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Making it Happen

By Karina NistalPublished 5 years ago 3 min read
Make it Happen

When you’re an artist, self promotion is on-going. People like personable people. They like people they can relate to and feel drawn to. They like people who are kind and even charming. They like people who are pleasant and engaging.

It doesn’t matter what line of work you are in. People will be drawn to you not only by what you offer, but also by your energy. Your energy is your signature.

I was recently at a job that was not catering to my dreams. I was unhappy and I knew I was not being utilized for my purpose. It took me a few years to really figure out how to find my exit. When I finally did, I felt like I was soaring. I can only compare it to when you finally find momentum. Whether you’re on a bike, skateboard, rollerblades, skis, or a snowboard, when you finally catch that air for even a few seconds, you feel like you’re gliding! In essence it’s like you’re finally “getting somewhere.”

Life does not always immediately compliment our goals or desires. Sometimes you spend quite a few years finding your way—even possibly a decade. I don’t want to discourage anyone, but it’s true. Those are the times we should try to switch gears. Maybe reinvent ourselves, learn new skills, or consider some networking opportunities to find a mentor.

We never know where our opportunities can come from or from whom! Don’t ever doubt someone you meet just by first glance. They may prove to be a very valuable connection.

There will be times you won’t feel a work interest or inclination to work with someone. At times you can push through that uncertainty, but usually when it comes to working with a group or individuals, I try to let it flow naturally. That does not mean sit back and wait for them to initiate the conversation, it just means if you have followed-up by making your effort, don’t force things. Usually a forced connection of any kind doesn’t pan out as organically as you’d like.

I know I started this piece with the topic of artists and promotion, but this idea also goes for any business-minded people. If you want to advance in your career attend workshops, conferences, networking events, and Q&A sessions. Load up on as much information as you can so you can be a master in your field. Pick up literature to educate yourself.

Promotion is extremely important because that is how we are going to grow our business. You should be speaking to everyone you come across given the opportunity. Especially if you are in a position where you come across a great deal of people on a regular basis. Put your energy out there because you never know who you’ll attract.

If you are determined to succeed you will continue to promote yourself without fail. Shine your light for people to see it. Strike up conversation and make friends. Again you never know who you’ll come across and it’s extremely important for you to stay open. Find your windows of opportunity to “plug” yourself.

Whatever you are doing, you must believe in it wholeheartedly. Believe that you are capable and worthy of being successful. Believe that you have something of value. The opportunities and the work will come. When people see how passionate you are about your work, they are more inclined to support you and give you the business. They are convinced by how you engage them and how you discuss what you do that you love it. And because you love it, you are likely to get their attention, or at least have them take notice.

If, by some chance, an opportunity or someone looks you over the first time, don’t let yourself get discouraged. They may need your services in the future. What you may not see at this very moment is that you’ve planted a seed. They may run across your card again, remember what you do, or see your advertise somewhere and reach out to you again. One of the best ways to stay connected is through social media. This is a constant reminder that you are there and open to receiving opportunities at any time.

The main thing is to keep reminding yourself it’s all a learning experience, and you definitely have what it takes to be successful and WIN!


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