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What It's Like To Be

Reasons I Am a Writer

by Margaret Minnicks 2 years ago in career

I can go anyplace, do anything, and have anything I want while writing about it.

Reasons I Am a Writer
My affirmation is: "I am a writer."

I am a writer. I have always been a writer in the heart. I have always loved to write. There are many reasons I do not let a day go by without writing something. Writing comes easy for me, and I almost never get writer's block. When I am not writing on paper, I am writing on the chalkboard of my mind. My friends often ask me how I can find so many things to write about. I have never had a problem finding things to write about. I have only had the problem of carving out time to write what is on my mind.

Throughout the years, I have wondered why I write and love it at the same time while others struggle to write. I believe they are struggling because they don't love it, and I don't struggle because I do love it. My love for writing has afforded me many opportunities to share with others my innermost thoughts. I am free to put on paper what I feel, and my pen and paper don't criticize me for doing so. I say that because I grew up in a family of ten children. I was the quiet one, and whenever I tried to talk during family discussions, I felt that no one was listening. When they did listen, I felt that my parents and my siblings did not value my opinions. I felt left out. I began to share my thoughts and feelings on paper. That has been over seven decades ago, and I still write.

Writing is a healing process for me. If I am sad, I write. If I am happy, I write. Writing is a way of escape for me. I can go anyplace and do anything I want to do while writing about it. I can have anything I want to have by describing it on paper. There is no limit to what I can experience even though it is for the brief period while I am writing about it.

Reasons I Write

  1. I write to be heard.
  2. I write to be healed.
  3. I write to help others.
  4. I write to escape.
  5. These days, I write to pay my bills.

Earlier in my writing career, I did it mostly for the first four reasons listed above. These days, I write to pay my bills. The more I write, the more I get paid for writing. I think it is a privilege to be able to put words together and get paid for doing so. I have found a way to get a paycheck for my passion. Not too many people can say that. I once heard that if you do what you love, you will never work another day in your life. I love what I do. I have a great passion for what I do. Therefore, I do not work. Instead, I write.

I have no problem writing, but people seem to have a problem with me writing all the time. My friends have given up on me because I am not available to be with them when I decide to stay at home in my office and write. While they have leisure time to relax, shop at the mall or do other mundane things, I consider those things robbery. I rather write than shop. I rather write than go to the nightclubs. There are a million things I would give up to have just a few hours to write. Needless to say, I have lost some friends because I write instead of doing what they want me to do.

I often confess, "I am a writer." I had to believe it and keep confessing it before it became a reality. Therefore, I believe in my heart that I was born to write. I believe I am fulfilling my life's purpose by writing. On my tombstone, it would be appropriate to have these words: "She lived to write."

Margaret Minnicks
Margaret Minnicks
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