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Should You Use An Employee Time Clock? Pros, Cons, And Everything!!!

Pros, Cons, And Everything for Time Clock!!!

By Amelia VarleyPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
Time Clock

According to the labor standardization act, the company’s manager must keep the records of employee’s working hours. To solve this, the time clock is very helpful. Check out this guide on time clock, its advantages, disadvantages and timekeeping rules and so on.

A time clock is a device that is used to keep a record of employee’s work hours when they clock in and out of the work. In this device, either a timecard is inserted or you have to press a button. When an employee does either, the device records the check-in and check-out time therefore the employee attendance is recorded. An employee needs to be physically present at the device to check-in and out of the device. Different types of time clock machines are available out there that are used to create employee timesheet as well as payroll.

Pros of employee time clock

The reasons why most of the businesses choose to use the employee time clock device are to monitor attendance, to increase timekeeping accuracy and to decrease time theft.

Monitor attendance: If you are a business owner then you might know the importance of keeping attendance record. If you are a small business owner then monitoring the employee’s attendance becomes even more difficult. With the help of a time clock, you will get to know when your employees are working and when they are not working. Therefore, monitoring attendance will not be a major issue.

Accuracy: To make the entire payroll system and record-keeping accurate, using the time clock is a great option. Whenever an employee clock in and out via device, the record is generated automatically therefore, higher will be accurate as you don’t need to do the task manually. Not just that this makes the entire work easier and efficient.

Time theft: Most of the businesses face this common issue of time theft. Time theft is the time when you have to pay the employees for that time when they were not even working for the organization. Manual calculation of time and manual attendance were the biggest reasons for the time theft because employees tend to help each other in getting more attendance so they can get paid for the time when they were not even working. With the help of the time clock device, time theft is no more an issue and all the employees get paid for what they have worked for the company because employees need to be physically present to check-in and out.

Cons of employee time clock

Though for most of the businesses, the time clock is a good option it is not always the case that it works for all because it also comes with some cons. Have a look at:

• Remember that time clock is a machine that can sometimes be inaccurate because of wrong programming or a coding glitch, therefore, one can’t completely rely on it.

• There is no guarantee when time clocks are saying that employees are working but they might not be working. By punching and then leaving the workplace can be done so they can say that it does not completely avoid time theft. This is the biggest disadvantage of the time clock.


Yes, the time clock is a good option to monitor attendance and to avoid time theft done by the employees. The best thing about it is that maintaining records with the help of the time clock becomes very easy. But at the same time, you should also look at the cons so you can make a better decision whether your business requires time clock or not.


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