Showing Your Employees You Care

by Kevin 2 months ago in business

Follow these tips to help your employees feel appreciated

Showing Your Employees You Care

You appreciate your employees, and all that they do, but sometimes it can come across that you don’t care about your employees. This is something that most companies struggle with during some point of the company’s life. If you are looking for some great techniques to implement into your company so your employees feel appreciated, you have come to the right place.

Here are six different things you can do to make your employees feel appreciated:

Implementing rewards programs

This can be done really poorly or really well. It could be something lame that employees secretly laugh about when they leave the office. Or the programs can help boost employee production such as implementing years of service awards that make your employees feel like they have accomplished something worthwhile and meaningful.

Having a competitive compensation program

This could be a great starting rate, and also regular bonuses and raises. If your employees are still making the same money they made several years ago, they are more likely to leave and find a company that will actually give them consistent raises. Offering benefits, PTO, retirement, and insurance packages will help your employees feel safe and secure.

Give your employees enough time off

If you don’t give your employees any time off, or not enough time off, they will suffer from burnout and exhaustion. This leads to your employees taking time off and being less productive.

Some companies are really good with this, and make their employees take a vacation every set amount of months. This allows your employees to relax, have a life outside of work, and lets them travel without feeling bad for leaving the office. They can also take care of themselves by making necessary appointments such as eye doctor, dentist, and well checkups without having to request time off or get it approved.

Let your employees’ voices be heard

You need to accept that your employees know what is going on, and most of them are smart and very intelligent. If you keep getting the same feedback on Indeed reviews or Google reviews, you need to take those reviews seriously, especially if several comments mention the same problem or issue. You can also hold meetings on a regular basis that are solely for your employees to offer feedback, and discuss what is going well, what is not going well, and how they can resolve issues by themselves.

Make your office comfortable, and a place where people want to be

The last thing you want is for your office space to be a place where people dread going, and are itching everyday to leave when their scheduled shift ends. If you see your employees literally dragging their feet into the office that is a definite sign that something needs to change.

While the space may be the problem, or even the furniture and office cubicles, you also need to keep in mind that the workplace culture may be influencing how everyone is feeling when they come to work. Take some time to make your work culture healthy, and keep unhealthy practices out of your office.

Don’t create rules that are too rigid

If you try to fix every little thing that goes wrong in your company, you will end up with a bunch of rules that are way too complicated to follow. If some employees come in late because of traffic, and you implement an attendance point system (like the ones done in elementary school) employees will constantly worry about coming to work on time, because if they are late at all they will get hit with attendance points.

The most important thing to do is to be sincere when showing employees you care about them. If you don’t really care, employees will notice that what you are doing is fake. What are some things you do to show your employees that you really do appreciate them? Comment below to start the conversation!

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