even know, heck they’ve never met.

Besides the definition, I gave of a hero, a hero is someone who is selfless. They are willing to walk the line rope for you. They are willing to put everything in the frontline for you no matter what!

There is someone in the front line, out there; doctors, janitors, cashiers at a store, officers, military men, and women, the delivery man, cart pushers, cart cleaners and givers- thank you for your service, your bravery for saving lives. We appreciate the magnitude of what you do. Saving lives. These brave men and women are what we have to thank for less tears, for less fears and for less loss. Also faith. Faith is what’s keeping each and every one of us strong for this battle.

Strength, faith and hope.

Hopefully, one day you and I will be able to shake hands again, hug each other again, talk to each other again without worrying about our distance. We will be able watch a football game at a stadium again without worrying about COVID lurking in the corner. Hopefully...hopefully!

Hopefully one day, all will be well because we have our heroes saving the day! Saving lives!

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