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President Vladimir Putin causation in 'execution squads' with orders to kill his own men if they fight to escape state war.

Russian troops have been ordered to execute defectors attempting to flee the war. Execution squads are reportedly being formed to execute attempted defectors. Ukraine has been bombarding Russian soldiers' phones with surrender instructions.

By Sami TechPublished 2 years ago 7 min read
Russian execution squads

President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and also the Kremlin are reportedly causation execution squads when their own army with orders to kill Russians United Nations agency attempt to run.

Ukraine security services claim that prisoners of war have told them of the horrific plans that has reportedly seen Russian guns geared toward their own.

The execution squads are a revival of Stalin’s warfare 2 techniques and are another sign of dire morale among Moscow’s troops, The Mail on-line reports.

There have conjointly been reports of Chechen units being sent in to do and stop Russian deserters.

Since the Russian invasion began on February twenty four, Kyiv has free videos of Russian captives United Nations agency were spoken language on camera however they selected to quit instead of keep fighting.

Ukraine has sought-after to require advantage of poor Russian morale throughout the invasion and is waging a information war of its own to market success stories.

They have bombarded Russian phone numbers with texts instructing them the way to surrender, and reportedly a couple of days a gone a tank commander replied absolutely.

Victor Andrusiv, Associate in Nursing advisor to the minister of internal affairs, said: He didn’t see the purpose of war.

A converge was united and also the tank commander was bumped off in spite of everything the opposite troops within the tank had already fled back to Russia.

Mr. Andrusiv added: He couldn't come home as a result of his commander told him he would shoot him dead and say he died in battle.

Misha told USA that he had barely any food left, the command structure was chaotic and virtually absent, morale is incredibly low.

Mr. Andrusiv created the claims yesterday on social media, as a locality of the continuing communications war between the 2 sides.

He aforesaid the wrongdoer would be $10,000, a TV, phone, kitchen, and shower to pay the remainder of the war with.

This follows growing claims that Russia’s forces are being hamstrung by desertions, with several of its troops conscripts.

Denys Monastyrsky, the minister for internal affairs, said: we tend to are seeing cases of surrender once Russian troops voluntarily contact our military and declare that they require to surrender, that they are doing not participate in active hostilities.

He claimed that several completed they were being employed as soldier by their commanders.

The Centre for Defense ways, a number one state think-tank echoed this, saying: Russian forces are tuned in to the despair of their scenario and more and more selecting desertion to avoid death.

Ukraine conjointly claimed that 2 days past they saw a pointy rise in defections within the southern Kherson and Mykolaiv regions.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense ’s intelligence said: Having seen the $64000 strength of the Ukrainian defenders, the occupiers are not any longer inquisitive about straightforward cash and therefore the chance of pillaging, that they were secure before the invasion.

Other reports of intercepted messages from demoralized Russian troopers have disclosed them talking regarding officers UN agency shot themselves within the leg to induce home.

Ukraine war in revival of Stalin's brutal techniques for coping with deserters.

Since the beginning of the war, Ukraine has been bombarding Russian phone numbers with text messages telling troops the way to surrender and a number of days past, a tank commander replied oral communication he would love to defect.

After discussions with Kyiv’s security services, a location was united.

The Russian officer drove up in his tank and, when a drone had flown overhead to protect against an ambush, was got rid of by Ukrainian division.

He didn’t see the purpose of war, same Victor Andrusiv, an consultant to the minister of internal affairs, adding that each one the opposite troops within the tank had fled home to Russia already.

He added they were defecting with military instrumentality, as well as tanks, when realizing they were being employed as cannon fodder by their commanders.

Such claims square measure unproved . And this can be a war being fought within the media nearly the maximum amount as on battlefields, with barrages of info from each side.

Yet there's mounting verbalize defections, desertions and hazardously low morale as Russia’s personnel stalls.

Russian forces square measure attentive to the despair of their scenario and progressively selecting desertion to avoid death, same the Centre for Defense methods, a number one Ukrainian think-tank.

Yesterday Ukraine’s defense force same three hundred Russian troopers refused to adjust to orders to hold out combat and left a part of intense fighting within the Sumy region.

