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Solve Major Problems With Employee Scheduling Software

by pak youth 2 years ago in business

Employee scheduling comes with its own set of problems.

Managing a successful business is challenging, no matter the experience of the business owner. You have to worry about profits, budgets, employee satisfaction, shareholders, and not to mention scheduling.

Employee scheduling comes with its own set of problems. You need to take into account employee availability, time off requests, staffing needs, and more.

This article will cover some major problems that all business owners face and how they can be solved using modern employee scheduling software.

Problem: Employees show up late frequently.

Every business, no matter how small or big, has had issues with employee attendance. Whether they frequently show up late or have had several no-call, no-shows these actions can put significant stress on your business and other employees.

Employee scheduling software allows you to create daily shifts for your workers that specify their start and end times. Alerts and notifications can be set up to remind an employee of their shift start or end time, if they are late for a shift or if they have missed a shift altogether. These notifications stand to improve communications between management employees through an automated process.

Problem: Employees aren’t focused or productive.

You are inevitably going to experience employees that have reduced focus or productivity. It is a common side effect of working at the same company for a significant period of time. The good news is that one way to help improve productivity is by using an employee scheduling tool.

Employees who don't know what to work on throughout the day tend to meander through the workday jumping from one project to the next just killing time. With employee scheduling software, you can specify exactly which project, task, or customer the employee should be focusing on. If an employee should be working on multiple projects, that can also be noted through the employee scheduling system. This will allow an employee to remain focused throughout the workday and stay on task to meet their objectives.

Problem: Employees are experiencing burnout.

Burnout occurs when an employee is overworked and hasn't been able to maintain an excellent work-life balance. It can lead to a significant reduction in productivity, lower-quality work, and less than favorable customer service experiences. Not to mention, it can impact other workers if they have to take on an additional workload to cover for their burned-out co-workers.

Employee scheduling software gives you a bird's-eye view of an employee's past, current, and future schedule. If you find that an employee has been working too many shifts back-to-back or hasn't taken any time off to recuperate, you can get ahead of the problem and change their shift schedule. You could also request that they take some time off, but this would ultimately be up to the employee.

Problem: Job costs are out of control.

If your job costs are out of control and you don't have a way to forecast them accurately, then cloud-based employee scheduling software just might be your saving grace. It allows you to track precisely how much time was spent on a job, task, or specific location. You can compare this job costing data to your budget to determine if your budget needs to be increased or if you need to cut back the number of workers staffed.

An additional great thing about using web-based employee scheduling software is that it often comes equipped with reporting options. This means that you can see how much time was worked on a specific job or task over a time frame, allowing for customize able job costing reports.

Problem: Payroll processing isn’t accurate.

Most employee scheduling solutions come with a time tracking function that allows you to determine precisely when your employees arrive or leave. They’re also typically equipped with integration options that will enable you to transfer time from the system to your payroll provider seamlessly. This means fewer clerical errors and more accurate paychecks for your employees.

Employee scheduling software can take an ordinary business and turn it into a well-oiled machine by improving employee accountability and productivity, reducing burnout, and ensuring your job costs and payroll are on point. So what are you waiting for? Invest today and reap the benefits.


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