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Reality Challenged Me Today!

by Ken 7 months ago in advice
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As soon as I walked onto the dock, I was met by Mr. and Mrs. Reality!

Courtesy: Andre Hunter via Unsplash license.

They approached me together, in quite the whimsical manner. Alone, either of them would be formidable. Now, however? Now, they were twice as strong! They seemed charmed to meet me! Something, however, appeared “off” about them.

We shook hands with each other in a rather dubious manner: Their hands were both extended toward me in a bend as if I was being asked to “kiss the ring.” I grabbed both their hands and gave them a hearty handshake, but in an enthusiastic, friendly way.

Mr. Reality spoke first: “Hey there, Mr. Writer, what are you doing out here? Aren't you a bit out of place? I thought you writers were dedicated bookworms.”

Before I could answer, Mrs. Reality prodded a bit further: “Oh, I bet he thinks he can write something that might make a difference to someone. What a quaint idea!”

There, the gloved hand of a challenge had been slapped in my face!

As I looked around the dock, I could sense the others around me, furtively glancing in my direction, never quite making eye contact, but desperately wanting to see my reaction. It appeared as though they were chained to that gnawing, nagging hag named self-doubt.

It was obvious these people considered themselves purveyors of the written word. But, even so, they were hesitant, ever tentative, and certainly shy about proclaiming it.

I hesitated momentarily, contemplating the morsel of comeuppance the couple had thrown my way. Just as they started to laugh and turn away, I grasped the glove mightily. I was determined to teach this pair the true meaning of “reality.”

Now, I had the advantage! Every time they tugged to try to free themselves, I tugged back more forcefully.

If they had wanted to capture my attention to tell me I’m not good enough, or my writing is rank, they were going to have to pay for the privilege because I was having none of it!

“I believe, in my heart, I am a writer!” I yelled it as loud as I could: “I am a writer!”

My confidence grew! I confirmed the Realities weren’t making any headway as they tried to escape. I held my grip firm, filled with tension. Enough torque from my end might be just enough to tip them from the safety of their stance.

The next sound heard was the sweet sigh of submission! Their facade had been exposed! They appeared weak and unsure of themselves.

I had shown the Realities to be just like me — full of doubt, searching, and wanting to belong.

Posing as reality is never rewarding. Sooner or later, we all get exposed. These two had been searching for acceptance and validation, the same as all of us, the entire dock.

Then and there, I stumbled upon something amazing. Everyone’s reality is different! No matter how confident we may appear on the outside, on the inside we are a jumble of nerves, hoping to be able to make sense of our world, desperately looking for acceptance.

The onlookers surrounding me had turned their attention to Mr. and Mrs. Reality, and in near unison, joined our conversation willingly. They had finally noticed the unbinding freedom of expression they had been suppressing was slowly, but gradually engulfing them. Suddenly, the entire dock was teeming with imagination, inspiration, energy, and enthusiasm.

When people are exposed to new elements, new realities, or new experiences, it removes many of the inhibitions that normally surround their creativity. It allows them to express themselves more freely. Reality and self-doubt will always challenge us daily.

Unapologetically, I turned to Mr. and Mrs. Reality.

“Thanks for today's challenge,” I said. “I’ll see you again tomorrow!”

Thank You for reading this!


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