Providing the Best Security Measures for Your Business

by Kevin Gardner 2 months ago in business

Why All of Us Need Security

Providing the Best Security Measures for Your Business

Once upon a time in America, business was sealed with a handshake the deal was closed. Later on came contracts, lawyers plus litigation, witnesses for a plethora of other issues concerning businesses. The main files of businesses used to be typed by a secretary and filed alphabetically and these were the business owner's official records. The times have changed and businesses cannot conduct themselves as though the old paradigm exist today. The technology has advanced from saving files to a three and a half floppy disk or saving to an external drive for backup. The rise of the hacker for-profit culture is the new way criminals will victimize people. The future of war will not be conducted on a battlefield. Forget soldiers, tanks, ships, airplanes, and battalions but by proxy cyber attacks on businesses, governments, and individuals. Recently in this past decade we have seen the rise of identity theft. State governments and hospitals have been blackmailed or extorted by cyber attackers who want money before the release of the companies computers. There are a number of large and small businesses who have not taken seriously enough the need for network security to be the latest in technology to thwart these kinds of problems. The number one threat to America's prosperity is compromised security throughout the main branches of government and financial institutions. The new normal will be faceless virtual cyberterrorist and the counter-attack will be cybersecurity experts tracking and neutralizing the threats.

Wiki Leaks, as well as foreign governments, such as Russia, North Korea, and China, have all shown us the reason for updated infrastructure. Hillary Clinton and The Democratic National Convention were hacked by Wiki Leaks. The confidential emails, memos and classified documents were leaked to the world news via the internet. Most of the time these cyber attacks can be traced to proxy servers or fake internet protocol addresses. Sometimes the culprits are never found, even with all of the resources that we may have at our disposal. The most annoying thing is when the hackers think that business owners are high tech enough to pay the ransom with Bitcoins.

Who knows what rabbit hole we are going to fall into next. The only hope we have is that America has always produced new innovations in technology. People should all be on the lookout for phishing emails, with malware that is just waiting to attack your computer. The way to stay up to date with the latest in security is by reading technology magazines, like the Wire or visiting their website. There are other resources, such as Symantec, that have solutions for businesses. The cloud offers safety for email, as well as businesses private servers. The lack of security has even found its way to smartphones, and by downloading apps third-party malware, or even spyware can be the price we pay for a game. The constant unwanted pop ads are a derivative sometimes caused by viruses and hard to delete malware. We take for granted that viruses do not just stop with computers and neither do hackers. Hackers take pride in hacking phones and unsuspecting consumers will never know how it happened. The fallacy is that technology is going faster than businesses or individuals can keep up with the pace. Once upon a time, it was good enough just to download the latest patch from Microsoft or run a scan check. It is no longer good enough to update your computer with the latest browser with all of its new features. Due to the fact that skilled hackers have the ability to find bugs and to navigate around firewalls. The users of technology must pay attention to all software updates and stop postponing for later. If your security is compromised on your computer you will have to blame yourself after being informed after reading this article, or just be satisfied with the status quo.

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