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Space: The Local Frontier

by Peak Interest 2 years ago in business

One small step for me, one giant leap for small businesses

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Space: Speciality Coffee House

Have you ever had something so normal become an amazing experience? For all the customers that have ever been to Space, they most definitely have! In this article, we're here to talk about Space: The Speciality Coffee House in the West End of Glasgow, Scotland as part of the Pay It Forward Challenge with Vocal and Vimeo Pro. We used Vimeo Create to produce a short video to accompany this article based on our full length short documentary of the same title: Space: The Local Frontier.

You can find the short documentary by clicking here!

So, why choose Space?

When I read about the Pay It Forward challenge with Vocal and Vimeo Pro, the first business that came to my mine was Space. It was a chance to show support and highlight a small, local business in these hard times following the outbreak of Coronavirus, and I knew it had to be Space. Of course, there are plenty of other businesses I can highlight that mean a lot to me but there is a reason I went with Space. Space is a special place to me personally, and I don’t want to lose Space because of the virus, but Space is a unique location in Glasgow, and it’s also not an online store, so most of the people that see this wouldn’t have the chance to visit them frequently, but I can almost guarantee that there’s somewhere you might have in mind similar to how I feel about Space. This article is a great way to showcase my love for Space, but also showcase the importance of smaller, local businesses.

What makes Space particularly special to me?

In my spare time I like to work on my personal hobbies and interests. These include things like writing and editing. When I’m in the house, I’m easily distracted by everything around me, so I like to go places to concentrate as well as get a great cup of coffee. Space is one of these go to places for me. As well as somewhere to top up on caffeine and get a taste of local and home-made cakes, it’s also somewhere that I have and will continue to make memories. I’ve had a good few dates with my girlfriend there and I want to have more when the lock down is lifted and it’s safe to do so. Highlighting this business is just one way for me to show my appreciation for them.

So how is the coffee?

Space has some of the best coffee I’ve ever tried. Their barista made coffee hits the mark in every single way possible, whether you enjoy a fancier, more intense tasting coffee that comes with plenty of cream and syrup, or you’re a fan of a simple all black coffee, Space delivers! As well as coffee, Space offers a selection of teas, both traditional and loose leaf, that taste amazing. Hot drinks are made perfectly with a keen attention to detail in the latte art presented on top, right in the sweet spot of Not-Too-Hot and Not-Too-Cold, and each hot drink comes with a cute Biscoff biscuit to accent it. If that’s not enough for you though, the cakes at Space live up to the bar set by the hot drinks. Slices of cakes, delicious pastries and delicate slices of shortbread and brownies all make your experience at Space one of the best you could ask for in the Coffee House game.

Are local businesses even important?

The short answer is Yes. Hugely. The long answer is that local businesses help support the local economy, drawing in people from areas further out of reach. Local businesses are a monument to people following their dreams and becoming their own boss and breaking free from the norm. They help to provide jobs for local people and look out for their community, adding a much needed sense of fellowship.

How has Coronavirus even affected small businesses?

Since the lock down has started, businesses that are lucky enough to remain open have seen a drop of around 70% to 80% of frequent business. It’s due to this fact that a lot of places have drastically reduced their operating hours, or even reduced their staff either temporarily or permanently. Some businesses have moved onto a fully online presence, continuing to provide their customers with their products or servicing via delivery or digital downloading, with their employees now working from home. This means that a business can continue to support and pay its workers as well as maintain their business operations. That said, there are some businesses that simply cannot remain open or operate online. Places like bars and coffee houses are incapable of providing customers with their products online, and delivery isn’t a viable option for products, save for restaurants of course, some of which do continue to provide food via delivery. The emergence of the virus has truly affected businesses across the entire world.

So what’s the Takeaway?

The thing to grasp from this article and video is that without these small, local businesses our surrounding communities would definitely lose a special touch to them. Space really adds something unique to the West End, and there are plenty of other business that exist that do the same. There’s more than likely a local business in your area or one that you’re thinking of, and it’s important in these times to support these businesses in any way that we can by doing things like donating money, buying products they still sell, or even if we’re just sharing their social medias with our friends and family. I want to highlight this importance because when the virus has passed and quarantines have been lifted, if these local businesses aren’t there anymore, we’ll all feel the consequences.

Space: The Local Frontier

Thank you for reading the article and checking out the documentary and our quick Vimeo Create video.

A Special Thank You to Space owner Connie for providing us with clips used in the documentary, and for giving us Space and making our morning commutes, lunch dates and late night pick-me-ups an overall greater experience!

Please check out Space on Instagram @spacecoffeehouse.

We've set up a Kofi page For Space, so that you can show support and donate towards their efforts. If not for Space, get in contact with your favourite local business and see what you can do! You can find the Space Kofi page HERE!

A Quick Note on our Process

When we set out to complete this documentary, we knew we had to create a short video using Vimeo Create. When we had all the clips together, we thought we might go an extra step and compile them into a full short documentary. We used Vimeo Create to produce a quick highlight video similar to a trailer for our article, and also included links to the full documentary in the article. It was a seemless process to create the video.

As said in the full documentary, clips involved of Space were provided to us by Space owner Connie with her permission and co-operation, and other clips were filmed with respect to social distancing by a team of only one person, so no one was at risk. Please do be careful if you're outside.

Once again, click HERE to find the documentary, and thank you again to Space for being the best Coffee House I've ever been to.


Peak Interest

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