Owning Your Field on Social Media

by Francis Milligan 2 years ago in advice

Find the key platform and how to grow your following.

Owning Your Field on Social Media

Right off the bat, this is not some quick fix bullshit that will turn you into a blue tick account in 48 hours; this is learning how to do what you love and telling the world.

This is the hustle, on social media.

Step 1: Stop creating content and start documenting your experience.

For too many, that's one in the same, but when you learn the difference is when you'll switch on and understand, "holy shit, this works!" and that's the key to documenting.

Documenting is the process of taking your stories, your anecdotes, your daily routine or your work (music, art, writing, etc.), and sharing it with the world. Stop thinking about the next social post and what you'll need to do to make the post happen, do what the fuck you wanna do, and the content will follow. Scrap the plan or the aim to have x amount of followers. If you create the content then they will follow.

Step 2: Fuck content marketing, start marketing content.

As a marketer, content creator, and social media enthusiast, I'm so happy with the idea of marketing content rather than content marketing. If you just had to ask, "Whats the difference?" don't worry, only us industry geeks really know the difference. Content marketing is what I said not to do in stage one, having to sit and plan your posts and what they will contain, content marketing is putting a budget behind what you've already created organically (that aforementioned music, art, writing, etc.) to get results.

People aren't stupid. Don't treat them like they are. People know when you've carefully slaved over a post just to meet with a calendar, schedule, or plan. Likewise, they also know when you’ve just spent the last two days working on a project you’re so happy about and can’t wait to share (hopefully because you’ve been sharing the experience with them along the way). This is a great example of stories (Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat) insight into your creation or project followed of up by a traditional post of the finished project. People respect that shit way more than you posting at the same time with the same sales content each day.

Step 3: Sharing, Not Selling

Social media is a tool that, when used, generates sales on its own, but you’ve got to be smart about it. No one likes scrolling through their social media platform of choice to see content that has gone under the knife, nor do they like content that is clearly just in it for the cash. We’re all here for a hustle, working to the bone, hoping for our big break... but if you’re already doing what you love (music, art, writing, hobby sharing etc.) then you’re fine with waiting as long as your life is secure financially.

Your social stream should have links in bios, discount codes hidden discreetly, and your site should be being using paid promotion to generate sales. Your social content should be documenting the process of your work or giving an insight to it. Don’t be afraid to include that your followers can see more from the link or button elsewhere. Just don't throw it in their faces that it’s for sale!

Step 4: Talk to your followers.

Keeping it real when on social media is crucial. If your social stream isn’t you, but a business, then your business should have its own tone and personality. Use that to communicate. Don’t be afraid to just message folks asking to work together, say thanks for following, share some cool things with only some of them, but you know they’ll tell their friends...you have the most powerful communication at your fingertips and it brings such great results for just saying "Hi, thanks for following!" Fucking do it.

Step 5: Know your platform.

So you’ve spent hours researching all the social networks you know about. You have a list and you now think, hey, let’s just sign up to them all! No, let's not. Learning what you’re comfortable with is a huge step on social media, and getting it wrong can make or break your brand/business. I see so many people attempting to become YouTubers or Instagram Models, which is great, do what you love! However, so many of them fail as they are not using the right platform for them.

Here’s an example: why aren’t I currently speaking to you from a YouTube video? As much as I understand the platform and can make it work for me, I’m shit in front of the camera when I’m one on one, but look at me go with this post! I can’t stop writing. Oh shit, that’s because I’ve found my platform. What I’m trying to say here is don’t open a Twitter account if you will end up with an inactive account because short posts don’t help you when you could be making videos, writing blogs, or creating a podcast. Understanding the best way to communicate your message and document your journey is key. This is what makes great content. No one wants to watch an awkward guy making bad videos...but they might listen to that awkward guy's podcast and become enlightened.

Step 6: Have fun.

That’s simple. Content might be king, making it cohesive key...blah blah blah. Just have fun when sharing and documenting. It’ll make it easier for you and feel less like you’re working.

Francis Milligan
Francis Milligan
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