Starting a Side Hustle in 2020 Step By Step

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I include resources at the bottom and advice at the top.

Starting a Side Hustle in 2020 Step By Step
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A Side Hustle is something everyone can and should have regardless of lifestyle. A Side Hustle will make you money and build on skills you already have. It will be "figure-out-able", meaning that you can start your Side Hustle today and figure it out as you go.

A perfect example of a figure-out-able Side Hustle is my Etsy shop. When I started it I knew how to knit but I didn’t know enough to build my business or fill the store. I bought the yarn wholesale, told my family about it, started knitting, and built my shop. YouTube taught me everything I needed to know - the important thing was deciding to start it and go from there. A big mistake would have been trying to start without knowing anything at all.

The Basic Principles Behind a Side Hustle

The key to Side Hustle success is knowing almost everything when you get started. It is designed so you can work on it for only 30 minutes to an hour per day. You are supposed to fit it into a busy schedule rather than take a class to do it.

Let's get started. The following list breaks down different categories you could delve into. In each category I include YouTube videos or links directing you to the websites you could use to your benefit. As you brainstorm your skills to make your Side Hustle a reality, think about what other people need so you can meet that need for them. Begin by observing your neighbors, town, city, or open spaces where you live to see what you can do to make it better.

Side Hustles That Sell a Service

Services include anything that will save people time they otherwise wouldn’t have themselves. Mostly this category includes becoming a Freelancer. Some popular ideas include offering your services as a Tutor, Virtual Assistant, Pet Sitter, Voice Actor, Writer, Website Builder, Wedding Photographer, or Graphic Designer. I started blogging on Vocal, now I write blogs for others. To see a full list of services I suggest you visit “Fiverr” to peruse their extensive lists of services and categories.

Here is an example where you take action. You are a teacher but want to try tutoring on the side to earn more money. You see that plenty of parents are overwhelmed in 2020, trying to raise their kids and have their own lives at the same time. You sign up as a tutor on, offering your abilities as an English and Writing Tutor. You also decide you want to try being a Freelancer, so you go onto and list seven “Gigs” as a family tutor. Now you have gotten started.

Side Hustles That Sell a Product

Products include anything you make yourself or buy then resell to others. Popular ideas include making an Etsy, importing goods from a foreign country, selling your belongings on Ebay, and buying cheap goods then selling them online. Assess your hobbies, see what you are good at making, and check out each of the categories on Pinterest or Etsy.

Here is an example where you take action. You own a wood shop, enjoying the novelty of wood projects. You go to Pinterest to investigate what will be popular this season. You see this November there are blanket ladders, crate tables, and hallway benches that shoppers will go nuts over. Knowing how to make those will be a cinch with your mad skills. The only dilemma is that you don't know how to ship these or get paid.

You go to YouTube and learn how to ship large wood items. You learn about payment methods such as Venmo, PayPal, and Stripe so you have more ways to get paid. Because it is a popular website, you learn how to create an Etsy. After getting your first successful sale, you improve your Etsy and earn more, even adding unique wooden cutouts of your favorite state to the shop. Later you make your own website using something like Shopify. This is a great example of learning as you go and using skills you already have to make money.

Don't Fall For MLM's

Let's be clear here, do not join a Multi-Level Marketing scheme no matter what. These are also known as "Get Rich Quick" schemes. Be wary of anyone who says you have to pay them money to earn money, or claims to be able to make you a millionaire. Some websites like will have you pay for a background check for $25-35, which is normal. Just be wary. To learn more watch this video from The Financial Diet on "7 Things Not to Do in 2020 Under Any Circumstances".


I have personally compiled and watched video resources for you, and included them for free down below. I hope they will help you come up with ideas. Just remember, you don’t need websites like Etsy or Fiverr to create your business. You are the creator of your own Side Hustle and can make money without other websites that charge fees. Remember to think outside the box. I also offer 30 minute consultations for only $5 through Fiverr and would be honored if you would reach out to me. Plus if you enjoyed reading this and would like to read more, feel free to check out my blog.

My Blog

My Fiverr Consultation

My Etsy

"Side Hustle, Chris Guillebeau"

I learned everything I know from the book “Side Hustle” by Chris Guillebeau. The book is available in person and online. The podcast is called “Side Hustle School”, and Chris has a website called “Side Hustle School” with plenty of resources for you.

Resources to Become a Freelancer

For any of these gigs, I recommend looking on Youtube for advice. I found good videos about how to be a freelancer from the person "Location Rebel". You can also look up Virtual Assisting, help with your Etsy, how to make money narrating audiobooks and so much more. Some videos are better than others, including ones you have to scroll down a bit for.

Freelancer Websites

I recommend looking at upwork, odeskwork, Problogger, MediaBistro, and Journalism Jobs to apply to freelancing gigs. I recommend Fiverr for if you want to list your own gigs.

Caregiver Websites

I recommend looking at Care and Rover for services that involve helping others. On Care, you can offer Tutoring, Pet Care, Kid Sitting, and more along those lines. On Rover, you can offer a variety of Pet Sitting services.


I do NOT recommend doing surveys for money. Yes, people claim that they work. Don't bother with Survey Monkey or Swagbucks. Trust me. If anything you should look into Mindswarms, so you can make video reviews and actually get paid.

Still looking for ideas? Try out the Side Hustle School podcast.

Kate Nitzschke
Kate Nitzschke
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