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Simple Methods to increase blog traffic

by Jayaram A S 4 months ago in how to
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These are free and simple easy to do methods.

Flower in sunlight

Here, I have explained simple but effective methods to increase the blog traffic.

1. Quality.

It is actually quality and not quantity of posts that is important in a blog. But very less quantity is also bad. We have to write quality posts only. It is important to write lengthy quality posts rather than very large numbers of small posts. Each quality post will add traffic to the blog. That means instead of writing hundred post of say some hundred words each, it is better to write one post of some 600 to 800 words.

2. Consistency.

Next important point is the consistency, which many of the bloggers have already emphasized. Consistency means frequency with respect to time. But generally if you are simply posting one post in one month and doing it every month, it is very little compare to normal trend of today. Therefore, normally every day we have to post at least one good post that means 30 in a month or at least 25 in a month. Very less number of posts will not attract traffic.

3. Adding pictures.

The third important point is adding pictures to every blog post. We all know that one picture is equal to 10,000 words. But unfortunately many bloggers are not inserting pictures at all. They will simply write many number of posts having no pictures. If post are not having any pictures, you can as will make it as a podcast. The main importance of writing a post is to insert pictures so that it will be self-explanatory. It will be avoiding too many words of explanation.

Can anyone explain this with words only?

Look at this picture of rose. Even though we say that a picture is worth 10,000 words, we can’t explain the beauty of a flower even with 10,000 words. Therefore for many type of illustrations pictures are a must.

4. Topic selection.

The fourth important point is to analyze the number of views for each type of posts. I will also tell you to stick to a particular topic, but then if you are narrowing your topic too match, then the viewers will be obviously less. As an example, a topic like gardening is very good but if you stick to a very small topic in that one like growing mango tree, then such a narrowing of a topic leads to very less number of views. This is because, there will be very few people who are interested in knowing the method of growing the mango tree. But if it is a broader topic like gardening then obviously there will be many interested people and therefore the traffic is likely to be more.

5. Unique style.

The best thing is to write your own experience rather than material taken from other blogs. The material references or free pictures maybe taken from somewhere but not the content itself. Even if you are interested in a particular content and want to write about that particular topic which appear somewhere else, it is the best practice to rewrite it in your own way because almost every topic is already written every reference is already there. The viewers will looking for uniqueness or something special in your writing. If such a thing is not there, then there cannot be any traffic at all for your posts.

6. Many topics

If you are interested in many topics like photography gardening et cetera then you have to write two different blogs or to different pages or categories in the same blog so that the people who want to read one particular topic like photography will see only in that category and other people want gardening will read in that particular category if they are simply mixed even after they there in an irregular way then it will be irritating for the people and it is likely that they will unsubscribe.

7. Analyze your blog

Once in a month analyze your blog which means that to take stock into situation that means just take the number of views of each post then the comments for each posts et cetera which will give you a clear idea of which particular style or type of the thing that people are one thing then on you can concentrate or improvise depending upon the comments and views so that more and more people will subscribe to the blog and start viewing and hence the increase in the traffic

8. Read many blogs

Read many blogs written by famous bloggers try to analyze why the people are viewing their blog analyze their blog carefully so that you will come with an idea to write your own blog in a particular way but never simply copy the style of some other person you are still here to keep but the technique and other things here to analyze that is the way of writing the way of presenting a particular topic et cetera are to be learnt from other famous bloggers blog therefore make it a habit to read many blogs every month even after writing several months

9. Write comments

comment on every blog that you are going to read those comments will also do receive further comments and other things and also many bloggers will see your comments and subscribe to your blog and start reading your blog so simply write comments in a detailed fashion not just a line of comment like good post et cetera writing a comment itself will be nearly 20 to 30% of your total work of the blog

10. Social media

Once you write the blog share it on every social media with your friends and so on you also keep very important sharing buttons in every blog so that those who want to share it with their friends after reading your blog can share it very easily this will indirectly increase the travel traffic of the blog and it’s a very very important thing that you have to do these days

One of the very important thing is that blocked traffic cannot be simply increased within a day or two even if you are doing all the above 10 points you have to wait at least for 3 to 4 months then only can analyze whether what you are doing is good or bad if you are not getting good results then change your approach that’s my graphical analysis number of views in each month number of comments et cetera are to be planted and analyzed for each post and this will have to be repeated continuously till you get a very huge traffic.

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