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Simple Article Writing Tips

by Monmohan about a year ago in how to
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Easy way to start article writing

Simple Article Writing Tips
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Whether you are starting your online business or you are a seasoned professional, writing and distributing articles is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to drive a lot of targeted traffic to your website. Writing articles and submitting them to article directories will give you free traffic when people click on a link in your resource box. This is also greatly thanks to the improvement in the ranking of programs, as you will have many inbound links to your site. Let's see how you get started writing articles.

Here are some tips to get you started

Make a top ten list

An easy start by writing an article is to come back with a list of the top ten. Find a topic related to your business and write down ten reasons why someone might buy your product or offer advice on a topic related to your website. Examples could be the top ten ways to get your baby to sleep at night, the top ten reasons to write an article, or the top ten reasons to buy car insurance. After making a list of ten points, write about each paragraph giving reasons in more detail.

Then you add an introductory paragraph that draws the reader to your list. For example, in an introduction to a baby who sleeps through the night, the article might mention how difficult it is to shape up during the day and that unless you put the baby to sleep all night, you can How do you deprive yourself of sleep? Then close your article, summarizing only what you told them in your top ten, or encourage them to act on what you just told them.

Congratulations, you have only written a part of the letter. In fact, you can easily narrow it down to a top 5 list. Just write a little more about each of your points.

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Write your article

Some people choose to record themselves while talking about a particular topic, and then transcribe and edit them into text. If you're more comfortable discussing a few specific topics rather than writing about them, this may be a great option for you.

Most MP3 players now come with a recording option, otherwise you can swallow a cheap tape recorder. Pick a topic and start talking as if you were explaining it to your boyfriend. Just start babbling and the thoughts will start flowing. Listen to your tape now. Write down and organize the highlights that bother you. Add an introduction and an ending and you have another article.

Hire a ghostwriter

If you find writing articles difficult, or simply don't have the time to try, you will still enjoy article marketing by hiring a ghostwriter. Ghostwriters will write unique articles for you that will become your asset. You post them as your work on your site, on your blog, and also because of article directories. You'll find ghostwriters on sites like Elance. There are also many freelance writers who have their own websites.

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Write a review and ask someone to convert it to text

Another option, if you don't want to try writing your own, is to write the main outline of the article and therefore what you would like to convey. Write down any ideas you have for the article, and then ask a loved one or hire someone to put it in writing. It will be easier for you to treat these articles as yours, as the content of the article was your original idea. Have someone else put it in a written format for you.


You have no reason not to start article marketing or vice versa. Get some articles, then sit back and see if there's traffic. You will be so impressed with the results you get from a couple of articles that you will keep writing and accumulating them all the time.

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