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Reduce The Noise If You Want To Develop Ideas

by René Junge 7 months ago in advice

New ideas are inconspicuous and small at first. They are easily overlooked and overheard. But in our heads, there is actually always noise. How many ideas do we overhear every day because they cannot assert themselves against this noise?

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If you are to catch an animal, you will probably sneak up from behind very carefully and avoid any unnecessary noise. You will not hit a drum and scream as you approach the animal.

That makes sense to everyone. But when it comes to coming up with new ideas, we do the exact opposite.

Especially writers know the problem. We're looking for an idea for a new article or the plot for a book, and in our head, we keep repeating, "I need an idea, I need an idea."

The longer we wait for the idea, the more impatient we get. At some point, it all comes down to why the hell we don't have any ideas and what we should do to have a breakthrough finally.

The whole head is then filled with panicky noise.

And somewhere in our subconscious is the germ of an idea and whispers: "I am here. Can't you hear me?"

Of course, we don't hear it, because instead of quietly listening inside us, we flood our minds with questions, whining, and helpless pleading.

The deadline for the book is approaching, the blog hasn't been updated for days, and the account is empty. How are we supposed to stay calm? Of course, we then try to force the ideas.

But a cramped mind, like a cramped body, is not able to do its best. The more we tense up, the more impossible it becomes to do what we should be able to do effortlessly.

If you keep reading about getting up and going for a walk when you can't get on with your work, it's because that's the only way to release the cramp that's blocking you.

Anyone who says that he has no time to go for a walk, lie down for half an hour, or do an hour of sport does not understand how the mind works.

We may have the impression that we have achieved a lot if we have sat in front of the computer for eight hours and have not allowed ourselves a break, but that is not the case. We could have done the same thing if we had only sat at the computer for five hours and spent the rest of the time taking breaks.

Especially when we're working creatively, our output decreases rapidly over time if we don't take breaks. The brain gets tired, but we expect consistent performance over many hours.

This leads to stress, which further reduces our performance, resulting in even more stress and frustration.

After a certain period without a break, ideas no longer arise at all. Instead, the noise in the head becomes increasingly loud.

"Pull yourself together, only two more hours, why can't I find a solution, my neck hurts...". We are more and more distracted from the essential because our brain screams for relaxation. We overload our memory, so to speak, and wonder why it doesn't work.

Remember that little idea that is waiting somewhere in our subconscious for us to discover? It doesn't stand a chance.

So we see that we overload ourselves and slow down if we don't put our head in neutral from time to time. Do you still not have time for breaks, exercise, and a little nap?

I say: You don't have time to do without. Going against our needs does us more harm than living in harmony with them.

There is no peak performance without recovery. If you ride in the highest gear all day long, you are heading straight for burnout.

You want to be incredibly productive and continuously produce great ideas? Then work like a human, not like a robot. Take breaks, empty your head, and listen to yourself.

There is no shortage of ideas. There are only good and bad ways to find them.


René Junge

Thriller-author from Hamburg, Germany. Sold over 200.000 E-Books. get informed about new articles:

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René Junge
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