Q & A With Alex T. Wolf On "Society In Repair"

Author Alex Wolf talks about his newest book, upcoming plans, and why Americans have lost their sense of humor.

Q & A With Alex T. Wolf On "Society In Repair"

I recently got to talk with author Alex Wolf over the phone about his newest book Society In Repair, which will be out this December. He was kind enough to talk with me over the phone for my blog, The Waltz, about his newest book, upcoming plans, his non-profit works, and how he stays healthy during the pandemic. The Chicagoan is best known for his stand-up comedy shows, writing, and non-profit work.

Q: Why did you write Society In Repair?

I wrote Society In Repair because I am fed up with everyone losing their sense of humor. You look at all the politicians, they all lost their sense of humor. Laughter is a universal tool and America has completely lost it. Don't get me wrong, we live in the greatest country on God's green Earth, but there are so many issues that just get you pissed off in America. I can go anywhere from the obesity epidemic we have in this country, to the political circus show that we have going on 24/7. Let's just face the facts, we have some touch-up work to do. We need a second cover applied in this country.

Q: What gave you the idea to write a book like this?

Well, I just want to make everyone laugh again, just plain and f*cking simple. The truth is right now in 2020, political-correctness took over the comedy-world and it is truly heartbreaking. Nobody can take a joke right now, because they just get offended by everything. It f*cking shocks me what people think is politically correct, that alone is a problem that we have in this country. A lot of people in this country think if they scream loud enough it will become true. We just need humor and just f*cking common-sense to fix this country.

Q: Your book talks about many issues that many politicians argue about. Where exactly do you stand politically?

Oh, God, that's a tough question, I'm only fifteen years old. Why does my view matter? I believe in a strong military and helping those that are below you.

Q: You have written two fiction books. What made you switch to write a nonfiction book?

I published my first book back in 2019, which was a story project for my English class in 8th grade. I just kept on adding on and adding on to the story, which in reality doesn't make a good storyline. But I just decided to publish it, because it was on my bucket-list to publish a book. As you already know, I'm probably just going to stick to writing nonfiction. Which is because I'm not the best fiction writer out there.

Q: What is your best health habit?

Probably golfing. Because whether you walk the course, or drive a golf cart you're getting in at least three to nine-miles a day. I'm not a workout body-building crazed fanatic, but it's common sense to stay active. Get the hell off the video games and stay active.

Q: What is your worst health habit?

My worst? Oh god. Ummm... there's a lot, to be honest. Probably topping the cake is drinking twelve cups of coffee a day. I haven't cut back yet but they keep on coming out with health articles saying that coffee is beneficial for your health. So that makes me feel better. Plus I don't have an acidic ulcher in my stomach yet, so once the doctors find one in my stomach that is when I will slow down on my coffee intake.

Q: Do you read for fun?

Yes, I do. I must admit I have read every single book by David McCullough, he's just a fantastic author. I recently just finished his newest book The Pioneers. He's a great, great author. His works are just unbelievable.

Q: You volunteer a lot, what drives you to?

Probably the feeling of giving back to people. We live in the greatest country on Earth, Americans help each other.

Q: What do you do to relax?

I have a lot of downtime during the weekends. I usually go golfing to relax, I haven't played as much as I usually because I have had my hands full for the past couple of months.

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