Reverse Engineering Your Way To Niche Marketing Success

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Niche Marketing Success

Reverse Engineering Your Way To Niche Marketing Success

If you have competitors in your niche, which is very likely, then you can learn a lot from them and even steal their ideas (legally) so that you can be on the same playing field. Why not let your competitors do all of the work for you and then do the same as them?

Everyone that starts a niche marketing business has the same problems. They need to create an attractive website and drive targeted traffic to it. They need to convince their visitors that they have the best content and all of the answers that they need to solve their problems. So what can you do about this?

Others were there before you

When you enter a new niche market there are always going to be other people that got into the market before you did. They will have had to overcome all of the problems that you now face to establish tem in the market.

Your competitors will have come up with solutions to these problems and this is excellent news for you. Rather than have to tackle the problems alone you can reverse engineer their website and their marketing to see what they have done.

Look to Improve on what your Competitors have done

We would never condone you stealing all of your competitor’s ideas. What you can do is look to see what they have done and think about how you could improve on this in your own niche marketing business. By doing this you can offer the same target audience a better experience than your competitors are currently offering.

Think about this for a minute. Your competitor’s will have spent time, effort and money creating their website, their content plan and their marketing plan. When you reverse engineer what they have done there is no need for you to reinvent the wheel. All you need to do is think about how you can do it better.

What Content are they providing?

You can look at all of the content on your competitor’s website. What kind of subjects are they discussing? How are they providing value to their visitors? If they have an email list then sign up for it to see what kind of email content they are sending out.

It will be easy for you to find the associated social media accounts. Usually your competitor will publish these links on their website. Take a good look at all of their social accounts and see what their engagement level is. Do people share their posts and make comments? How does your competitor respond to comments?

What kinds of posts do your competitors make on social media platforms? Look for posts that have generated the most engagement and plan to provide similar posts on your social media accounts.

Do your competitors use Google Adwords, Bing Ads or Facebook Ads to promote their website? If so how do their ads read? Can you learn from this and do it better? What is their Facebook page like? Do they belong to any groups or maybe have their own group?

Reverse Engineering is a Legitimate Shortcut

Never be concerned about reverse engineering what your competitors are doing. If you were in their position they would reverse engineer your website and marketing in a heartbeat. You will need a keen eye for detail while you are looking at what your competitors are doing. But as long as you don’t copy them it will not be a problem.

Resource #1

  • Identify your passions and interests and add these to the list
  • Monitor the things that you do for a day and record them to identify niche ideas
  • Look on for additional niche ideas
  • Look on for additional niche ideas
  • Look at trends by using Google Trends and social platforms
  • Look on for additional niche ideas
  • Look on for examples of niche websites recently sold
  • Goal: Create a list of niche ideas that you can validate for profitability and suitability

Resource #2

  • Check all of your niche ideas for sufficient demand using the Google Keyword Planner
  • Check remaining niche ideas for money being spent in the niche by checking,
  •, the presence of Google Ads and social media groups
  • Check the remaining niche ideas to see how comfortable you are about them
  • Test final niche ideas (optional)
  • Goal: You need to decide on the profitable niche that you will create your first niche website around

Resource #3

  • Conduct comprehensive keyword research for your chosen niche using the Google Keyword
  • Planner and other keyword tools if you want to
  • Create a master list of keywords for your niche
  • Check the difficulty of each keyword using either Traffic Travis software or the service
  • Register a related .com domain name at either or
  • Choose a suitable web hosting package with one click WordPress install
  • Install WordPress on your domain name
  • Enhance WordPress with theme and plugins
  • Create a professional logo/header for your niche website
  • Goal: You need to setup your niche website properly. Use an SEO structure for future search engine rankings and use a good theme and plugins to provide the best visitor experience

Resource #4

  • Decide on a content plan for your niche website
  • Only publish high quality content on your website
  • Write 3-4 posts yourself using keywords from your list or outsource this
  • Create the posts and optimize them for SEO by adding your main keyword to the title, adding
  • related keywords to the body and using headers
  • Add at least one image to each post and consider more images and a related video
  • Purchase related PLR for more niche content ideas
  • Setup Google Alerts for even more content ideas
  • Goal: Publish high quality content on your niche website regularly to keep your visitors and the search engines happy

Resource #5

  • Optimize your niche website and all content for search engine ranking
  • Set up the appropriate social media profiles
  • Regularly post to social media profiles focusing on engagement
  • Create videos for traffic from YouTube and other video sites
  • Use an autoresponder service to build an email list
  • Use email marketing to drive traffic
  • Consider using Google Adwords or Bing Ads for PPC traffic
  • Consider using Facebook Ads for targeted traffic
  • Goal: Continually drive targeted traffic to your niche website. The more targeted traffic you can generate the more chance you have of making money

Resource #6

  • Look for physical product affiliate opportunities on
  • Look for digital product affiliate opportunities on
  • Create your own products to sell from your niche website
  • Look for related CPA offers using
  • Consider using Google Adsense on your niche website for additional revenue
  • Consider selling advertising space on your niche website
  • Consider offering a coaching service if your niche is suitable for this
  • Goal: Choose the right monetization methods for your niche website. You don’t need to use all of the methods suggested.

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