The previous day they claimed to possess seen a pointy rise within the range of defectors and enemy troopers declining to fight within the southern Kherson and Mykolaiv regions. Having seen the important strength of the Ukrainian defenders, the occupiers are not any longer fascinated by simple cash and also the chance of pillage, that they were secure before the invasion, same the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense's administrative unit.

And it's claimed that in one city close to Kyiv, recaptured yesterday by Ukrainian forces, Russian troops scarf cars and, when becoming civilian garments, drove hurriedly towards the Byelorussia border.

There are reports conjointly of intercepted messages from pessimistic Russian troops during which they verbalize officers United Nations agency ‘shoot themselves within the leg to travel home. U.S.A. and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland intelligence reports are understood to possess mentioned low morale among Russian troops because the losses mount.

One Pentagon document delineated troopers merely parking their vehicles and walking removed from the war into woods.

About one quarter of Russia’s military is comprised of conscripts, United Nations agency area unit typically assumed to possess lower morale than skilled troopers.

The documents of 3 elite GRU Spetsnatz division fighters, same to possess been killed within the battle for Mariupol by the Azov regiment of the territorial reserve of state, showed that one in all them, Islam Abduragimov, was aged simply nineteen.

Another, Konstantin Druzhkov, was thirty three whereas the papers failed to specify the age of the third, Shamil Aselderov.

Russia admitted to 498 losses in combat at the beginning of the month, whereas state place the figure at fifteen thousand.

Almost fortnight past, state same it had suffered concerning one,300 combat fatalities.

Figures revealed in short in the week on a pro-Kremlin web site same that nine,861 Russian troops had been killed and sixteen,153 skinned.

About 15,000 Russian troops died in Islamic State of Afghanistan once the 1979 invasion – however over 10 years and from across the country.

Sources in Belorussia have advised several skinned troopers are taken there for treatment, typically inbound in terrible condition with festering wounds and once many days while not food.

A infirmary in national capital is additionally aforementioned to be overflowing.

Olexandr Danylyuk, director of the Centre for Defense Reform think-tank, aforementioned that there have been signs of considerable defections even among elite units of the Russian military.

The former government intelligence consultant claimed that 220 members of a marines brigade had refused to fight which one brigade commander in an exceedingly Special Forces unit was suspended when refusing to send reinforcements following significant losses.

These square measure indications that even within the lead military units, several of the troopers don't need to be sent to Ukraine or fighting in Ukraine, aforementioned Danylyuk.

They don’t need to be killed and see this war as having a really high risk of dying, Death rates on either side square measure not possible to verify.

Ukrainian security services say that prisoners have told them their forces square measure followed by execution squads ordered to kill any troops making an attempt to escape in an exceedingly revival of Stalin’s ways. There have additionally been reports of Chechen units being sent in to prevent Russian desertions. Since the beginning of the war, Kyiv has free videos showing Russian captives a number of whom say they selected to quit instead of keep fighting.

This is a strong media strategy, though human rights teams argue it violates the convention.

My army unit fighting vehicle was shot, thus I threw away all the weapons and relinquished, aforementioned one soldier, giving his name and repair range. Another Russian known as a senior sergeant claimed they decided to put down the arms and surrender to the native authorities when discovering Russian president Vladimir Putin’s claims concerning Ukraine being pass nationalists were false.

Handwritten letters have additionally appeared that purport come to come back from Russian troopers UN agency are fighting in Ukraine and telling superior officers why they're going to not return.

I refuse to require half in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine yet again because of the shortage of technical support, lack of coordination of actions, lack of any communication with the unit and with the command, wrote one sergeant in an exceedingly motorized unit.

Already the Kremlin has referred to as on Chechen and Syrian troops to strengthen its forces.

Kyiv’s intelligence services have intercepted info suggesting that national capital could currently be seeking to steer North Koreans to spice up its forces.

Belarus opposition figures have claimed to own info that Putin’s original arrange for his or her forces to hitch his invasion was frustrated once many senior military officers resigned, fled the country then contacted them.

It is believed that Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko is reluctant to send his troops over the border because of continued disquiet among his own militia.

A Belarusian unit within the Ukrainian military is additionally line on their troops to defect if they're forced to invade.


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