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Smart Ideas to Escalate Employee Productivity

by Harshita Joshi 10 months ago in advice
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11 Innovative Ideas

Are you looking for innovative ideas to increase employee productivity? If so, you have landed on the right page as we will explore top creative ideas to escalate the productivity of your employees.

Productivity is one of the most important factors to consider when running a business. You can have the best employees in the world, but if they are not working at their best, then your company will suffer.

Did you know? As per a report, 35% of employees feel less productive at the workplace.

Moreover, it’s not just about giving them more work or higher expectations. There are many ways to increase your employee's productivity without putting too much pressure on them. You can use a productivity tracker as one of the means to improve your employee’s productivity.

As a business owner, your employees are the backbone of your company. And when employees are productive, they're happier, more creative, and less stressed out, ultimately leading to unbelievable outcomes.

So, let's discover the top creative ideas that will help you boost your employees' productivity and lead your company to the forefront in this cut-throat edge competition.

Top Innovative Ideas to Increase Employee Productivity

1. Provide Seamless Employee Support

A lot of employers forget about providing seamless employee support. They're too busy focusing on the task at hand, giving their employees little to no direction. This, alone, can make them less productive.

So, you need to take some time out of your day to occasionally check up with your employees and provide them with feedback, guidance, and advice. Your employees will appreciate it if you take this small step for them to increase their productivity.

Moreover, you can take the help of a productivity software to boost your employees' performance.

2. Provide Flexible Work Environment

As per a recent development stat, Only 21% of employees in the UK believe that they are truly productive for a whole workday. There may be several reasons for the same and It's not uncommon for employers to have strict rules and guidelines when it comes to the workplace.

They don't give their employees much freedom about what they can wear, how often they're allowed breaks, or have any control over their workspace.

It is one of those things that makes your employees less productive. You need to be flexible with them when it comes to these kinds of things so they can feel more at ease while working and get the most done on time.

You can do so by implementing employee monitoring software that will help you assess employee performance and guide them accordingly to improve the same.

3. Being Acquainted with the Skills of Your Employees

You need to understand the strengths and flaws of each employee to ensure that they are not overused or undervalued. It's also essential to know their skill set and how you can use it in the workplace.

For example, you may have an employee that excels at social media marketing. Give them tasks to gain more likes and engagement instead of assigning all of your social media work to just one person and expecting them to perform the same as if they had three or four employees working on it.

4. Communicate Effectively

Do you know? 41% of stressed employees state that stress negatively affects productivity.

Communication is the best remedy to ease the employee's stress. Plus, It decreases the chance of misunderstandings and allows you to give better direction and feedback.

So to make your employees more productive, you need to ensure that they understand what is expected of them. It will help them to feel confident in their work and produce better results. Communication can sometimes be a tricky issue, but there are several ways that you can improve it.

Some people find verbal communication the best method for conveying information. You'll get a lot more detail from someone who says something out loud.

Other individuals may prefer reading the information from a document or email instead of having someone tell them about it verbally. Make sure everyone understands which method works best for them, so they don't feel like they're missing out on anything important."

5. Keep Well-Defined Goals

Keep well-defined goals. Your employees should have an idea of what you expect of them so they can get their work done effectively. They will be able to determine how much work needs to be done and prioritize their tasks accordingly.

6. Give Them Adequate Incentives

Incentives are a simple way to reward an employee for a job well done. Incentives can include pay raises, bonuses or awards, but do not have to be monetary. Creative non-monetary incentives will motivate your employees in many different ways and also help boost their productivity.

Plus, investing in great people will always pay off in time. Take into account each person's role and performance and their experience level, loyalty, and any other factors that may be important to you. It will help you to reward them better to increase the employee's productivity.

7. Use Tools to Manage Tasks and Time

Great managers are always in touch with what's going on with their team. That means they have a good idea of who is struggling with what, when, and how it affects them.

Tools can help you achieve these goals by bringing together disparate data sources. And the best part about using tools is that once you implement them, they require little upkeep or training for everyone involved. You can use productivity software for tracking employees’ overall activity.

There are other vital tools as well on the market to help you create a system. Whether you require something as simple as an app to keep track of your tasks, or a more complicated task management tool, there's something out there for everyone.

Use an app to manage tasks and time-

Employees of any level of experience need to track how long it takes them to complete specific tasks.

You can use the time tracking app to track and monitor employees' activities. It will also help you to manage tasks and projects to stay organized and even control your schedule. Thus, you will get to know where their strengths and weaknesses lie concerning work productivity.

8. Embrace Flexible Work Options

One way you increase employee productivity is to offer flexible work options. Because providing flexible work options could be a great way to help your employees have an outstanding work-life balance which will, in turn, help them be more creative and productive.

Moreover, some people are natural morning people, and others are more creative at night. So, offering different start times or flex hours ensures that every team member has a shot at being productive.

9. Provide Them Honest Feedback

Provide them with honest feedback and let them know how they can improve. Be sure that your employee understands that you have their best interests at heart when providing them with constructive criticism.

Moreover, once a month, it's wise to sit down with your team members for an honest discussion about how they are doing.

Keep in mind that you have limited time with each employee, so choose carefully what is most vital for them to improve on. Your main goal is to show them that you care about their growth and see how far they will go when they feel appreciated.

10. Encourage Collaboration

Collaborate with your employees. It's always best to have a team effort when it comes to completing projects. And getting the job done quickly is beneficial for everyone involved in the process. Moreover, encouraging collaboration can help you accomplish everything more efficiently so that there are no bottlenecks or wasted time.

11. Train and develop employees

Last but not least, you can enhance your employee's productivity by giving them training wherever they require it. You don't need any staff augmentation for this, but you do need the right processes in place.

As your company grows, your managers can take on more responsibility and train and develop new hires and existing team members, so they all have the skills they need to do their jobs well.

Concluding Thoughts!

There are many things that businesses need to keep in mind when trying to increase productivity. Still, you can discover new ways to engage with the employees and get them enthusiastic about the work they're doing.

As long as you get time for feedback, collaboration, training, and development - your team will be more productive than ever before. You can also use employee monitoring software like WorkStatus to avail of maximum outputs.

Hope! You have found the blog insightful and helpful in finding creative ideas to increase your employee's productivity.

Good Luck!


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