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Outsourcing Video Editing: The checklist to find the best-fit

by Emily Watson 4 months ago in business

Outsourcing video editing helps individuals and businesses to succeed with their marketing efforts. This blog shows how to pick the right outsourcing company.

Outsourcing Video Editing: The checklist to find the best-fit
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Video editing is a work that needs a high level of expertise and patience as it demands complete attention to minute details every time. If you are not a fanatic of culling, cropping, trimming lengthy raw footage, then it can be a painful task to handle.

But you cannot avoid this post-production process at any cost. The absence of professional video editing makes your content look unprofessional and less alluring.

The good news is that it is a big piece of the video editing process that you can outsource to a reliable company. The solo content creator or small business startups find hiring professionals or freelancers a costly affair. But luckily, there is an affordable fix to this problem that guarantees quality video outcomes.

In this article, we describe how outsourcing video editing services can benefit your business. One has to remember that outsourcing delivers the same set of benefits that freelancers and professional video editors offer.

First, before delving into the benefits, let us look at how video content has gained immense popularity today.

Significance of Video Content

Today the rise in popularity of social media platforms has brought high demand for high-quality video content more than before. Content is king, a true saying for video content that finds widespread use by individuals and businesses.

Video is a popular and effective means to capture and engage the attention of the audience. For the past few years and to date, many content marketers have been using video as a communication medium to reach the target audience and earn more conversions.

Whether it is wedding video editing, or corporate video editing, or any other type of video editing, it is a wise choice to outsource to professionals.

The professional video editors that you outsource your project to have profound experience in the video editing realm. They can convert raw footage into something incredible with their editing expertise in a short span.

Benefits of outsourcing video editing services

With the post-production struggle wipedoff, there are other significant benefits when you outsource video editing.

Focus on creating creative content

When you are a content creator, you can focus on that work alone. Here, the rest of the post-production process, when outsourced, takes off all the burden.

Now, you can focus on creating the video content with peace of mind. Else, you can invest that saved time on a new project that you have been planning to do for a long time. So, more time spent on creating top-quality content bolsters your marketing efforts.

Hence, outsourcing an online video editing service saves more time and money. But at the time assures the delivery of refined videos that meet high standards.

Suit all business type

Video outsourcing work well for every possible video type and business. Professional video editors have immense experience working with different editing tools and styles that help them to produce results for diverse business needs.

If you outsource YouTube video editing, it assures the delivery of professional footage that helps you earn more subscribers, likes, and views. Not only YouTube videos, but the outsourced company can also handle any video editing that meets your needs.

Best reasons to outsource video editing

Availability of human resources

All the video editing companies have an in-house team that can handle any video editing. A full-time video editor might sound economically impractical as editing videos is a task that occurs less frequently. Hence, a video editing company is a one-stop solution for all your video editing needs. Shift your focus from editing to creating content with these professionals.

Right technical resources

Are you of the opinion that editing RAW video footage is a cakewalk? Then you might need to reconsider this fact, as the most basic editing software prices are on the higher side. Besides, it is essential to have high-end hardware for smooth processes. If you wish to do video-editing in the long run, it is worth investing in these resources. Otherwise, it is best to outsource them.

No long-term pay for the editors

When you sign a contract with an editing company, it can be project-based. So, it is not necessary to pay the editors for the long-term. Here, you have to pay as per the project duration.

How can video content creators or small businesses find the best video editing talent?

The idea of outsourcing is a crucial step for your business. So, you have the two best options to choose from to find the best talent.

Hiring a freelancer

With service providers like Upwork or Fiverr, the process of picking the best freelancer that suits your industry type and location is simplified. There can be registration fees and other fees you have to bear while signing up with these talent search engines.

Taking advantage of a professional editing company

When you research and find your best-fit video company, it can guarantee top-class results without making a hole in your pocket. The only thing you need to do is send in the clips, specify the unique requirements. Then wait for the delivery to witness how your raw footage has transformed into a work of speaking art.

Qualities to look out for when you outsource a video editing company or hire a freelancer

You have shortlisted a few companies, and now you have to select the one that matches your business requirements. What are the qualities you need to consider to make the best pick? The following section outlines a few of them that can help you out with the process.


It is vital to look at the creativity of the team or the person to whom you are going to outsource your project. When you outsource editing, it is a doorway to open new visions and ideas in you. But in reality, it is the editors' expertise and experience that helps them impart novel ideas and notions that can never occur in your mind.

Take a look at the first draft of the edited videos and analyze whether the style, methods, and technology fall in line together. It should be close to the final version you expected.


Creativity and skillset have close relations. The editor should have the skillset and techniques to give those ideas a visual form. It is an inevitable quality check as video editing is a complex process to master and has a deep learning curve even for brilliant minds.

Also, experience level is another aspect to consider while choosing a freelancer or an editing company for your work.

Availability and Communication

The editing company or the freelancer might live in another country or continent of a different time zone. So, it might give a lack of communication at times. Thus, it is better to check their availability before outsourcing.

Check whether they are contactable via Skype, Zoom, or phone instead of customer support or email alone. It is also essential to know whether the editor can understand your language and communicate back. It is a crucial aspect that determines the success of the project.

Positive attitude

Choosing a person or team who is passionate about their work ensures that it delivers the best solution that meets your expectation. It is a quality to look for when you plan to work with them for long.

Portfolio check

The company portfolio, at times, might not show all the niches they specialize in. So, it is a better idea to talk with the company and check whether they fit your need.


The last thing to check is the pricing plan. For typical projects, the standard fees depend on the duration of the video that needs editing. As for complex ones that require heavy editing work, the fee structure can vary.

Video Editor cost

Now, you have decided to whom you are going to outsource your project. The next step is to speak and agree on the payment method. As far as outsourcing is concerned, there are two modes of video editing cost estimation in general. Apart from these labor costs, there might be other things you have to pay.

  • Video editor hourly rate: In this model, you pay the editor for every minute or hour he works. You can request the editors to use tracking software that helps check the worked number of hours and pay for it alone. In this model, if there is a project cancellation, you need not pay anything extra.
  • Fixed-rate: When you have a limited budget, you agree to pay the editor on daily or monthly basis or based on flat project rates. Here, you pay the editor for what they can create and deliver. The editor receives the same amount of payment regardless of the duration to complete the work.

The downside of this model is that it is less flexible. When there’s a need to redefine the project scope, you have to start negotiating with the video editor about the payment again.

We hope that this article would help you choose the best company for outsourcing your project.

Do you need to outsource wedding video editing? Are you looking for a home video editing service? We offer affordable video editing support with hourly rates or fixed rates that are customizable to suit your requirements. Get in touch with us to know more about our video editing policy and prices.


Emily Watson

Business Development Manager at PGBS, a reputed provider of diverse BPO solutions that includes Multilingual Customer Support, Photoshop Services, Data Entry, ePublishing Services and 3D Designing.

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