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Selling on amazon

by Taimoor Khan 4 months ago in business
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Things that you need to know before start selling on Amazon.

Selling on amazon
Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Most people say every single day that they want to start selling on Amazon but don’t know where to start as a complete beginner.

In fact, In this guide, I will share with you how to start selling on Amazon without any experience why? Here is the step-by-step guide.

It is a reality that some who know about selling on Amazon are making thousands of dollars every week, not a month.

But don’t worry I’m here with you what you need to do just keep reading!

  • Create your own amazon seller account.
  • You have two options individual and professional.
  • That means you will pay some fees to sell on Amazon.

  • I try to explain everything in very easy and simple language.
  • If you select an individual plan on Amazon it allows you to pay $0.99 cents per item sold.
  • If you select a professional plan on Amazon then you need to pay $39.99 but does not charge per item fees which is still good.

  • Find validated products that sell for $20 to $70 and have less reviews for most sellers on the page first on Amazon.
  • Go to the
  • Find a verified supplier that is very important for your business.
  • Order a sample first again only use verified suppliers.
  • Bonus tips: Build a relationship with the supplier for long-term business if you want to succeed.

  • Place bulk orders of 100 units to 150 units, especially in the beginning, and test a sample with your custom branding.

Remember, Your supplier shipping should be fast. Supplier sends your inventory to Amazon. Then Amazon picks, packs, and stories your products, and Amazon also handle customer service return you don’t need to worry about.

Check inventory Make sure you stay in stock optimizing listing to maximize your sales which is important for your business.

Why Amazon is best for selling?

It is a huge e-commerce marketplace and very popular in the USA. The good thing I found is that Amazon is the only eCommerce platform that can change your life in a very short period of time.

  • Business models on Amazon.

There are two kinds of business models here on Amazon when we talking about selling something on Amazon

  • Amazon Private Labels (PL)
  • Amazon Wholesales.

Which one is best for beginners?

Both are good but if you have less investment then I suggest you go With Amazon wholesale and resell on Amazon and make a good amour of money every week.

Why people fail on Amazon as a seller?

Lack of knowledge, and lack of discipline, Because they don’t like to watch a full tutorial on YouTube or a free course on udemy.

  • They say that It is impossible to make money online just by selling on Amazon. I cannot do this etc.
  • These are the major issues that come into the hum mind and finally, they quit.

My Favorite business on Amazon without investment?

Now let’s talk about my favorite business models on Amazon that you can start today without any investment which is known as an amazon affiliate or amazon associate program.

Trust me this is an amazing business on amazon that allows you to make a decent amount of money each and every single month and get paid into your bank account.

Affiliate marketing means promoting other people's products who are already selling on Amazon and make a commission when someone shops through your affiliate link.

Final Words:

Hopefully, you like it but always rememebr there is no shortcutt to success be consistent, work hard and try to learn something new every time.


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