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Should you ever take days off from writing

by Charles Macmillan about a year ago in advice
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Why it is important to take a break from writing

Writing is hard work

Writing is not a profession that everyone can handle and those of us who write know how hard we have to work in order to make ends meet. There are times when the bills just pile up even though we are writing our fingers off and it seems that the days of writing are never ending.

We keep plugging away, never taking a full day off in order to make sure that there is enough money for the household. But should you ever take days off from writing? The answer is a simple yes and the following are the reasons why:

Burn Out

In any profession, when you put in too many hours, you can get burnt out and then you are not on top of your game. The same can be said about writing because it does get tedious when you’re writing twenty articles on the same topic. Trying to keep them interesting can be challenge so doing this day after day can tend to lead to burn out. Taking at least one day off a week and staying away from the computer can keep you from getting burnt out and call allow you to be refreshed when you get back to work.

Eye Strain

Sitting in front of your computer can cause your eyes to become strained and tired. If you do this over a long enough period of time, it can actually damage your eyesight so you want to make sure that you give your eyes a rest. Taking short breaks while working helps but you need to give them a full day off. Just make sure when you take your day off that you are not sitting on your computer going to social networking sites, instead do something fun outside the home.

Family Time

If you are single, you still have family and friends that you can spend time with away from work. Your friends and you need time together just to chat or blow off some steam. Those who have families in the home know that they your time and having a day off to spend with them and to bond. It can also be a day where you spend time cooking for the week or cleaning up around the house. If you have any difficulties with writing something, you can use the write my paper for me services. Anything but sitting at the computer away from family and friends typing away.

Writing at home can be a great way to earn some extra money but if you get too caught up in it you may find that you do not take any time out for yourself. Yes, there are always deadlines to meet and new clients to please, but you have to please you as well. You may wonder how you can make the time to do something fun when there is just so much work to do. The following are some tips to leave yourself time for fun:

Choose a Day Off

This may sound impossible to some who really need to keep plugging away to pay the bills but you must have a day off to unwind and not think about the computer. Choose a slow day when you normally do not have a huge workload or any deadlines. Do half the work the day before and the other half the day after your day off. A couple of weeks of having a full day off will do wonders for your writing.

Get Away from the Computer

Do not sit in front of the computer from the minute you wake up to the minute you go to bed. People who work jobs outside of the home typically have a start and end time. Utilize this so you get a couple of hours a day for something other than writing. Take a hot soak in the tub, go for a bike ride or just relax on the porch with a nice cool or warm drink depending on the season.

Find a Hobby

There are many different hobbies that do not require you to be on the computer and that offer relaxation. Knitting, crocheting or an outdoor activity like softball or bowling is good choices. These activities get you out of the office and back into the real world if even only for a small amount of time.

It is important to take time for yourself when you are a writer because sitting in front of the computer for hours on end is not good for anyone. Take a full day off or even a couple hours off and you’ll find that your creative juices do not go stagnant. Find a hobby that you can do outside of the home so you can forget about work and just think about you.

In Conclusion

Every writer should have at least one day to themselves away from work and having fun. There is no reason to work seven days a week just to pay bills. If you have to, work extra hours on six days to allow you to have the one day off without worrying about money. There is no reason why anyone should not be taking at least one day off a week in order to keep from burning out, to save their eyesight and to spend time with family and friends.


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